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Tiwal 3.2: Introducing The Inflatable Sailboat

Ever wanted to go sailing, but just didn’t have the money to buy a boat? Well, now you do with the Tiwal Inflatable Sailboat. This magnificent creation is the very first high performance inflatable sailing dinghy for water sports; it is designed to make navigation fun and simple and for the thrill of speed and glide. Some of the specs include capacity for one to two people. It’s 10.5 inches in length with a 5.20 m2 / 7.00 m2 (56 sq.ft / 75 sq.ft) sail. It is light, 50kg (111lbs), compact and folds away in two bags. It can be Read More

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AquaGlide Multisport 270

Always wanted a sailboat but too concerned with things like cost and storage to take that massive step? AquaGlide is here to help. With the release of the company’s Multisport 270 you can now enjoy all the benefits of sailing with none of the hassle. This baby is an easily inflatable sailboat that requires no special parking. It’s easy to handle and a lot of fun. Everything you need to make it go fits nicely into a storage bag. There is also an optional kayak kit in case you don’t want to mess with the sailing part. It’s stable and Read More

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BBCo Sailboat Kit

The Balmain Boat Company has taken great pride in its product for the three years it’s been in business, and now they’re giving every armchair sailor, who never got his crack at the high seas, an opportunity to have a crack at the real thing. With the BBCo Sailboat Kit, you have almost everything you need to catch a wind for adventure. The kit itself includes the following: Detailed plans and informative construction notes Precision-cut plywood Stainless steel screws Square copper nails Silicon-bronze nails Two-part epoxy glue Cups and stirrers for preparing the glue Three tubes of Sikaflex premium marine Read More

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