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Samsung To Launch 1TB SSD From V-NAND Technology

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

Star Wars: A New Dawn Now In Stores!

Well, friends, the Star Wars Legends are over, and the New Era — the post-Lucas Era — is about to begin. With John Jackson Miller (Kenobi) at the helm, get ready to dig in to the first authorized story of the Disney Star Wars Universe. That’s right. A new book unleashes today, and this time it counts. (They really mean it.) Entitled Star Wars: A New Dawn, it’s now available in print and ePrint (Kindle and Kindle-like devices, that is).  You’ll get a new villain to sink your teeth in to with Count Vidian as well as a new batch Read More

Jerky Lovers, Get Ready For The Bag Of Biltong

If you like beef jerky and you enjoy broadening your horizons from the standard stuff that you find at Gas Station USA, then you’re in for a real treat. That’s because we’re introducing you to the Bag of Biltong from Brooklyn Biltong. This South African delicacy takes a different approach to drying meat. Instead of using heat (as with traditional jerky), it uses wind for an altogether unique flavor. Brooklyn Biltong offers two different options — the dry and the wet — and either way, we’re fine with it. You can even subscribe for a monthly supply so you’ll never Read More

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StakeLight Set With LED Lighting And Emergency Strobe

We know that camping out in a tent is supposed to remove you from the ravages of technology and allow you to get “back to nature,” but does that mean all modern innovations should go by the wayside. We don’t think so. And if you’re going to bring a little 21st Century tech to your camping trip, why not go safety first with the Stake Light. The concept behind this is simple. Just use Stake Light on your tent and benefit from round the clock visibility with LED lighting and an emergency strobe feature for distress situations. Area mode provides Read More

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Far Western: The Evolution Of Country Music In Japan

It’s rare that you catch me getting excited about a documentary, but it’s a tad hard to watch the Kickstarter video for Far Western, and not get a big smile on your face, especially when you love country music. (We’re talking about the real stuff — Merle, Waylon, Willie, Kris, Hank, et al.; not that processed Tim McGraw crap.) Justin Payne, a young filmmaker out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has done thorough research on this project, filming the small but fanatical Japanese movement to bring bluegrass and traditional country to the East, and his efforts require one more trip before the Read More

The Russian Bear Documentary Salutes Ivan Koloff

The Russian Bear is the definitive documentary about Ivan Koloff, and how he became one of wrestling’s biggest legends. While we’re certainly not as “in” to wrestling as we used to be, there is and will always be a soft spot for the era where Koloff was at his most popular. In those days, the cat wasn’t out of the bag. Most knew wrestling was “fake,” but there was an aura of mystery and uncertainty that still surrounded it. Only now are some of the super-cool behind the scenes moments starting to come to light. This Kickstarter project promises more Read More

Brok Windsor: The Reprints!

During WWII, the artist named Jon Stables moved from Winnipeg to British Columbia to work on painting signs for the ships to help out war efforts. Here he joined up with a brand new publisher named Maple Leaf Comics, where after a short amount of time he became art director. In 1944, he created an action-adventure story in the pages of Better Comics called “Brok Windsor”, named for a close friend who died in combat during WWII. Brok Windsor was a doctor who discovered a secret land called Chaqua hiding in the midst of the Canadian wilderness during a normal Read More

SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife

Ever tried to cut a real stick of butter without a chainsaw? We have, and it doesn’t usually work out. Thankfully, the geniuses at THAT have created a solution in the SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife. Just how does this baby work? It transfers your body heat to the knife and starts softening the butter in just 20 seconds as opposed to minutes without it. It’s good for butters, spreads, jams, chocolate, and more, and features a titanium coating that is non-toxic and food contact safe. There is no electricity needed, and you can even clean it via the dishwasher. So say Read More

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Brick-A-Pic: Turn Any Image Into A LEGO Rendering

Brick-A-Pic is an inventive marriage of LEGO and software. By simply choosing an image and sending it to the folks at BAP, you can have that image turned in to a LEGO replica. The company’s software program sources both existing and retired colors for a diverse color palette to pull off anything you want to throw at it. You can get plans only starting at around $10. It’s a bit more expensive than that if you want to up the image size or receive a kit filled with all the blocks you need for putting it together yourself. You can Read More