2012 Imperia GP

D*Dynamic House

Cardok | Underground Parking Solution

2013 Gold Wing F6B

The Gold Wing F6B is a perfect touring bike for your short trips around town and weekend getaways. With lockable twin saddle bags for keeping all your purchases and necessary items in check, you can go anywhere within reason in style and get there in record time thanks to a six-cylinder engine that is itself built around the original Gold Wing’s 1832cc power plant. The only difference is that the F6B is a much lighter bike than its predecessor, and you’ll feel the power even more than ever before. Top it off with a sleek, commanding body, and as the Read More

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Star Cycles Bolt R-Spec

Star Motorcycles Bolt R-Spec is a sleekly designed beauty that takes the functionality of the bike itself and incorporates that into the overall look. There’s very little concealment on this monster as the engine is used as a focal point, resulting in a spectacular piece of hardware that will get you where you need to go on time, every time. The 298mm front and rear brakes provide safety and control, while the 58 cubic inch (942cc) engine, air-cooled, boasts a 9:1 compression ratio. Overall, the engine promises excellent power and superior low-end torque. We’re not sure what that translates to in 0 Read More

Yamaha SR500 Superbike

Since 1978, the Yamaha SR500 Superbike has been one of the finest pieces of machinery from the legendary manufacturer. Designed by master designer Atsushi Ishiyama, you can no longer find these bikes new — they quit making them in 2008 — but hunting one down has been something of a challenge for collectors. Boasting a four-stroke 499 cc engine that is air-cooled and features two valves per cylinder with a five-speed transmission, the SR500 has serious get-up-and-go. At a lightweight 350 pounds, it delivers power and performance in an aerodynamic package that’ll take you anywhere you want to go. Unfortunately, you’re Read More

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Currie Technologies eZip Men’s Trailz Electric Bicycle

The bicycle is still one of the greenest ways of getting around town that there is. Why give the oil and gas companies all the power when you can take full control of your transportation needs? With Currie Technologies eZip Men’s Trailz Electric Bike you can do just that. Here’s what you get. The bike runs on a 450-watt DC Brushed Earth Magnet Motor and features a rechargeable 24V/10Ah pack battery system for a top speed of about 15 miles per hour. It can go up to 22 miles at a time, which makes it  ideal for daily chores, grabbing a bite Read More

Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

With the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle, there is no lacking for the places you can go thanks to the 26-inch ATV tires that grant firm traction on the roughest and toughest of surfaces. Doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with uneven, rocky, hilly, unforgiving territory, this thing will traverse it. It also has a touch of the modern age that won’t leave you high and dry out in the sticks. The USB and Ethernet ports are vehicle-wide and the Robot Operating System enables you to customize a program for the Grizzly that allows you to tap into agricultural, military, and mining Read More

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MuzaMoto Motorcycle Turn Signals

We have a soft spot for motorcycle safety around here, having seen too many good friends or acquaintances lose their lives due to motorcycle wrecks. Every precaution that you can take to announce your presence, especially at nighttime, is essential to making sure your bike stays a fun recreational vehicle and not the instrument of your doom. MuzaMoto seems to grasp this concept. With their Motorcycle Turn Signals, the company has created a bright, fashionable light that is available at all 360 degrees of flexibility. Available in bar-end and bolt-on signals for the front and back of your bike, these Read More

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EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard

Finally, a skateboard yours truly might finally be able to stand on without busting his rear. (Emphasis “stand on.” No one said anything about actually using it for the purpose it was intended.) And the purpose for which the EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard was intended? An off-road skateboard experience that would make your dirt bike buddies proud. EMAD uses a 36-volt battery and an 800-watt motor to give its rider some true power off the beaten path, where you will presumably need it the most. Nice addition to the extreme sports sector, but who said all those guys gotta Read More

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ICON: The 1000 Quartermaster

ICON and URAL have teamed together for The 1000 Quartermaster, a bike that is too darn pretty to ride. Well, almost. Most of you who are familiar with the URAL will notice there is no sidecar present on this one, which to us is a-okay as we’ve never been able to get that episode of Andy Griffith out of our heads where Barney uses his sidecar to become the town laughingstock. Nevertheless, we’re sure this would look much cooler but are grateful anyway for the omission. The smoky gray color of The Quartermaster really sets it apart from other bikes, Read More