Faraday Looks To Change Cars Forever With FFZERO 1

Can a Chinese startup change the world of automobiles? After last week’s CES, we’re starting to believe. Their new FFZERO 1 concept car looks like something from a science fiction movie, and Read More

E-volo VC2 ‘Volocopter’ Might Just Change Transportation

Is the E-volo VC2 the future of transportation? Probably not. Is it an incredible achievement and a wonder of German ingenuity and engineering? Yes! The VC2 for those of you not in Read More

Biski Is The Amphibious Motorcycle You Didn’t Know You Needed

While amphibious cars have been featured prominently in films like The Spy Who Loved Me, amphibious motorcycles haven’t gotten nearly as much love as their four-wheeled brethren. That doesn’t mean that they’re Read More

You Can Now Own Your Own Skyacht

Ever dream about owning Air Force One? Here’s the next big thing, a company has created an aircraft which they’re calling “Skyacht One” that combines all of the glamor and luxury of Read More

This Real Working Hoverboard Will Set You Back 19K

We’re not big fans of the “hoverboard” label, for products which don’t actually hover that is. What we are big fans of is actual technology-pushing products which can actually do insane physics-bending Read More

The 2016 Civic Is Unlike Any You’ve Ever Driven

Ah… the Honda Civic. If you’re a millennial, Honda’s low-end vehicle was likely your first car and it likely occupies a very special place in your heart. The new 2016 Civic which Read More

$20900 Buy

Audi’s 2017 Q7 SUV Will Make You A Better Driver

Let’s face it, as much as you think you’re on the same level as one of those “professional drivers” from the car commercials the fact is that you’re still a fallible human Read More

Vision SF50 Proves That The Age Of The Personal Jet Is Here

Cars are a thing of the past, man. Now that the Vision SF50 is here, we can safely say that the age of the personal jet is finally here. Cirrus, maker of Read More

$1000000 Buy