Ford Takes On SUVs With New Ford Edge

Riding on the success of the Kuga, Ford is preparing to double down on the urban SUV market with the new Ford Edge. Technically called a Crossover (a mix of touring cars, Read More

Faraday Looks To Change Cars Forever With FFZERO 1

Can a Chinese startup change the world of automobiles? After last week’s CES, we’re starting to believe. Their new FFZERO 1 concept car looks like something from a science fiction movie, and Read More

The 2016 Civic Is Unlike Any You’ve Ever Driven

Ah… the Honda Civic. If you’re a millennial, Honda’s low-end vehicle was likely your first car and it likely occupies a very special place in your heart. The new 2016 Civic which Read More

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Audi’s 2017 Q7 SUV Will Make You A Better Driver

Let’s face it, as much as you think you’re on the same level as one of those “professional drivers” from the car commercials the fact is that you’re still a fallible human Read More

Meet The LP 750-4 Superveloce: The Fastest Lamborghini Around

Lightweight. Powerful. Beautiful. These are the three words which will probably come out of your mouth the first time you learn (and see) Lamborghini’s Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce — a car so Read More

This Submarine Sports Car Will Let You Drive Right Into The Water

Want to impress a girl on your first date? What better way than by driving a sweet corvette-inspired car right into the briny depths, cruising around a bit, and then driving back Read More

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McLaren’s MP4-X Is The Future Of Formula One

Formula One cars have always been at the forefront of automobile technology, always pushing the boarders of what four-wheeled vehicles are capable of. Much in the same innovative spirit that led to Read More

Honda Takes On Tesla With Hydrogen-Powered 2016 Clarity

Tesla might be proving that the future of alternative energy vehicles is entirely electric, but that isn’t stopping Honda from pushing forward with its Hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles. The new 2016 Honda Clarity, Read More

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