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Ram Man Of Steel Power Wagon

With Man of Steel opening this week in theaters, it was about time some auto manufacturer cashed in, and who better than Dodge? With the Ram Man of Steel Power Wagon, the company is launching its special edition of the Power Wagon model that boasts black 17-inch wheels and Superman’s trademark symbol on the front and back (with the modern tweaks, of course). It’s a fully functional ride, which means it’ll bring all the specs you would expect from the Ram 1500 series truck, just with a flare of super-heroics. The plan is to tour this beast in promotion of Read More

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Shelby Raptor

There are pickup trucks, and there are Shelby Raptors. With pickups, you’re often stuck with whatever design the companies dream up. You may get a little power, but you probably don’t get 575 horses under the hood. Shelby Raptors allow you all the power you could ever want in a rugged piece of machinery, plus they give you customization options including graphics and structure add-ons like roll bars, bumpers, light bars, wheels, and tires. You can pretty much equip the Raptor to do your bidding, and God help anyone who gets in your way. And despite the get-up-and-go, Shelby has Read More

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1955 Mercedes-Benz 404 Unimog

Here’s a little number that looks like it drove right off the front lines of World War II, although the actual year model was about ten years later. The 1955 Mercedes-Benz 404 Unimog is a perfect example of military ingenuity that crosses over into the realms of the everyday citizen. This particular model has a serial number 4, and is one of only 1,210 ever produced. It weighs a total of 5,500 pounds, has a six-speed transmission and 0 to 60 capabilities. Boasting an M180 Mercedes gasoline engine and instant 4×4 access for tackling rivers, hills, and any other rough-and-tumble thing Read More

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Legacy Power Wagon

Have an insatiable affinity for vintage trucks? Do you have a spare 100-grand laying around to plop down on a fully-restored, customized truck from a past era? Read on. The self-proclaimed “Old Dog, New Tricks” Legacy Power Wagons (by Wyoming-based Legacy Classic Trucks) are restored and customized luxury trucks painstakingly handcrafted over 600 hours by the artisan-mechanic genius of Winslow Bent and Erik Johnson. Here, have a quick gander at two examples: The Legacy Power Wagon Woodie Conversion is a 10-passenger, Jeep Wagoneer-esque truck (on mega steroids) conversion that boasts a 360hp-powered 5.9L Dodge Magnum V8 and real mahogany and Read More

Chevrolet Colorado Rally

Gaze into the crystal ball and behold the future of pickups. Chevrolet unveiled their newest concept pickup in Buenos Aires recently, and it looks and handles like the pickup Batman would drive if he had a lot of crap to haul around.  The Colorado Rally is a double-cabin pickup powered by a mighty 2.8 liter turbodiesel and carried on 305/60R18 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires and high performance shock absorbers. Which means you can pretty much drive it through quicksand full of rocks and never have to use either of its integrated winches (one front, one back, with four tons Read More

SportChassis P4XL

It’s possibly one of the toughest-looking, gargantuan trucks on the road: behold the SportChassis P4XL. Forget fuel efficiency. Forget about finding a good parking place; hell, just forget about everything you know about trucks, because the SportChassis p4XL defies all the rules. This beast packs a whopping 8.3L Cummins-built diesel engine worth 330 horsepower and, ready yourself for it, a menacing, Earth-shattering 1,000 ft/lb of raw torque. Still not impressed? How about the fact that the P4XL sports a 17,000lb air suspension in the rear, a 10,000lb front axle assembly, and the coveted Allison TRV3200 5-speed tranny? Or that it Read More

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