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STOCK Wallet

If you’re looking to keep all your valuables in one place — and we do mean all of them — then you’ll want to give a look to the STOCK Wallet, which is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000. Since the designer, Rye W. from Los Angeles, California, is already close to halfway there with 26 days to go, we predict he’s going to make it. STOCK does everything. It carries your phone, your cash, your cards. In fact, on the cards topic, we’re especially pleased with how it allows you to access those, magnetic strip facing out Read More

The Fusion Wallet

We here at inStash see a lot of wallets come across our inbox each week, and while we’ve received some pretty unique spins on the concept, we’re not sure we’ve seen any that have gone as far as The Fusion Wallet in completely breaking the mold of what you would expect in a holder for your credit cards and money. Created by 25-year-old designer Thomas Johnson from various types of wood, including Mahogany, Iroko, Oak, and American Black Walnut, each wallet is CNC machined to perfection for a durable container that carries comfortably and keeps all your valuables where they Read More

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The Rib

The Rib is the latest Kickstarter campaign from Ryan Beltran at Original Grain. InStash originally carried Ryan’s Original Grain watches in the midst of his crowdfunding effort. The project would finish with $390,000, so there’s definitely a precedent for success here, and we think he may have another winner. This wax canvas carrier eliminates the bulge in your pants by taking phone, keys, Tic-Tacs — everything a man needs to survive basically — and tucking them away in a nice pouch that fits to your form around the rib and at first glance, looks like a classy set of suspenders like Read More

Trakline Belts

In the last month, we’ve brought you the Mission Belt and now Trakline, which when you get right down to it, appears to be an improvement in every way. Whichever you end up deciding on, however, one question persists: why has it taken so long for the belt to innovate beyond its rigid sizing standards that are only ever “right” for a small amount of the male population? While Mission did a cuttable ratchet system, Trakline goes one step further on innovation and provides a unique tracking system that allows you to customize the fit of the belt more to Read More

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Vachen Smartwatch

The Vachen Smartwatch works on an Android operating system, opening up a wealth of endless face choices for one of the most customizable watches around. One package comes equipped with a metal casing, two straps, and a USB cable, so you’ll never have to be without the time of day. As you can see from the images, you can get pretty diverse with it, matching different styles to whatever you’re wearing that day. And with the ability to call, SMS, and email, it gives you a much needed break from the smartphone without losing connectivity to friends and/or business associates. Read More

Ashworth Driver Cap

The Ashworth Driver Cap is one of those fashion necessities for your days out on the green. You won’t want to take another whiff at the ball until you’ve given this thing a test drive. Boasting a herringbone top, stretchy fabric throughout the body, and the snug comfort of a sweatband around the head, it’s a testament of style and comfort. Whether you’re the next Tiger Woods (on the course or the club), this makes for a classically cool option that looks boss on the top of your noggin. You may have to dodge accusations of “Hipster!,” but don’t listen Read More

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Mission Belts

Mission Belts are the popular no holes belts as seen on Shark Tank that use a ratchet system to adjust to the length you need. Though you can buy them in both 35mm and 40mm sizes, they can easily be cut down to the proper size, so it never looks as though you’ve got too much material. With a combination of convenience and stylish material (with a wide variety of colors to choose from), these items may be the last of their kind that you ever need, but the benefit of buying one goes well beyond comfort. For each Mission Belt Read More

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AK-47 Money Clip

The AK-47 Money Clip may not be something in which you see Dianne Feinstein carrying around her cash, but it’s certainly a manly and flashy way to hold the green together. The wallet replacement comes plated in 18-karat gold for a lustrous look that will steal all the attention away from the bills they’re holding together. With any luck potential pickpockets will also take it as a warning that there could be a life-sized, loaded version waiting on them if they try to take what belongs to you. In all likelihood, however, they’ll never even notice because it’s almost too Read More

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