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Seabreacher X

Thor’s Hammer Pendant

Got any fans or admirers of ancient mythology in the family? Maybe just someone, who really likes the movie 300? If so, then you’ll want to consider this stunning hand-crafted line of men’s accessories from Duncroft Masterworks. Featured here is Thor’s Hammer Pendant, an elegantly designed pewter creation shaped like the mighty Norse god’s legendary weapon and fit for any man. Strong, menacing, fearless. Thor’s Hammer Pendant offers a way you can indulge your love for the past and for the attributes that said past represents. Color and design looks great with any ensemble, and if Thor doesn’t float your Read More

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Slim Timber Bifolds

The last time we brought you any info from the team at Slim Timber, it was about the standard wooden wallet. This time we’ve got an exciting update for those of you who were waiting on the Slim Timber Bifolds to arrive. They’re here! Like the last time, these are ultra-thin for extra comfort, but this batch looks even more like what we’re used to carrying in leather form. Crafted from walnut wood and large enough to hold 5 cards, your ID, and some cash, it’s also small enough that you won’t feel like you’re sitting on a tree trunk. Read More

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Gotham City Ring

If you really want to give criminals a bad day, just slide this mother on and go around punching them with it. Actually, no, we don’t recommend that at all. You could either: a) Kill someone, or b) end up on the end of a very real gun, which could do significantly more damage than this Gotham City Ring comprised mainly of gunmetal brass. The glittering lights of Gotham City are represented by cubic zirconia accents that are quite striking against the fitting darkness of the metal. If you look at the ring real close, you may even see ol’ Read More

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OneKlip Bottle Opener

Most of the time, if you’re dreaming up a new invention, simplicity is the best way to go. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can just use the wheel to do more awesome things, right? The creators of the OneKlip Bottle Opener get that sentiment and have put it into practice. This is a very simple device, but it is also a handy one. Molded from stainless steel and magnetized for hanging on your fridge and achieving instant access, there is no beer bottle too hard to open for the OneKlip. It also doubles as a clip for Read More

The Accurate All Black Special Edition

The Accurate All Black Special Edition is a sleek reminder that life is short, so you’d better make the most of it. This particular model possesses a black face with white arms and a very simple message: “Remember (hour hand), You Will Die (minute hand). A little “ghoulish,” perhaps? Yes. But at the same time, what better way to convey the message that this thing is shooting for? Think about the next time you could be doing something productive, and instead you’re sitting there in your recliner watching episode after episode of Married With Children. Look down at that watch, Read More

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Zayger Leathertime Watches

With Zayger Leathertime Watches, you get a timepiece that looks like pure grade-A leather thanks to a mixture of old school manufacturing and 3D printing technology. Every part of this thing looks like it belongs in the fancy office of a corporate executive. One of the best parts of the Zayger experience is that it affords you a number of different leather options. Alligator/crocodile, lambskin, ostrich, python, shark and lizard – the choice is yours. Case material options include antique bronze, gold plated steel, polished gold and polished silver. Too many color options to list, though we’re kind of partial Read More

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Barrett Alley Smuggler’s Belt

With the Barrett Alley Smuggler’s Belt, you won’t be able to wait until the next time someone mugs you on the street. Think about it. Thieves never think to check anything beyond the pockets and the wallet. After that, they bop you on the head and move on. You walk away with a bump on the noggin and an empty wallet. The Smuggler’s Belt, however fixes that problem by allowing you to carry all your greenbacks in the last place on earth that they will think to check! In all seriousness, this is the perfect choice for belt wear especially Read More

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EPICSTOKE Gentleman Wallets

EPICSTOKE Gentleman Wallets are for you guys who are sick and tired of your wallets looking like wallets. Oh, we’re not saying the company completely reinvents the wheel here, but they certainly bring a unique design sense to the equation. In fact, it looks like something a surfer might carry with him. Made from recycled billboard vinyl, it’s all kind of fitting since this bad boy calls attention to itself and makes no apologies for doing so. Durable, thin, and as EPICSTOKE itself admits, “downright awesome,” the Gentleman Wallet has a place for your cards, your cash, and whatever else Read More