Razer Nabu Watch Is A Smartwatch For Gamers

Ceci n’est pas une smartwatch – this is not a smartwatch. At least, that’s what noted gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer would have you believe. Their newest Razer Nabu Watch is a “watch Read More

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Cinnamon II Is The Perfect Watch For The Vintage-Obsessed Geek

Hopelessly retro yet into technology? The Cinnamon II is the watch for you. Inspired by the design of 80s Apple products (especially the Apple II), this watch features an astoundingly fast 1 Read More

Move Aside Apple Watch, Casio’s WSD-F10 Smartwatch Is Here

Move over Apple, Casio is on the scene. Not happy watching everyone’s favorite Cupertino-based company move into the watch space, Casio has decided to release a smartwatch of its own in order Read More

Feel Like A Navy SEAL With Garmin’s New Tactix Bravo Smartwatch

Garmin is in the middle of a transformation. The company which was once renown for its GPS navigation systems now wants to rebrand itself as a maker of rugged GPS-capable smartwatches. Their Read More

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These Are Ray-Ban’s New Clubround Sunglasses

Ray-Bans are synonymous with cool, and the company’s newest Clubround Sunglasses are no different. Mixing together parts of the iconic Clubmasters with Ray-Ban’s own Round frames, the Clubround ends up being a Read More

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Breitling’s Exospace B55 Is The Height Of Luxury Smartwatches

Move over Apple Watch, Breitling’s Exospace B55 is here for your throne. For those of you who don’t know Breitling, it’s the foremost manufacturer of high-end watches for pilots (or wanna-be pilots). Read More

$8900 Buy

Apple II Reimagined As Smartwatch

Ever wonder what a smartwatch would look like if it was designed during Steve Job’s first tenure at Apple? DJ (better known as Aleator777 on instructables.com) decided to explore that very concept Read More

Wanderlust Watches Wants To Bring Back The Pocket Watch

Pocket watches aren’t dead, man. While you may think of pocketable timepieces as a relic from the 19th century, the team behind Wanderlust Watches is determined to bring them back from near-extinction Read More