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Brok Windsor: The Reprints!

Water Discus Hotel

Oru Kayak Wins Shark Tank

Today, we have an update on the Oru Kayak, an origami folding boat that we featured some time ago on the website. Since that time, the price and the stability amped up a bit, and the guys landed a deal with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec at $500,000 for 25 percent (an overall valuation of $2 million). If you need a reminder, the Oru Kayak is a light, compact, and elegantly designed piece of functional modern art. On the water, it glides like a dream. It’s stable enough for beginners, and the length and contouring make it fast and sporty enough Read More

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Dagger Mamba 8.1 Creeker

The Dagger Mamba 8.1 Creeker brings control, predictability, and safety to your creeking experience, giving you a conveyance that is both lightweight and tough against its impediments. It’s larger but designed for a faster speed and better handling than its predecessor. Edge, stabilize, and play around in it. The 8.1 allows you to do all three. Features a stern, firm wall holder on the inside and easier access to the bow handle for improved safety enhancements. With a max capacity of 220 pounds, this is for us small to mid-sized guys, who have somehow by the grace of God been Read More

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Oru Kayak: The Origami Folding Boat

Well, we feel better about it in the sense that it’s not a one-man battery-operated helicopter, but not sure we’ll be hitting the rapids in the Oru Kayak Origami Folding Boat any time soon. Upon closer examination, the makers are rather upfront about its capabilities and encourage you to stick with flat water situations or “light waves.” So remember that, daredevils! The Oru Kayak has a capacity of 260 pounds, which means that most couples would need two to enjoy a lazy day on the water. However, aside from the weight restriction, this Origami Floating Boat is surprisingly sturdy, featuring Read More

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Transparent Canoe

If Wonder Woman ever went on vacation to the Caribbean, she’d most likely have a transparent canoe stowed away in her invisible jet. The Transparent Canoe is made of Lexan, the same high-quality polycarbonate material used in bulletproof glass and jet-fighter cockpit canopies and has 100% visibility to see through to the ocean below. Watch the fish swim by as you navigate your 11-foot leviathan through the water, then pick it up and carry it back to your car with ease. The Transparent Canoe’s 40 lb weight makes it lighter than most aluminum and wooden canoes, so you don’t have Read More

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