Star Wars Episode VII Leaked Footage Is Awesome, Too Bad It’s Fake

Infinitely Modular Tent

Samsung To Launch 1TB SSD From V-NAND Technology

LightMode Helmets: Bringing TRON To Life While Keeping You Safe

Any TRON lovers in the house? If you are, and you’d rather be on two wheels instead of four, then we’ve got a must-have safety and fashion accessory that you’ll want to check out. Introducing the LightMode Helmet, a fully functioning, head-turning, illuminating helmet that gives you superior visibility as you’re blazing down the road. LightMode surrounds your head with electroluminescent (EL) materials in true 360° fashion. The modification helps riders become more visible in night settings by illuminating the highest point of the rider: their helmet. This is great for safety especially considering that motorcycles are roughly 1/6th the Read More

Gentlemen, The Bishop From Bandit9

Bandit9’s Bishop motorcycle is based on a 125cc Honda SuperSport and will be a limited edition bike with only nine units made (fittingly). The metallic unibody is made from a block of a high-grade aluminum. The motorcycle design firm will be collaborating with a guitar luthier and a yacht company to produce high-gloss, waterproof, wood burl side panels (available in walnut, oak or teak). And as with all Bandit9’s, everything is bespoke — from the alloy muffler to the suede seat. The company begins production on the Bishop this week and it is now available for a pre-order price starting Read More

Polaris Slingshot: Redefining How You Think Of A Motorcycle

Some guys just aren’t traditional motorcycle guys. For you, whoever you are, as well as any Harley riders wanting a taste of something different on occasion, you’ll want to give the Polaris Slingshot a chance. This three-wheeled motorcycle features a 2.4-liter DOHC EcoTec Engine and 9.8-gallon fuel tank. It boasts a five-speed manual transmission, a carbon fiber reinforced belt drive, and short header exhaust. Performance-wise it puts out 173 horsepower and makes you feel connected to the road every inch of the way. That’s because the bottom of the steel space frame is just five inches off the ground and Read More

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LiveWire Concept Electric Motorcycle From Harley-Davidson

Project LiveWire from Harley-Davidson is the legendary bike company’s way of saying, “Yes, electric is the future, even we’ll admit it.” Typically, Harley is known for power over practicality. Not so here as the LiveWire features a 55-kW electric motor that produces 75 hp. Torque-wise, it produces 52 lb.-ft., and it’ll reach 60 mph in under four seconds. Overall range is 53 miles on a charge, though that will likely improve as the bike heads from Concept to Production. “We see this as a bike for more urban areas,” Jeff Richlen, Chief Engineer of Harley-Davidson new products told Yahoo Autos. “It’s Read More

Me-Mover: The Most Versatile City Transportation Ever

The Me-Mover takes mere minutes to learn, offering better ergonomics and posture, visibility, steering and exercise, than your typical scooter. With a unique, balanced three-wheeled design, this is definitely a smooth way to ride. Standing and stepping, the whole process feels natural allowing you to walk, jog, or race at bike speeds with control and balance. There is an answer here for every single way that we move throughout the city. Busy streets, bike lanes, park trails and even flea markets — Me-Mover negotiates them all seamlessly. If you would like to make one of these your own, you have Read More

Meet The Tri Glide: It’s Harley-Davidson, Japan Style!

The Tri Glide Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson represents a new (potentially giant) step forward for the hog-maker extraordinaire. Seeing untapped potential in the Japanese market, the company has decided to move ahead with a three-wheeled motorbike accessible to a demographic that may not be as familiar or embracing of the standard cycle. This particular ride provides enough stability so a standard motorist will not have to gain a special license to operate it. Anyone in Japan who can drive a car, can drive this. They’re approved for the highways and fit nicely in a standard parking spot. Furthermore, they’re pretty easy Read More

Lotus Motorcycles C-01: Now This Is A Superbike

Lotus Motorcycles C-01 may be the most gorgeous thing we have ever seen on two wheels. Built by the German-based Kodewa (the same team behind Lotus’ Le Mans), and designed by Daniel Simon, who brings a Tron: Legacy influence to the proceedings, this is one superbike that is dressed to kill. Only 100 are set to be produced of what has auto specialty sites like Jalopnik and Top Gear salivating.  The C-01 boasts high-performance brakes, a four-stroke 1195cc V-twin engine, and a svelte weight of just under 400 pounds. At 200 hp it’ll get you where you need to go, Read More

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Snowing Outside? Drive Like A Maniac With Timbersled Snow Bike Kits

This winter season has been a particularly cruel mistress, especially when it comes to safe highway travel. And the last thing you want to be driving in this stuff is a motorcycle, unless… Introducing Timbersled Snow Bike Kits. The company provides short-track (ST), long-track (LT), and snow-cross (SX) models for the discriminating winter biker. If you prefer something with a shorter track, you’ll want to opt for the ST and its 10-foot (120-inch) job. The LT is a little longer at 137 inches. Both are 12.5 inches wide with two-inch-tall paddles. The SX model features a 121-inch track that’s narrower Read More