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Samsung To Launch 1TB SSD From V-NAND Technology

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EXO | Electric Jet Ski

When James Bond goes to the lake for the weekend, this is likely the personal water craft he tools around on. It’s like a tiny aquatic B-2 stealth bomber and gives the distinct impression that little heat-seeking missile launchers could spring out of both sides on command.There’s also something undeniably cool about the way you ride on it: lying prone, head-first, superhero style. You look kind of like you’re trying to defuse its warhead before it destroys an aircraft carrier. Now, don’t go thinking you’ll be an unstoppable water missile on the EXO. It’s pulled by an electric motor, which Read More

2011 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X

2011 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 300X has arrived to kick sand in the face of all those puny little water-hoppers that came before it. The company is no stranger to building quality jet skis, but this one boasts the title of being the most powerful ever built. Just how can it make such a claim? Well, it starts with 300 horsepower. Add in a deep-V hull that maintains stability while you’re zipping around on the water, and the restraints of past models just fall by the wayside. The Jet Ski Ultra 300X also houses a 1,498cc inline-four DOHC engine and Read More