SkyRunner Flying ATV

You’re on the run from the bad guys. They’ve chased you high up on the mountain Butch Cassidy-style and now you’ve got only two options: surrender or go flying over the edge Read More

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$119000 Buy

Der Ziesel Asks The Question: ‘Why Should Roads Have All The Fun?’

Der Ziesel reminds us somewhat of that warehouse armor Ripley uses to fight the queen bee at the end of Aliens. Thankfully, the product comes without the Xenomorph threat, and it can Read More

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Ghe-O Rescue Mobile

The Ghe-O Rescue Mobile is an epic all-terrain beast that can traverse almost any environment. It’s longer and wider than the Hummer H1, while stepping on the scale at about 500 pounds Read More

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RZR XP 1000 White Lightning

RZR XP 1000 White Lightning brings 107 horses to the table, which if you’ve ever been inside of an ATV, you’ll know it’s plenty of power and acceleration for the roughest of Read More

$20000 Buy

Paravelo Flying Bicycle

Okay, don’t get too excited. We’ll preface this Kickstarter project by telling you that donating will not get you your very own Paravelo Flying Bike. But it will get the kind chaps Read More

Bubba Watson Hovercraft Golf Cart

Gary Lester “Bubba” Watson, Jr., is an American golfer on the PGA Tour. In 2012, he came out of nowhere to win the Masters Tournament in a Cinderella story that movies are Read More

$50000 Buy


PocketBands are an awesomely simple new invention for those of you who like to stay active. Back when I cared about my physique and living past 45, you could find me at Read More

Hammacher Schlemmer Snow Cycle

It weighs only 38 pounds and it can take a drop of over 107,400 feet like a champ, according to the company website, though you probably wouldn’t want to be along for Read More