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Meet The Lovechild Of A Truck And A Helicopter: The Black Knight Transformer

Just when you thought things like G.I. Joe and Transformers would never become a reality, Advanced Tactics has released one of the most unbelievable fantasy vehicles around — a unique combination of truck and helicopter known as the Black Knight Transformer. This baby is flight-ready and amazing to watch. Advanced Tactics received funding from Congress and began work on the vehicle in 2010. The interior volume is similar to the Blackhawk UTX chopper, with plenty of room for carrying equipment, cargo, and wounded soldiers. Also, much of it is crafted from field-replaceable parts, making it as practical as it is Read More

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Human-Powered Helicopters: Useless And Completely Awesome

Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson, two graduates from the University of Toronto, have done in eight years what it’s taken mankind centuries to pull off — create a human-powered air transport that works. The pair created a human-powered helicopter that operates by pedaling a bicycle-like apparatus which turns four powerful rotors, thus enabling flight. They powered a 64-second flight inside a Toronto-based sports arena. Their method of testing included plenty of crashes with the logic that you “don’t fly higher than you’re willing to fall,” they told CNN. Why do it? “It’s very easy to say something’s impossible,” Reichert explained. Read More

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Bugatti MP100 Will Finally Take Flight 75 Years Later (Kinda)

Every now and then, an interesting part of history creeps back into the public eye. This week, we learned of the Bugatti Model 100P Superplane, which, in 1939, could have smashed the 469 MPH air speed record. Yes, the 900 horsepower plane, which contained two 4.9-liter, 450 HP racing engines would likely have cracked 500 MPH. Ettore Bugatti, who hated the Germans, decided to warehouse the plane while it was 85 percent done in a secret location for fear that the Nazis might learn of it. It was rediscovered shortly after the war and was sold at auction. A group Read More

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Sky Whale: The ‘Greenest Of All Aircraft’

You know that old saying, “when whales fly.” The idea of a metaphor that at first blush seems innoportune (whales are giant, ungainly, in need of way too much nourishment) seems to be a way of embracing postmodernism, bucking convention, showing uber-confidence. In any case, the sky whale isn’t in service today or tomorrow, but is a concept for the future.   With Airbus having flown a giant cargo plane called the Beluga for years, Spanish designer Oscar Vinals is attempting to introduce one for passengers, the greenest of all air craft.  Vinals feels that his craft will reduce fuel Read More

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Big Trip Coming Up? Fly It Or Bike It With The Helicycle

The Helicycle is one of those rare hybrids like the Flying Car. Only this time, it takes a traditionally ground-based transport like the bicycle and combines it with one of the most terrifying airborne vehicles of the last century. Forgive the editorializing. It took years to drag me kicking and screaming onto a plane, and now I’m supposed to buy in to a flying bike? No can do. However, for the braver sorts among you, this may be worth picking up. You can get one from Hammacher now or attempt to build your own. Which is better? Whichever one doesn’t Read More

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Crash That BBQ You Weren’t Invited To With The Phantom 2 Vision

Got a block party coming up in which your invitation was conveniently lost in the mail? Show your neighbors the error of their ways by suiting up the Phantom 2 Vision camera for flight! This creation from the folks at DJI Innovations comes equipped with a high-powered camera capable of capturing 14-megapixel stills and shooting 1080p HD video. Making matters even worse (for them), the Phantom 2 will indulge your inner spy with instant sharing so you can capture all the drunken soiree’s most embarrassing moments and fire them out to Facebook via smartphone, which rests comfortably in a cradle Read More

SkyRunner Flying ATV

You’re on the run from the bad guys. They’ve chased you high up on the mountain Butch Cassidy-style and now you’ve got only two options: surrender or go flying over the edge to an uncertain fate. With the SkyRunner there doesn’t have to be a splat in your future because this all-terrain vehicle doubles as a no-terrain vehicle. In other words, it doesn’t need earth beneath its wheels for continued navigation. You can use this buggy to sail through the air thanks to built-in thoroughbred aviation technology aimed at those seeking the ultimate recreational experience. In car mode, the SkyRunner Read More

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SR-72 Blackbird: From L.A. To D.C. In 30 Minutes

The SR-71 Blackbird is now legendary for its Mach 3 spy plane capabilities. The aircraft went in to service 50 years ago this year and was retired 35 years later in 1998.  A sequel has been rumored since its reign ended but no actions were taken to make it a reality — until now. The SR-72 Blackbird will reportedly be able to fly at hypersonic speeds and achieve Mach 6. To give you an idea of how blazingly fast that is, here’s a frame of reference. The SR-71 was said to have once completed a flight from Los Angeles to Read More