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Soft Goat Beard Softener: The Ladies Are Gonna Love It!

Guys, is your special someone always complaining about the way your whiskers scratch her face when you move in for some sugar? (That’s right, we still call it sugar.) If so, then you will be doing her a huge favor if you pick up a new men’s grooming device known as the Soft Goat. The makers of Soft Goat acknowledge that scruff is sexy, and they’re not trying to rid you of that appeal, but they are attempting to make life easier on the person who finds herself on the receiving end. Just what is Soft Goat? It’s a hypoallergenic Read More

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Invite These Norse Gods To Your Next Poker Night

You could search the whole world over and have trouble finding A more manly set of men than the original Vikings. And if the fellas are coming over for poker night, then what better way to welcome them in than with these amazingly crafted Bicycle playing cards that feature hand illustration designs of the Norse warriors themselves? Scott King is the mind behind these bad boys, and it’s safe to say he’s a Viking enthusiast, immediately apparent with the ornate attention to detail that he provides in each and every card included in the set. With still 17 days to Read More

This Notebook Has Stone Paper, And It’s Awesome

No trees, no water, no toxic bleach — this is a physical paper that I can get behind! Curiously,  the Da Vinci Notebook turns to another facet of nature in order to fill pages — stone. That’s right, this currently-on-Kickstarter construction offers you the same (or maybe even better) smooth writing experience as any notebook that you would buy in a store. It just doesn’t screw up the environment to bring about the same effects. Your pen will move along the page like silk, according to the project creators, and unlike traditional notebook paper, this stuff is tear and crease Read More

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Mantiques: A Manly Guide To Cool Stuff!

Take a manly walk through the past with Eric Bradley’s salute to the ruggedly nostalgic male. Mixing Don Draper cool with Vin Diesel muscle — along with a healthy dose of grease, rust and nostalgia — Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff promises to be “a humorous, yet informative, guide to the world of antiques and collectibles sought out by a new breed of men eager to fill their homes with the funky, the unique, and — most importantly — the manly.” Bradley certainly has the pedigree to write such a book with the following credentials to his name: Read More

WWE Network Has Finally Arrived

The WWE Network scored big with last night’s 30th annual Wrestlemania event. While much of the attention has been placed on the Undertaker’s historic loss (in what would have been a completely forgettable match had the crowd reactions when he lost not been so priceless), the real emphasis for us would have to be on the network itself. A lot was riding on the success of the event’s streaming presentation for the WWE Network to be a success and, thus, change the face of television. Thankfully, everything went down without a hitch, signaling the arrival of live streaming’s reliability when Read More

Rock Paper Books Are Works Of Art

Rock Paper Books is a modern collection of classic books featuring stunning artwork, expert layout and design, and the unabridged text from some of the finest books ever written. These paperbacks look amazing, with current titles available being War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Invisible Man (H.G. Wells) and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne). For every $1,500 pledged above-goal that the Rock Paper team can raise, they will unlock a new book. No word on what those books are, but if we had to speculate, we would Read More

Quickey: It Opens Everything But Doors

The Quickey is a new multitool that opens everything but doors, and we dig it. Why? Because it takes care of a very annoying problem that happens to us virtually every week. We get the mail. There’s a heavily taped package. We don’t have our pocketknife on us because the weasels we work around consider it a weapon. So instead of easily opening said package, we turn to our dull keys and hope that it can saw away enough of the tape so brute force can do the rest.  Quickey makes the process much easier and does a lot of Read More

Trigger Bell: A Cyclist’s Failsafe

Do you find yourself feeling a little uneasy while riding your bike at night? Are you concerned about the growing number of boneheads, who drive around texting and not paying attention to the road? We may have a safety solution to prevent you from ending up a wet spot on the pavement. Introducing the trigger bell, now available on Kickstarter for the low price of $20. It installs directly on your handlebar, so you’re never further away than a quick trigger-pull from notifying car traffic of your presence. Best of all, you can do this without taking your own eyes Read More