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Antagonist Yacht

Show the sea who’s boss with this new compact, luxury yacht. The Antagonist, designed by luxury yacht producer Art of Kinetik, is a 37 foot cruiser powered by dual, 370hp Yanmar diesel engines that boasts speeds of up to 33 knots. For a unannounced, likely monstrous price, you get room for 8, rich mahogany accents, a sunbathing area, an air-conditioned interior, mood lighting, a bathroom, a swimming platform, a small refrigerator, and a built-in picnic box. Worried about water, UV rays and suntan lotion ruining your upholstery? Don’t be. The Boxmark Xtreme Maritime leather is resistant to it all.

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WHY | Wally-Hermes Yacht

In case the photo didn’t give it away, the WHY (Wally-Hermes Yacht) is the epitome of excess. WHY is a new company from the collective minds of french luxury brand, Hermes, and yacht-maker out of Monaco, Wally. They didn’t want to just create yet another luxury yacht, they wanted to create a moving island that combined the convenience of a boat with the size and sustainability of, well, an island. Not only is it a behemoth as far size is concerned, but the WHY also has little negative effect on the ocean as it recycles thermal energy along with organic and Read More

Sovereign Superyacht

Got more money than a hedge fund manager or oil tycoon? Love the super exclusive world of yachting, and appreciate fine, artsy design? Yes? Then read on, sailor! The Sovereign Superyacht, a product of Gray Design, is a 2,000 metric ton, unfathomably luxurious, 100ft mega yacht. Its exterior is inspired from modern automotive design, and almost apes some kind of “executive submarine”. Then there’s the optional, custom-built limo that docks neatly below and the glass helipad atop. Inside, three separate levels abound with a crazy number of luxuries, including an ‘infinity’ pool at aft, 10 posh guest suites, full gym Read More

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The Streets of Monaco Superyacht

If you are like us highly paid Internet writers, then you’ve probably been wondering when a yacht that recreates the Monaco speedway and casino would come along, so you could replace the tired old yacht that you sail around in your mind. Well, folks, here she be: the 155-meter “Streets of Monaco” luxury superyacht, complete with swimming pool, helipad, and small-scale salutes to Monaco including the Oasis, which resembles the garden area outside Monaco Casino. The Grand Atrium brings together the upper and lower living areas of the yacht, because, let’s face it, if you’re fancy enough to need this, Read More

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