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Zero FX Stealthfighter Brings Electric To The Motorcycle

Cars garner most of the hoopla around electric-powered vehicles, but motorcycles seem even better-suited to electricity. Case in point: the Zero FX Stealthfighter. Using either one or two electric modules, the Zero FX achieves 70 ft-lbs of torque and 44 hp. Its compact Z-Force® relies solely on air-cooling to reduce maintenance, and the motorcycle charges to 95 percent in about an hour. The clutch-less direct-drive power train can accelerate to 85 mph, and the low-weight, high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum body provides enhanced responsiveness. The digital dash makes important parameters, such as state of charge and power output, easy to read. You can Read More

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Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition 2013

The Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition is a throwback to the days of the gauchos themselves — you know, those brave, wistful wandering cowboys who lived freely off the land and took each day as it came? Even if you’re not familiar with the gauchos themselves, we’re sure you’ll agree they had the right idea. Now with this bike you can put those daydreams into action. You’ll appreciate the Pacific Blue color as well as the two-wheel drive capabilities. The sidecar comes in handy as well, whether you’re using it for extra storage or to pick up a pretty senorita Read More

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2013 Gold Wing F6B

The Gold Wing F6B is a perfect touring bike for your short trips around town and weekend getaways. With lockable twin saddle bags for keeping all your purchases and necessary items in check, you can go anywhere within reason in style and get there in record time thanks to a six-cylinder engine that is itself built around the original Gold Wing’s 1832cc power plant. The only difference is that the F6B is a much lighter bike than its predecessor, and you’ll feel the power even more than ever before. Top it off with a sleek, commanding body, and as the Read More

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