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Hyundai HND-9 Coupe

Now boarding the Hyundai HND-9 Coupe featured at the recent New York Auto Show. In reality, you may have to wait a bit for this to become reality as it is now in the concept stages, but HND-9 is definitely one to keep your eye on as time moves on. Using heavy inspiration from aircraft technology, you get a sleek body and smooth interiors in a package that can really perform. With 370 horsepower and a V6 engine, it has enough power for the practical road ready driver, and the cab looks like a fighter jet cockpit, without the weapon Read More

Audi 2014 RS 7

The Audi 2014 RS 7 tore up jack at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show wowing patrons with its luxury seating, bright white “color,” 0 to 62 ups in less than four seconds, and 560 horsepower. Top speeds on this luxury cruiser are around 189.5 miles per hour and with 516 lb-ft of torque, it handles like a dream. On the inside, you’ll see a honeycomb design pattern on the seats that is soft and almost massaging. Tons of little knick-knacks to recommend, though very little space to cover everything, unlike the spacious interiors which offer plenty of headroom and storage Read More

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2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow… Always had a thing for the color combination. It marks the decor of my favorite football team – Go Steelers! – they were the colors used for Rock-O’s trunks in Rocky II and Rocky Balboa, two of the best movies ever – and they make for a striking combination on the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, which was recently unveiled in the City of Angels by the world-famous car company. Not sure if this’ll be available in other colors, but that doesn’t really matter as much as the 8,000 RPM of Read More

Jaguar C-X16

Jaguar is a distinct luxury marque all its own: Not something the Japs have taken and “fancy-fied”—e.g. the Lexus ES is basically a glorified Toyota Camry. The Jaguar C-X16 is denoted a ‘production concept’ and according Jag officials is symbolic of future cars from the automaker—representing a sort of mini-revolution in terms of benchmarking in driving dynamics and in auto design. And if the X-X16 is any indicator, the engineers are doing a helluva awesome job. Style-wise, it features very current-generation XK aesthetics, only a bit more aggressive. But that’s good, right? Inside, unbridled luxury and Euro-esque sophistication abounds, with Read More

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2012 Scion iQ

Have you seen one of those Smart Four-Two’s lately? Compare that to the new Scion iQ, which basically looks like a Four-Two on steroids: Which would you take? Built on the Japanese version, the Toyota iQ, the Scion is targeted directly at consumers living in close-quarter, bustling cities like L.A. or San Diego. It seats three occupants comfortably (four depending on, um…his/her body size), and employs a modest (yet pretty adequate) 1.3L, I4 engine—worthy of some 94 stallions and 90 lb-ft. of torque. And consider that the car’s wheelbase is even shorter than a two-seater Lotus Elise and that it Read More

2012 Hyundai Veloster

Honda and Toyota, prepare yourselves. Hyundai has been at the forefront of innovation over the last couple of years and they show no signs of slowing down. Their newest creation, the 2012 Hyundai Veloster is rolling onto dealer lots this week. Just don’t expect to get your hands on one anytime soon. There’s a long waiting list of orders that need to be filled first (trust me, I checked). With a double-scooped aggressive front end,  dual centered chrome-tipped exhaust outlet, sport-tuned suspension, hidden 3rd side passenger door, and 40 MPG on the highway, it’s hard to argue with a price tag starting at Read More

2012 Hennessey Twin Turbo V1000 CTS-V Coupe

You could tie a thousand horses to a really stylish wagon, or you could be one of the lucky twelve who nab the new Hennessey Twin Turbo V1000 coupe, which has a thousand horses hidden strategically under the hood.  That’s right, 1000 horsepower. That’ll take you from 0 to 60 in just about three and a half seconds, generating enough G-force to flatten the bone structure of your face. Those horses are jammed inside the 427 cid LS V8 Engine with twin ball bearing turbochargers, upgraded fuel system, and high flow cylinder heads. You can almost hear the thunder of Read More

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2012 Mini Cooper Coupe

When growing up in a family of giants, the idea of ever riding around in one of these 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe cars seems like a bit of a pipe dream, if the pipe that you are smoking makes you wish that you were around 3-feet-5 inches tall and had a girlfriend of same. Nevertheless, there are people the right size for these things, and those people are willing to pay big money to ride around in a car that looks like the love child of the Dodge Viper and the Kia Rio. And yes, we sort of consider that Read More

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