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Filson Dry Duffle Medium

X1 Schiller Bike: Engineered For The Water

The X1 Schiller Bike is for you cycling enthusiasts who just can’t seem to leave your love for two wheels on the shore. Engineered for the water, this unique watercraft delivers the thrill of cycling on the open water. It is the world’s most innovative water bike ever created. Featuring a proprietary multi-speed drive train, twin-propeller design and rugged, dual chamber pontoons, the X1 is designed to deliver a fast, exhilarating, and safe ride. Clean, sustainable and human-powered, it’s easy to assemble, transport and store in compact spaces, and it’s designed, engineered and assembled in the good old U.S. Of A. You can Read More

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LightMode Helmets: Bringing TRON To Life While Keeping You Safe

Any TRON lovers in the house? If you are, and you’d rather be on two wheels instead of four, then we’ve got a must-have safety and fashion accessory that you’ll want to check out. Introducing the LightMode Helmet, a fully functioning, head-turning, illuminating helmet that gives you superior visibility as you’re blazing down the road. LightMode surrounds your head with electroluminescent (EL) materials in true 360° fashion. The modification helps riders become more visible in night settings by illuminating the highest point of the rider: their helmet. This is great for safety especially considering that motorcycles are roughly 1/6th the Read More

Ferrari F80 Supercar: Why Does It Have To Be A Concept?

Even when all you need are 100 to 150 words, they can be a little hard to come by looking at the Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept. That’s because we’re left utterly speechless by the futuristic design, the sleek body, and the incredible power specs. The F80, at this point, is nothing more than a Concept designed by Adriano Raeli, and it’s hard to see great demand considering how much this thing would cost, but we can sit back and dream, can’t we? If Ferrari did ever choose to make the F80 and follow the specs, the car would be powered Read More

Gentlemen, The Bishop From Bandit9

Bandit9’s Bishop motorcycle is based on a 125cc Honda SuperSport and will be a limited edition bike with only nine units made (fittingly). The metallic unibody is made from a block of a high-grade aluminum. The motorcycle design firm will be collaborating with a guitar luthier and a yacht company to produce high-gloss, waterproof, wood burl side panels (available in walnut, oak or teak). And as with all Bandit9’s, everything is bespoke — from the alloy muffler to the suede seat. The company begins production on the Bishop this week and it is now available for a pre-order price starting Read More

Priority Bicycles: Maintenance-Free, Cycling Made Easy

Priority Bicycles take the standard bike to the next level with an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-ride, transport that requires no regular maintenance. Founder Dave Weiner started Priority because he said he was “frustrated with bicycles on the market, noting that with all the industry innovation, the recreational cyclist was still suffering the same old product while professional riders enjoyed all the spoils. Priority Bicycles do away with chains which have been known to ruin clothes. Instead they feature clean belt drives that require no lubrication, are rust-proof, and impervious to the weather. Belt drives are, quite simply, more durable, quieter, and cleaner. Priority Bikes also use bolts Read More

LEIF: The Everywhere Snowboard

If the winter is just not enough time to get all the snowboarding in that you prefer, then consider picking up LEIF, an “everywhere snowboard” that looks kind of like a skateboard but operates as its more wintry counterpart. With LEIF, you can go anywhere the concrete leads you — flat ground, uphill, you name it — while maintaining control of your board at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. As the folks behind the Kickstarter state, this allows you to turn “pavement into powder.” You can still get one at the early bird price of $1,299 if you Read More

Daily Bicycle Grips: Add Class To Your Bike

Want to add some style and sophistication to your bicycle’s handlebars? Why not install a couple of Daily Bicycle Grips? These use premium materials, including mahogany, aircraft grade aluminum and brass fittings, for a bike grip that will last for at least as long as you have your bike. (Lifetime? You betcha.) The method of manufacturing involves press fitting wood onto an aluminum core. The core helps to fit the grips on any handlebar with ease, and is drilled and tapped together to allow two brass screws that will act as fasteners. You can pick up yours today through the Read More

Hold On To Your Hat: Venom F5 Shoots For 290 MPH

The Hennessey Venom F5 is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen, plain and simple. With heavy use of carbon fiber and aluminum, a low-to-the-ground structure, and a weight of less than 3,000 pounds, the company estimates that it can break the existing land-speed record for a car of 270.49 miles per hour, going all the way up to 290. While exact power numbers are not yet available, the company expects the F5 to produce 1,400 bhp by the time it’s ready for mass production. The really crazy thing: it will hit 200 miles per hour in just Read More

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