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Flex-Fuel Kit Could Cut Gas Costs By 40 Percent

From Lyon, France, the E85 Ethanol Conversion Kit is here to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by as much as 40 percent. It accomplishes this by converting your actual gasoline car into a Flex-Fuel vehicle, so you can run your car on Ethanol E85. Over the next 60 days, the kit is being sold through Indiegogo. For the price we have listed, it comes with one LED polarity tester, one user manual and 10 nylon cable quick fasteners. Americans and others outside the EU will need to add another $35 for shipping. The makers promise their kit is Read More

Daniel Simon: Genius Designer, More Than Just ‘TRON Guy’

It is with both sadness and pleasure that today we bring you some of the concepts created by Daniel Simon, a German-born designer, author, and producer, with professional roots as a senior designer at Bugatti and Volkswagen. Simon’s clients include Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Lotus, and Hamilton. He has created iconic fantasy vehicles for Hollywood blockbuster films like Tron: Legacy, Captain America: The First Avenger, Prometheus, and Oblivion. Unfortunately, that means you can’t walk into a dealership at this time and buy a Simon creation (save for his Bugatti work). He is, however, available for automotive-design services and lectures. You’ll Read More

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Bugatti MP100 Will Finally Take Flight 75 Years Later (Kinda)

Every now and then, an interesting part of history creeps back into the public eye. This week, we learned of the Bugatti Model 100P Superplane, which, in 1939, could have smashed the 469 MPH air speed record. Yes, the 900 horsepower plane, which contained two 4.9-liter, 450 HP racing engines would likely have cracked 500 MPH. Ettore Bugatti, who hated the Germans, decided to warehouse the plane while it was 85 percent done in a secret location for fear that the Nazis might learn of it. It was rediscovered shortly after the war and was sold at auction. A group Read More

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Element WideGrip Edition: An All-Terrain…Bicycle!?

The Element WideGrip Edition electric fat bike is twice as wide as standard mountain-bike treads. With broad, four-inch tires, this bad boy will float through snowy trails, track along sandy beaches, and take you to other new and interesting locations, no four-wheel drive required. Boasting a super-light aluminum-alloy 6061 custom-built frame, the WideGrip offers easier pedaling than other fat bikes and adds a 350-watt (750-watt peak) brushless motor in the rear hub to help you through particularly stubborn terrain. Its 36-volt lithium-ion battery delivers the right amount of power for a 20-mile ride and helps you hit a speed of Read More

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Meet The Tri Glide: It’s Harley-Davidson, Japan Style!

The Tri Glide Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson represents a new (potentially giant) step forward for the hog-maker extraordinaire. Seeing untapped potential in the Japanese market, the company has decided to move ahead with a three-wheeled motorbike accessible to a demographic that may not be as familiar or embracing of the standard cycle. This particular ride provides enough stability so a standard motorist will not have to gain a special license to operate it. Anyone in Japan who can drive a car, can drive this. They’re approved for the highways and fit nicely in a standard parking spot. Furthermore, they’re pretty easy Read More

Hennessey Venom GT: New Record Holder For Fastest Production Car

Wired brings us this report of a new speed record toppling Bugatti’s stronghold on Fast Cars. According to the report, the Hennessey Venom GT set the new record for a production car after reaching 270.49 mph on the space shuttle’s landing strip. “At that speed,” writes the website, “former race driver Brian Smith was covering nearly 400 feet per second while eclipsing the previous record of 268.86 mph held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.” Impressive. And since this amazing ride is a 1,244-horsepower beast crafted from the Lotus Exige, and a 7.0-liter Corvette ZR-1 engine with a pair of Read More

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Aston Martin Shakes Things Up With N430

Aston Martin purists may not go for the break from traditional colors but we have a good feeling most of you will not be bothered at all by the experimentation. Of course there is more to a car than looks, and the Vantage N430 understands this completely. The car packs a V-8 engine capable of producing 430 hp, which can take it easily from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. While you may not be able to outrun the cops at a top speed of 190 mph, you can give them a run for their money, and you Read More

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Lotus Motorcycles C-01: Now This Is A Superbike

Lotus Motorcycles C-01 may be the most gorgeous thing we have ever seen on two wheels. Built by the German-based Kodewa (the same team behind Lotus’ Le Mans), and designed by Daniel Simon, who brings a Tron: Legacy influence to the proceedings, this is one superbike that is dressed to kill. Only 100 are set to be produced of what has auto specialty sites like Jalopnik and Top Gear salivating.  The C-01 boasts high-performance brakes, a four-stroke 1195cc V-twin engine, and a svelte weight of just under 400 pounds. At 200 hp it’ll get you where you need to go, Read More

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