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5 Concept Cars That Should Be in Production Now

Beardski Ski Mask

RZR XP 1000 White Lightning

RZR XP 1000 White Lightning brings 107 horses to the table, which if you’ve ever been inside of an ATV, you’ll know it’s plenty of power and acceleration for the roughest of terrains. On top of that, it’s very responsive to what is going on underneath its wheels, and the suspension does a masterful job of making adjustments and keeping the overall ride a smooth and pleasurable experience. Last but not least, it has a rugged and stylish look that will have the girls and guys alike turning heads as they see you rumbling, bumbling, and stumbling across whatever Mother Read More

$20000 Buy

Paravelo Flying Bicycle

Okay, don’t get too excited. We’ll preface this Kickstarter project by telling you that donating will not get you your very own Paravelo Flying Bike. But it will get the kind chaps at London-based XploreAir off the ground, so to speak, in pushing forward with the final designs so you can soon pick one up for yourself. The concept apparently works, if you watch the video over at their project page. Not sure if I should be thrilled or terrified. While there’s no doubt in my mind, I’d never get several feet off the ground on a bike, I know my Read More

Bubba Watson Hovercraft Golf Cart

Gary Lester “Bubba” Watson, Jr., is an American golfer on the PGA Tour. In 2012, he came out of nowhere to win the Masters Tournament in a Cinderella story that movies are made of. But today, you may not know him for what he’s done on the circuit as much as you will for his kick-butt Hovercraft Golf Cart. This ATV can go anywhere and everywhere you need it to, even if your next shot is from the middle of the pond, which by the way, is never a good thing for those of you new to the sport. We’ve Read More

$50000 Buy


PocketBands are an awesomely simple new invention for those of you who like to stay active. Back when I cared about my physique and living past 45, you could find me at the park on a 3-mile jog to let the ladies see what they couldn’t have (mainly because they weren’t interested). During those occasions, I usually brought my car key and wallet with me stashed away in the pockets of my shorts or workout pants. It was annoying but effective. Still, had PocketBands been around, I could have taken my cash and my key without it weighing me down Read More

Hammacher Schlemmer Snow Cycle

It weighs only 38 pounds and it can take a drop of over 107,400 feet like a champ, according to the company website, though you probably wouldn’t want to be along for that ride. It’s the Hammacher Schlemmer Snow Cycle, and it’s pretty awesome. Comprised of twin skis and a powder-coated steel frame, this “sit-ski” has front elastomer/spring suspension for a smooth experience out on the drift. Hammacher also boasts of excellent handling capabilities thanks to the front ski and handlebar combo that you can use to initiate turns and get to where you need to go. Just make sure Read More

Sugru A New Self-setting Rubber

All right, handymen, it won’t take long to get excited about Sugru, a new self-setting rubber that is capable of solving all of life’s little problems – from customizing ski grips to patching power cords, this stuff can do it all. Start with a small rectangular package. Cut it open. Pull out Sugru. Apply to the area where you want it, and forget. When you wake up the next morning, it will have firmed into a sturdy silicone rubber without losing its flexibility. Some of the more advanced functions you’ll get to enjoy include use for electrical insulation and hot-or-cold Read More

$18 Buy

Never Summer Proto CT/CTX

Not completely sure when the snowboarding phenomenon came on the scene – I have a hard enough time with two skis and two poles so it slipped right past me – but there is no problem conceding that it’s here and here to stay. Never Summer is one of the bigger names when it comes to board quality and craftsmanship and with their Proto CT and CTX, they’ve upped the swing and stability factors on the ground. Most of the credit belongs to the Carbonium Damping System, which proves this is not your general store variety, but a board designed Read More

Go-Anywhere Machines | By Hauk Designs

Go-Anywhere Machines, courtesy the think-tank at Hauk Designs: Possibly the ultimate boy-toys? Among the, well, go-practically-anywhere Go-Anywhere lineup, here’s a sampling: River Raider: Equipped with a massive 5.7 liter Hemi, Snorkel engine system, and 20″ Raceline tires, it’ll traverse rocks and through water like no other Jeep. Rock Raider 4-Door: A Hemi-equipped beast with super-rugged Dana 60 front-and-rear axles (complete with full locking differentials), a full-length aluminum skidplate, remotely-controlled winch, and super-reinforced roll cage. Dune X: A Hemi-boasting off-roader that sports a gorgeous, teak-finished tonneau-cover; remotely controlled, waterproof winch; Teraflex (long-arm) suspension; and a solid aluminum, full-length skidplate. Hate the Read More

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