Now Everyone Can Play KOTOR 2, The Best Star Wars RPG Ever.

Here at inStash we focus on writing about what’s new. About the future. So why are we writing about a game which is over 10 years old? Well, to start with, KOTOR Read More

Microsoft Challenges Apple Music With Groove

Microsoft isn’t one to let Apple take over a market without a fight. Hot on the heels of the launch of Apple Music, Cupertino’s hottest music service since iTunes, Microsoft has recently Read More

Add MagSafe-like Charging To Your Devices With ZNAPS

One of the coolest features that the MacBook family of laptops has had for years is called MagSafe. For the uninitiated, MagSafe (as its name implies) uses magnets to quickly and easily Read More

Remix Mini Proves That A $20 PC Can Actually Be More Than Good Enough

Just like the Linux platform that its based on, Android is everywhere. It can be found on watches, tablets, smartphones, and even toasters. Ok, that last one was a joke but the Read More

Comcast Launches “Stream” IPTV Service

Comcast must be smelling its own blood in the water. Not wanting to play second fiddle to the likes of Netflix any longer, the cable titan has decided to release its own Read More

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PlayStation Now Is Netflix For Games

Sony may not have “won” this year’s E3 but it has a trick up its sleeve: PlayStation Now.  Remember when Sony bought Gaikai way back in 2012? Well, it’s “now” (pun fully Read More

$15 Buy

Not Into Apple Music? Tidal Is Worth A Listen

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple Music, but there’s plenty of other music streaming services out there. If you’re not comfortable paying the Apple tax, then why not check out Tidal? Read More

Scan Documents On The Go With Scanner Pro 6

While it may seem like scanning is an outmoded practice which belongs firmly in the 1990s or early 2000s, there are still times when you may need to send a scan of Read More