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Motocorsa Presents: The Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa

Have ya ever imagined tricking out a Ducati for off-roading? Of course you haven’t! That’d be insane! Well Portland, OR Ducati dealer MotoCorsa made that pipe dream a reality, and it wasn’t even that tough to pull off. The end result: the Ducati 1199 TerraCorsa. The super-bike Ducati 1199 Panigale S’s metamorphosis from track burner to trail stomper began where the rubber meets the road. MotoCorsa swapped out the tires wheels and disc brakes for burlier sets meant for the dirt. The crew then lowered the front forks and raised the shocks, giving the bike another half-inch of ground clearance. Read More

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Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

With the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle, there is no lacking for the places you can go thanks to the 26-inch ATV tires that grant firm traction on the roughest and toughest of surfaces. Doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with uneven, rocky, hilly, unforgiving territory, this thing will traverse it. It also has a touch of the modern age that won’t leave you high and dry out in the sticks. The USB and Ethernet ports are vehicle-wide and the Robot Operating System enables you to customize a program for the Grizzly that allows you to tap into agricultural, military, and mining Read More

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EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard

Finally, a skateboard yours truly might finally be able to stand on without busting his rear. (Emphasis “stand on.” No one said anything about actually using it for the purpose it was intended.) And the purpose for which the EMAD Electric Dirt Rider Skateboard was intended? An off-road skateboard experience that would make your dirt bike buddies proud. EMAD uses a 36-volt battery and an 800-watt motor to give its rider some true power off the beaten path, where you will presumably need it the most. Nice addition to the extreme sports sector, but who said all those guys gotta Read More

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ICON: The 1000 Quartermaster

ICON and URAL have teamed together for The 1000 Quartermaster, a bike that is too darn pretty to ride. Well, almost. Most of you who are familiar with the URAL will notice there is no sidecar present on this one, which to us is a-okay as we’ve never been able to get that episode of Andy Griffith out of our heads where Barney uses his sidecar to become the town laughingstock. Nevertheless, we’re sure this would look much cooler but are grateful anyway for the omission. The smoky gray color of The Quartermaster really sets it apart from other bikes, Read More