2012 Imperia GP

2014 Hennessey HPE700 C7 Stingray Corvette

Iain Sinclair CardSharp Utility Knife

Ghe-O Rescue Mobile

The Ghe-O Rescue Mobile is an epic all-terrain beast that can traverse almost any environment. It’s longer and wider than the Hummer H1, while stepping on the scale at about 500 pounds less. Capable of carrying 11 passengers, it’s a ride that can save more than a life or two, and it can do so in style. Performance is amazing with a vertical approach angle, locking axles, terrific ground clearance, and beyond-powerful powertrains, including a gas engine that brings up to 500 horsepower to the dance and a diesel version that can go up to 304. (Your choice.) Other features Read More

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Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition 2013

The Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition is a throwback to the days of the gauchos themselves — you know, those brave, wistful wandering cowboys who lived freely off the land and took each day as it came? Even if you’re not familiar with the gauchos themselves, we’re sure you’ll agree they had the right idea. Now with this bike you can put those daydreams into action. You’ll appreciate the Pacific Blue color as well as the two-wheel drive capabilities. The sidecar comes in handy as well, whether you’re using it for extra storage or to pick up a pretty senorita Read More

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Icon A5 Aircraft

The Icon A5 Aircraft was created by an expert team of designers and engineers and built for flight at 5,000 feet, which is much higher than yours truly would ever want to be — at least if left to his own devices. The cool thing about the A5 is that it’s collapsible, which makes it a relative breeze to take with you as long as you’ve got the trailer for it. It also features exceptional performance and maneuverability out on the water (for watersports) as well as an intuitive cockpit, so you can always feel in control. And in the Read More

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Ducati 899 Panigale Motorcycle

Say goodbye to the 848 Superbike and hello to the 899 Panigale from Ducati! The company’s replacement for its time-honored classic is a welcome addition to the catalog. Boasting 148 horsepower and about 93 lb-ft of torque at 9k RPM, this is the right mix of power and handling for 21st Century travel. The 899 is literally loaded with features including a triple-stage ABS, engine brake control, the Ducati Quick Shifter, traction control, and ride-by-wire. With three-way adjustable suspension and aluminum framing, this should make October one heck of a fun month to ride. (That’s the release month, though we Read More

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BMW i8 Sports Car

Hot off the presses out of Munich and the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show comes this new design from one of the best in the automaker business. Yes, the BMW i8 Sports Car has arrived, and as one of the brand’s first purely electrical vehicles — the other is the i3 — it certainly doesn’t behave in the way a so-called “environmentally friendly” car would. Instead of looking like garbage and going at the speed of a shopping cart this thing can boogie. Just how fast does it go? Try 0 to 62 miles per hour in under 4.4 seconds. Couple Read More

AquaGlide Multisport 270

Always wanted a sailboat but too concerned with things like cost and storage to take that massive step? AquaGlide is here to help. With the release of the company’s Multisport 270 you can now enjoy all the benefits of sailing with none of the hassle. This baby is an easily inflatable sailboat that requires no special parking. It’s easy to handle and a lot of fun. Everything you need to make it go fits nicely into a storage bag. There is also an optional kayak kit in case you don’t want to mess with the sailing part. It’s stable and Read More

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SKODA Stroller

Your little man (or tomboy) deserves to look as cool as they are, right? Well why not push all those hand-me-down, non-stylish-looking, disappointments for strollers to the side and go with the SKODA? The SKODA Stroller allows you to wheel little man (or woman) around with the right amount of pomp and excitement. It gets the job done with some of the manliest tires around. Well, you see how it stacks up against the pictured car, right? Everybody puts their children up on pedestals. This one just has the wheels to let you take the show on the road. And Read More

Fatfish Oak Ring 1 Handplane

The Fatfish Oak Ring 1 Handplane promises a surfing experience like you never dreamed possible. These wooden beauties reportedly slice through waves like hot butter, allowing you to take the monster ones with more audacity than one ever dreamed possible. Featuring mahogany, poplar, and red oak with a Tung oil finish and an adjustable polypropylene strap for added grip, you’ll have absolute control at all times. We also kind of dig the Makai Project name and the meaning behind it, which means “seaward in Polynesian,” according to the official site. “The push behind Makai Project is to head to sea Read More

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