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Seabreacher X

Geek Wave: Watch Out iPod, Things Just Got Real

Me-Mover: The Most Versatile City Transportation Ever

The Me-Mover takes mere minutes to learn, offering better ergonomics and posture, visibility, steering and exercise, than your typical scooter. With a unique, balanced three-wheeled design, this is definitely a smooth way to ride. Standing and stepping, the whole process feels natural allowing you to walk, jog, or race at bike speeds with control and balance. There is an answer here for every single way that we move throughout the city. Busy streets, bike lanes, park trails and even flea markets — Me-Mover negotiates them all seamlessly. If you would like to make one of these your own, you have Read More

Urb-E Makes City Travel A Breeze

The Urb-E looks like a giant razor on wheels. Of course, the device is really just an electrically powered scooter, which comes in both two- and three-wheel designs. (The little kid in me who never learned how to ride a bike says three.) You can fold it up and take it with you on any commuter bus or train when it runs out of juice (after around 20 miles of travel time per charge). Get yours now through Indiegogo. The pricing is a bit tricky. If you donate $299, that will lock you in for a total of $1,799 at Read More

Kubo Cargo Scooter: More Than Just An Electric Shopping Cart

The electric car has been a long time coming, with stops and starts.  But San Fran startup Lit Motors is rolling out an electric scooter, one that does what scooters usually have a hard time with — it carries cargo.  In fact, most of its actual bulk is made up of a giant, empty square waiting for some groceries.  The driver sits behind the load and most feel like a cart or wheelbarrow pusher, except…no actual pushing.  The cargo hold measures 22 square inches, and has hooks for little mesh barriers, etc. It’s city street-ready, with a top speed of Read More

Rover Electric Scooter

Sure, you could go on paying ridiculous gas prices, getting a measly 20, 30, or 40 miles per gallon, but none of that will do the trick the way the Rover Electric Scooter will. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, it’s hard to beat with the equivalent of 606 MPGe fuel economy. There’s a smartphone cradle complete with USB charger, LED headlights and taillights for optimum safety, front and rear convenience handles, and durable, lightweight aluminum construction. Top speed reaches about 33 miles per hour, but believe us, that’s as fast as you’ll want to go on this thing. Read More

Currie Technologies eZip Men’s Trailz Electric Bicycle

The bicycle is still one of the greenest ways of getting around town that there is. Why give the oil and gas companies all the power when you can take full control of your transportation needs? With Currie Technologies eZip Men’s Trailz Electric Bike you can do just that. Here’s what you get. The bike runs on a 450-watt DC Brushed Earth Magnet Motor and features a rechargeable 24V/10Ah pack battery system for a top speed of about 15 miles per hour. It can go up to 22 miles at a time, which makes it  ideal for daily chores, grabbing a bite Read More

Ducati Diavel Strada

Project Diavel Strada from Ducati is not just another motorcycle. Featuring a twin L-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder and 162 horsepower, this is a bike with some get-up-and-go for just two wheels. Capable of achieving 9,500 RPMs, you’ll be going 0 to 60 in a few short seconds. The 94 lb-ft of torque also lends to what is a stable bike with capable maneuverability around 500 pounds light. The gearbox is six-speed with a clutch that is light on action and offers smooth hydraulic controls. Holding it all together is a tubular steel, Trellis-frame chassis, and two 14-spoke Read More

Mini Scooter E

Electric scooters are for hipsters and city-dwellers who don’t want to pay to own a car in New York. The Mini Scooter E concept vehicle unveiled at the London Design Show is……also for hipsters and frugal city-dwellers. Designed by the same company who made those adorable little getaway cars from the Italian Job, Mini has engineered an even smaller vehicle, albeit one that runs on electricity, rather than gas. The Mini Scooter E features an onboard navigation system and utilizes a smartphone as the ignition key. Pretty high-tech for a scooter that was designed to reflect the stylings of scooters Read More