Spring Break White Party Wood Watch

Spring Break White Party Wood Watch is made of pure maple wood and derives its name from a unique white face, which will match most any outfit that you have in the Read More

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Minimal Leather Wallets

We get tons of great tips on new wallet creations every day here at inStash, and if we ran them all, we’re pretty sure you’d be sick of reading us. That being Read More

Vice Holster

Not every shoulder holster needs a firearm hanging off it. With the Vice Holster, you’ll have ample space for two items that kill much slower (but probably more preferred except in the Read More

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Tetris LED Tie From Bill Porter

This electronic DIY project from the mind of Bill Porter was irresistible to us, especially considering the freakish amount of time we’ve been spending on Tetris Blitz lately. You do have to Read More

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Jeanrichard Terrascope

High wire walker Nik Wallenda is quite the man. On Sunday night, he crossed a 1,400 foot gorge near the Grand Canyon. One misstep would have sent him plummeting 1,500 feet to Read More

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Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

Next time you’re out at a club or restaurant and you’re not sure what time it is, and you think you may be drunk, the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch Intoxicated will come in Read More

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STOCK Wallet

If you’re looking to keep all your valuables in one place — and we do mean all of them — then you’ll want to give a look to the STOCK Wallet, which Read More

The Fusion Wallet

We here at inStash see a lot of wallets come across our inbox each week, and while we’ve received some pretty unique spins on the concept, we’re not sure we’ve seen any Read More

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