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Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

With the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle, there is no lacking for the places you can go thanks to the 26-inch ATV tires that grant firm traction on the roughest and toughest of surfaces. Doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with uneven, rocky, hilly, unforgiving territory, this thing will traverse it. It also has a touch of the modern age that won’t leave you high and dry out in the sticks. The USB and Ethernet ports are vehicle-wide and the Robot Operating System enables you to customize a program for the Grizzly that allows you to tap into agricultural, military, and mining Read More

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MuzaMoto Motorcycle Turn Signals

We have a soft spot for motorcycle safety around here, having seen too many good friends or acquaintances lose their lives due to motorcycle wrecks. Every precaution that you can take to announce your presence, especially at nighttime, is essential to making sure your bike stays a fun recreational vehicle and not the instrument of your doom. MuzaMoto seems to grasp this concept. With their Motorcycle Turn Signals, the company has created a bright, fashionable light that is available at all 360 degrees of flexibility. Available in bar-end and bolt-on signals for the front and back of your bike, these Read More

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EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard

Finally, a skateboard yours truly might finally be able to stand on without busting his rear. (Emphasis “stand on.” No one said anything about actually using it for the purpose it was intended.) And the purpose for which the EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard was intended? An off-road skateboard experience that would make your dirt bike buddies proud. EMAD uses a 36-volt battery and an 800-watt motor to give its rider some true power off the beaten path, where you will presumably need it the most. Nice addition to the extreme sports sector, but who said all those guys gotta Read More

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ICON: The 1000 Quartermaster

ICON and URAL have teamed together for The 1000 Quartermaster, a bike that is too darn pretty to ride. Well, almost. Most of you who are familiar with the URAL will notice there is no sidecar present on this one, which to us is a-okay as we’ve never been able to get that episode of Andy Griffith out of our heads where Barney uses his sidecar to become the town laughingstock. Nevertheless, we’re sure this would look much cooler but are grateful anyway for the omission. The smoky gray color of The Quartermaster really sets it apart from other bikes, Read More

The Nine O’Clock Gun

All right, inStashers, maybe we’re not playing fair on this one, as there is little chance in Hell you’ll ever get a chance to saddle up The Nine O’Clock Gun and ride – and we say that because it was sold for an undisclosed sum, presumably to Ryan Reynolds, according to the website – but we can still feast our eyes on the memory. This particular bike features a 21-inch chrome tiger cub front wheel, chrome oil tank, a Triumph 650 unit motor (1964 make), and a whole lot of juju. This, ladies and gentleman, is what could be yours Read More

Norton’s Commando 961 Cafe Racer

The Norton’s Commando 961 Cafe Racer may or may not be the most powerful motorbike you’ve ever seen, but with a power output of 80PS at 7,700 RPM, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. And with “Racer” right there in the title, you can bet that it brings more pep in its step than the average everyday two-wheeler. But aside from that, it also delivers solid front and rear suspension for a comfortable pleasure cruise along the blacktop. Add to that two carbon stainless steel brakes on the front and a 220mm disc on the back, and you’ve got a Read More

Hanebrink Hustler X5

Everything’s going, albeit slowly, electric: cars, buses, large power tools, etc. But, says you, “an all-electric, competition-grade street bike?!” The Hustler X5 is indeed a electric street bike – an 80+ mph one in ‘Competition’ mode, that is. Sure, it’s no conventional gas bike, but we challenge you to find a better all-electric one at this price that’ll top 80. A 14-speed, competition class bike that’s propelled by four Li-ion AllCell batteries, a mid-mounted Crystalyte 5303 motor in tow, the X5 is truly a part of the new, exciting movement that’s shifting away from Earth-killing fossil fuels and slowly coming Read More

Brammo Empulse

At 64 horsepower, the Brammo Empulse R may not be the fastest bike out there, but for an all-electric, it lays a lot more propulsion down than you’re probably expecting. Fast acceleration and control are maintained at all times thanks to the ultra-light 470-pound weight, an expertly designed chassis, and enough torque for great handling. The goal of the company was to make a bike that handles well, turns fast, and keeps a lean angle throughout. Most of this is accomplished through the electric drivetrain. Brammo has emphasized power delivery and torque to give riders confidence whether on their daily commute or Read More