You Can Finally Own Your Own Personal Sub

The age of the personal submarine is upon us and you won’t even need a crew of henchmen to make the daring undersea escapes you’ve always dreamed about. Thanks to the Deepflight Read More

$1500000 Buy

Honda Takes On Tesla With Hydrogen-Powered 2016 Clarity

Tesla might be proving that the future of alternative energy vehicles is entirely electric, but that isn’t stopping Honda from pushing forward with its Hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles. The new 2016 Honda Clarity, Read More

$64000 Buy

Ninebot’s mini Takes On The Segway

If you’re still feeling slighted by all of the self-hype that Segway put out there before they announced their first-gen human transporter way back in 2001 then maybe you should look into Read More

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$315 Buy

Gi FlyBike Is The Future Of Electric Bikes

If you’ve been holding back on purchasing an electric bike because you don’t have enough space then listen up: the world’s first foldable electric bike is here. Gi FlyBike, as the bike Read More

You Can Finally Own Your Own Little Tikes Car

If you’re like most American kids then your first ‘car’ was probably a Little Tikes.You know, that red-and-yellow plastic car that you’d use your feet to drive around Flintstones-style? Well, thanks to Read More

$33000 Buy

Hendo 2.0 Proves Back To The Future Was Right About Hoverboards

In honor of #BackToTheFutureDay we decided to take a look at Hendo, one of the most promising hoverboards out there, in order to see what was new with the company. Much to Read More

This Is The New 2016 Toyota Prius

Under the blazing heat of last week’s International Auto Show, Toyota unveiled a totally redesigned Prius for 2016. Looking like something out of sci-fi, the new Prius is definitely features one of Read More

You Can Finally Buy Your Own Personal Floating Island

The folks over at Migaloo are on a mission: become the go-to company for all of your Bond villain needs. Not content with merely manufacturing getaway vehicles like their Private Submersible Yachts, Migaloo Read More