Currie Technologies eZip Men’s Trailz Electric Bicycle

The bicycle is still one of the greenest ways of getting around town that there is. Why give the oil and gas companies all the power when you can take full control Read More

Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

With the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle, there is no lacking for the places you can go thanks to the 26-inch ATV tires that grant firm traction on the roughest and toughest of Read More

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MuzaMoto Motorcycle Turn Signals

We have a soft spot for motorcycle safety around here, having seen too many good friends or acquaintances lose their lives due to motorcycle wrecks. Every precaution that you can take to Read More

$125 Buy

EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard

Finally, a skateboard yours truly might finally be able to stand on without busting his rear. (Emphasis “stand on.” No one said anything about actually using it for the purpose it was Read More

$600 Buy

ICON: The 1000 Quartermaster

ICON and URAL have teamed together for The 1000 Quartermaster, a bike that is too darn pretty to ride. Well, almost. Most of you who are familiar with the URAL will notice Read More

The Nine O’Clock Gun

All right, inStashers, maybe we’re not playing fair on this one, as there is little chance in Hell you’ll ever get a chance to saddle up The Nine O’Clock Gun and ride Read More

Norton’s Commando 961 Cafe Racer

The Norton’s Commando 961 Cafe Racer may or may not be the most powerful motorbike you’ve ever seen, but with a power output of 80PS at 7,700 RPM, it’s certainly nothing to Read More

Hanebrink Hustler X5

Everything’s going, albeit slowly, electric: cars, buses, large power tools, etc. But, says you, “an all-electric, competition-grade street bike?!” The Hustler X5 is indeed a electric street bike – an 80+ mph Read More