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Rock The Boat With Your Very Own Jet Capsule

The Jet Capsule is an aptly named, high performing powerboat that you’re going to want guiding you on your next venture onto the high seas. It has a compact look, but it’s much roomier than you think, comfortably fitting seven people. The interior design makes it easy to entertain guests or just get away from your landlocked day-to-day and do a little work or write that novel while floating along without a care in the world. The onboard furniture can convert to a bed so if you want to spend the night out on the water, who’s stopping you? Finally, Read More

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Hydro Powered Jetovator

You can fly, too. The easy-to-operate hydro-powered Jetovator quickens your pulse and wows onlookers by boosting you up to 25 feet in the air and letting you cruise at up to 25 miles per hour. This bike-shaped water sports accessory uses the throttle of a personal watercraft, such as a jetski, to deliver a rush of water through a 40-foot hose. You harness the power the water generates via hand-levers in front of you to steer the personal watercraft behind you. Take flight or channel your inner-dolphin to dive 10 feet below the water and burst back out into the air. “Oohs” and Read More

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AquaGlide Multisport 270

Always wanted a sailboat but too concerned with things like cost and storage to take that massive step? AquaGlide is here to help. With the release of the company’s Multisport 270 you can now enjoy all the benefits of sailing with none of the hassle. This baby is an easily inflatable sailboat that requires no special parking. It’s easy to handle and a lot of fun. Everything you need to make it go fits nicely into a storage bag. There is also an optional kayak kit in case you don’t want to mess with the sailing part. It’s stable and Read More

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Fatfish Oak Ring 1 Handplane

The Fatfish Oak Ring 1 Handplane promises a surfing experience like you never dreamed possible. These wooden beauties reportedly slice through waves like hot butter, allowing you to take the monster ones with more audacity than one ever dreamed possible. Featuring mahogany, poplar, and red oak with a Tung oil finish and an adjustable polypropylene strap for added grip, you’ll have absolute control at all times. We also kind of dig the Makai Project name and the meaning behind it, which means “seaward in Polynesian,” according to the official site. “The push behind Makai Project is to head to sea Read More

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JetSurf Motorized Surfboard

It isn’t easy launching an entirely new competitive sport, but Jetsurf is giving it a try by sponsoring professional surfers with its new motorized, gas-powered surfboard that is still lightweight enough to be considered a surfboard while being fast enough to tackle those waves with an audacity never seen before. At top speeds, this baby can go up to 35 miles per hour, which is pretty amazing (and terrifying) when you’ve got a six-foot wave breathing down your back. The board itself weighs just 30 pounds, which isn’t too bad, considering.We’d love to see some brave souls try and turn Read More

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The BBQ Donut

The BBQ Donut is for you and nine of your closest friends. If you’ve ever been upset that you had to get off the water to go and cook up some burgers, then this is your official problem solver. It allows you to float the lake, throw some patties on the grill, and cook until your heart is content. The seats contain more than enough storage space underneath, so you can be assured that you’ve left nothing out of the cookout equation. The grill itself is a low smoke charcoal kettle grill, which means the only thing that will get Read More

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NOCQUA Adventure Gear LED Lighting System

NOCQUA Adventure Gear has taken water sports to the next level with its NOCQUA 2000 LED Light System, which enables you to get more out of your paddleboard, surfboard, etc., with an easy to install system that illuminates the water under your feet as you take the fun of the day on into the night. While we still recommend you staying indoors if you’re not a strong swimmer, this can enhance the safety of your action sports endeavors and make the summer last twice as long. And that’s something we all need every now and then. Check the website for Read More

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BBCo Sailboat Kit

The Balmain Boat Company has taken great pride in its product for the three years it’s been in business, and now they’re giving every armchair sailor, who never got his crack at the high seas, an opportunity to have a crack at the real thing. With the BBCo Sailboat Kit, you have almost everything you need to catch a wind for adventure. The kit itself includes the following: Detailed plans and informative construction notes Precision-cut plywood Stainless steel screws Square copper nails Silicon-bronze nails Two-part epoxy glue Cups and stirrers for preparing the glue Three tubes of Sikaflex premium marine Read More

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