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EPOC Neuroheadset

Ferrari F80 Supercar: Why Does It Have To Be A Concept?

Even when all you need are 100 to 150 words, they can be a little hard to come by looking at the Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept. That’s because we’re left utterly speechless by the futuristic design, the sleek body, and the incredible power specs. The F80, at this point, is nothing more than a Concept designed by Adriano Raeli, and it’s hard to see great demand considering how much this thing would cost, but we can sit back and dream, can’t we? If Ferrari did ever choose to make the F80 and follow the specs, the car would be powered Read More

Hold On To Your Hat: Venom F5 Shoots For 290 MPH

The Hennessey Venom F5 is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen, plain and simple. With heavy use of carbon fiber and aluminum, a low-to-the-ground structure, and a weight of less than 3,000 pounds, the company estimates that it can break the existing land-speed record for a car of 270.49 miles per hour, going all the way up to 290. While exact power numbers are not yet available, the company expects the F5 to produce 1,400 bhp by the time it’s ready for mass production. The really crazy thing: it will hit 200 miles per hour in just Read More

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This Is What A Car Tire Sees While It’s Driving [Video]

One of the things that I really love about the age we live in, is that we can now use technology such as the GoPro camera to answer questions we would have previously never thought to ask. One of those questions — What does a car tire see as it drives along the road/highway? One Vimeo user followed this question through till the end by affixing a GoPro to his tire. The result is one of the cooler things you’ll see this week. It’s only about two and a half minutes of your life, but the visual is fascinating from Read More

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INKAS Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 Limo

The new INKAS Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 Limo is crafted to B6 specifications and ready for almost any firepower imaginable. With this behemoth, you can get to where you’re going in style with unequaled protection and premium comfort. The inside is as impressive as the out, with ample room, leather interiors, crystal clear sound system, flat-panel television and more. We’re not sure how much it is to buy this thing — or even take it for a spin around the block — but sometimes you don’t need to know when you can just stare in admiration. Here are some more pics!

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster packs an astounding 565 horses under the hood thanks to its beefy 6.0L V12 engine. That’ll get it from 0 to 60 miles per hour in around 3.9 seconds. It reaches top speeds of 201 mph, meaning that the bad guys (or cops) will have a hard time chasing you down. Additional features include a lightweight exhaust system, a healthy apportionment of carbon fiber, three-stage adaptive damping (Normal, Sport, and Track), and carbon ceramic disc brakes. No price listed on this one yet, but we’re thinking somewhere between Yikes and Ouch. Still, what Read More

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Top 31 Cars Under $100,000

Finding high performance cars for under $100,000 is no easy task, but that’s no longer an issue because we’ve done the hard work for you. Looking back over the past year we’ve compiled a list of rides that would definitely be in the garage if we were Jay Leno on a budget. So fasten your seat-belts, friends, and take a ride with us in the Top 31 Cars Under $100,000. Let’s get started!

Supercharged Dodge Challenger Is Back: Vanishing Point Lives On!

The newly consolidated Dodge and SRT brands are launching out of the gate at full throttle, introducing the new 600-plus horsepower 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with a Hellcat engine and its stablemate – the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT – just one month after taking the wraps off the new Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI® Scat Pack Shaker at the New York Auto Show. With the supercharged version, you’ll feel like Kowalski tearing up the open roads and leaving the po-po in the dust. Our only complaint thus far: no white version! Surely that’s got to happen at some point. In the Read More

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BMW i8: Two Engines, 95 MPG, ‘Nuff Said

If you’ve got the $135,700 to spare and enjoy the prospects of 95mpg gas mileage (up to 703 miles per tank), then BMW has an Eco-friendly ride that you’re going to love. Part of what makes i8 such an efficient creation is how it stores two engines — one in the front, one in the rear — and allows them to operate independently of one another. As a result, you can also get from 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds. Last but not least, the sleek carbon fiber body makes this one look a lot better than any economy Read More

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