La Petite Chouette Makes For A Perfect Her’s Stocking Stuffer

This Holiday season candles are a girl’s best friend thanks to La Petite Chouette (that last word is pronounced shoo-wet’ and translates to ‘The Little Owl’). Made in France and sold online on Read More

Raspberry Pi Zero Is A $5 Hacker’s Dream

The folks over at the Raspberry Pi foundation are working hard to make the cheapest computer known to man. After selling products at the $35 level followed by the $20 level, they’ve Read More

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Momentary Ink Lets You Try A Tattoo Before Your Commit

The decision to go in and get a tattoo isn’t one to be taken lightly. From that day forward, you’l be carrying around some art which may wrinkle, sag, or just cause Read More

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Leather Ketchup Is The Future Of Condiments

Ketchup can make or break a hamburger. Too little and your burger will taste overly mustardy, while too much will ensure that your meal will taste like something out of the kid’s Read More

Shift, The First Bitcoin-Backed Debit Card Is Here!

If you’re into Bitcoin then you have undoubtedly amassed a small fortune. Problem is, how exactly are you supposed to spend it? Sure there are dozens of websites which claim that they’ll Read More

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Tagonce Is The Ultimate Bag Tag

You’re all set and ready to go on your trip. Just as you reach the airport and enter the line to check-in your luggage you realize that you don’t have a luggage Read More

House of Jane’s Cannabis-infused Coffee Is The Perfect Morning Drink

Not a morning person? Maybe you just want to start the day with a guaranteed smile on your face? Well then you should probably wake up with Jane’s Brew Cannabis-Infused Coffee in Read More

Back To The Future’s 2015 Pepsi Perfect Is Here

  Remember Pepsi Perfect? It was one of the multitude of brands that the somewhat visionary Back to the Future II movie predicted would see the light of day by 2015. Well, Read More

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