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SlideBelts Offer More Style And Customization

SlideBelts may have created the last brand of belt that you ever buy. That’s because they offer a more customized fit for your waistline. Instead of having five or six holes to choose from, you have about 30, ensuring that perfect fit as you move the sliding buckle along to comfort perfection.  One especially cool thing about SlideBelts — other than the sharp looking colors, the quality leather material, and the elegant adjustable buckle system — is the fact that each buckle is interchangeable so you can enjoy a variety of different belt styles, mixing and matching and creating even Read More

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Eastwood Slider Offers Ultimate Loophole In Belt Technology

We’re all unique individuals with different and constantly changing bodies. Why, then, do belt-makers try to pigeon-hole us with a fixed set of loopholes? These holes rarely fit our waistlines perfectly and they look out of place with the symmetry and congruity that our modern fashions employ. Eastwood Slider Belts do away with holes in favor of a slide-and-lock system that fits your waist exactly and maintains a clean look. The belts work like this: you push a small lever to lift an auto-lock brake pad, cinch the belt to the right fit, let the lever go, and the brake Read More

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27 Gears Fashion Belt Buckles

The 27 Gears Fashion Belt Buckles, currently going on Kickstarter, offer a sleek and intricate design that will look sharp with any pair of jeans that you own. They also fit any 1-1/2-inch snap belt, so you can breathe new life into whatever you have hanging in your closet. While the honeycomb pattern that you see in the image is pretty cool, you’ll need to check out the Kickstarter for more options. You don’t have to stick to one look in other words. As far as craftsmanship, 27 Gears has it covered with a knickknack that is laser-cut from T304 Read More

Trakline Belts

In the last month, we’ve brought you the Mission Belt and now Trakline, which when you get right down to it, appears to be an improvement in every way. Whichever you end up deciding on, however, one question persists: why has it taken so long for the belt to innovate beyond its rigid sizing standards that are only ever “right” for a small amount of the male population? While Mission did a cuttable ratchet system, Trakline goes one step further on innovation and provides a unique tracking system that allows you to customize the fit of the belt more to Read More

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Mission Belts

Mission Belts are the popular no holes belts as seen on Shark Tank that use a ratchet system to adjust to the length you need. Though you can buy them in both 35mm and 40mm sizes, they can easily be cut down to the proper size, so it never looks as though you’ve got too much material. With a combination of convenience and stylish material (with a wide variety of colors to choose from), these items may be the last of their kind that you ever need, but the benefit of buying one goes well beyond comfort. For each Mission Belt Read More

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Barrett Alley Smuggler’s Belt

With the Barrett Alley Smuggler’s Belt, you won’t be able to wait until the next time someone mugs you on the street. Think about it. Thieves never think to check anything beyond the pockets and the wallet. After that, they bop you on the head and move on. You walk away with a bump on the noggin and an empty wallet. The Smuggler’s Belt, however fixes that problem by allowing you to carry all your greenbacks in the last place on earth that they will think to check! In all seriousness, this is the perfect choice for belt wear especially Read More

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Backbeat Leather Piano Belt

Belts are often the last thing this guy thinks about when he puts his pants on each day, but maybe if more of them looked like the offerings from Backbeat Leather, that would change. Today inStash features the company’s expert leather design and craftsmanship in the form of the Backbeat Leather Piano Belt, but if pianos aren’t your bag, never fret. There are lots of other designs to choose from. The Piano Belt and many of the other offerings boast a musical theme that will light up the eyes of any man, who has ever picked up an instrument. Even Read More

686 Toolbelts

Murphy’s Law dictates that anything that can go wrong, will, and most often at the worst possible time. A zit on Picture Day, a flat tire on your way to a job interview, Fate has this weird way of always managing to kick us while we’re down. Well, thanks to 686, we can kick back. They took the idea of a tool belt and went to an entirely new level. Instead of having a belt hold the tools, the belt is the tools. The two latches of the buckle are a flat- and Phillips-head screwdriver, the buckle cover doubles as Read More

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