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Motocorsa Presents: The Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa

Have ya ever imagined tricking out a Ducati for off-roading? Of course you haven’t! That’d be insane! Well Portland, OR Ducati dealer MotoCorsa made that pipe dream a reality, and it wasn’t even that tough to pull off. The end result: the Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa. The super-bike Ducati 1199 Panigale S’s metamorphosis from track burner to trail stomper began where the rubber meets the road. MotoCorsa swapped out the tires wheels and disc brakes for burlier sets meant for the dirt. The crew then lowered the front forks and raised the shocks, giving the bike another half-inch of ground clearance. Read More

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Take A Ride On The Wild Side With Ducati’s Latest Monster

Even after 20 years, the Ducati Monster keeps getting bigger and badder. And for 2014, the Italian sultans of mad motorcycle science have rolled out their most fearsome creation yet: the Monster 1200 S. This bike takes the beastliness of the 1100EVO to a new level in both performance style. The Ducati Monster 1200 S features a liquid-cooled, 1198 cc, 11-degree Testastretta L-twin engine with four valves per cylinder and dual spark plugs. This new engine generates 145 hp and replaces the 1100EVO’s air-cooled SOHC twin, which had reached its power limit according to emissions requirements. The 1200 S also provides sport, touring, Read More

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Skully Motorcycle Helmet

The Skully Motorcycle Helmet takes a cue from other cool entries in the wearable tech genre, but goes one step further — it can actually save your life. Borrowing some from the Google Glass playbook, this helmet gives you a heads-up display with GPS and weather reports so you know when to keep going and when to consider pulling over and not taking any chances. The helmet will have apps, just like most technologies these days, and while they’re still in the development stages, they will be opening it up to third parties so the possibilities are endless. Probable add-ons Read More

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Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition 2013

The Ural Gaucho Rambler Limited Edition is a throwback to the days of the gauchos themselves — you know, those brave, wistful wandering cowboys who lived freely off the land and took each day as it came? Even if you’re not familiar with the gauchos themselves, we’re sure you’ll agree they had the right idea. Now with this bike you can put those daydreams into action. You’ll appreciate the Pacific Blue color as well as the two-wheel drive capabilities. The sidecar comes in handy as well, whether you’re using it for extra storage or to pick up a pretty senorita Read More

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Ducati 899 Panigale Motorcycle

Say goodbye to the 848 Superbike and hello to the 899 Panigale from Ducati! The company’s replacement for its time-honored classic is a welcome addition to the catalog. Boasting 148 horsepower and about 93 lb-ft of torque at 9k RPM, this is the right mix of power and handling for 21st Century travel. The 899 is literally loaded with features including a triple-stage ABS, engine brake control, the Ducati Quick Shifter, traction control, and ride-by-wire. With three-way adjustable suspension and aluminum framing, this should make October one heck of a fun month to ride. (That’s the release month, though we Read More

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Rocket III Roadster 2013 Edition

Rocket III Roadster 2013 Edition from the legendary Triumph Motorcycles brings a 2,294cc engine with pure muscle that has removed the torque restrictors for 146bhp and 221Nm of torque, delivering acceleration that is, in a word, astonishing. Smooth, beautiful, and balanced, the 2.3 litre, in-line water cooled triple is joined by a tubular steel, twin spine and black chassis components for an overall package that is as sturdy as it is attractive. While you’re probably not going to outrun the 5-0 on this thing, it does have some giddyup for a street bike and the KYB 43mm upside down forks (120mm Read More

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Rover Electric Scooter

Sure, you could go on paying ridiculous gas prices, getting a measly 20, 30, or 40 miles per gallon, but none of that will do the trick the way the Rover Electric Scooter will. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, it’s hard to beat with the equivalent of 606 MPGe fuel economy. There’s a smartphone cradle complete with USB charger, LED headlights and taillights for optimum safety, front and rear convenience handles, and durable, lightweight aluminum construction. Top speed reaches about 33 miles per hour, but believe us, that’s as fast as you’ll want to go on this thing. Read More

Ducati Hypermotard

The Ducati Hypermotard is a striking piece of eye candy with a Testastretta 11-degree, L-Twin cylinder (four valves per cylinder), liquid-cooled engine with about 110 horses of power to its credit. (That level of power comes at approximately 9,250 RPM.) Boasting a compression ratio of around 12.8:1, this bike definitely clocks in at better than average without reaching the pinnacle CR of an F1 engine. (Those can go to approximately 17:1. Overkill for us.) We’re definitely not the types of people you’d see riding one of these every day, but if we were, it would be hard to decide between Read More

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