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Bacardi Asks: What Would You Give To Be There For The World Cup Final?

What would you sacrifice to experience the final match of the World Cup with the world’s most untamable fans? Bacardi recently posed that question to drinkers of their fine rum and received a number of interesting responses: Sneaker collection Shaving for a year Autographed Landon Donovan jersey Snowboard and gear My apartment Motorcycle Beard Golf for a year My first drum set 26 snapbacks 55-inch flatscreen television Tacos for a year Karate black belt Video games San Diego Chargers season tickets $20,000 comic book collection My apartment One of my kidneys Girlfriend All interesting responses, and we’re not sure they’d Read More

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Amazon Music Has Arrived

Amazon Prime members, remember that price increase the company announced a few months back that had some of you seething. (20 extra bucks for the same service? Atrocity! #FirstWorldProblems!) Well, it seems Bezos and family don’t intend to charge you more for same after all. They’ve now added Prime Music to the newly updated Amazon Music app. So now, in addition to the book-a-month freebie, the video and TV library, and the two-day shipping, you’ll have a streaming service that you can take with you on your iOS devices. Prime Music features over 1 million songs and hundreds of playlists, Read More

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Angry Birds Epic: Rovio Goes RPG

Rovio has conquered the world several times now with their popular Angry Birds games, but never before have they gone the role-playing game route — until now. Introducing Angry Birds Epic, a new free-to-play game available on all major platforms, that allows you to step inside of a medieval world of piggie domination. Of course, you’ll have some pretty strong birds to see you through to the end. A word of warning, though: even though the game itself is free, there are the dreaded in-app purchases, ranging in price from 99 cents to $89.99. Check out the promotional video for Read More

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DIY X-Men: Want To Shoot Flames Through Your Wrists? Colin Furze Can Help

It’s got to be nice being Colin Furze. You can look at one of the ultimate male fantasies — becoming a superhero — and then turn it into reality with a little ingenuity. In the video you’re about to see, entitled the DIY X-Men project, Furze gives us a demonstration of just how awesome it would be if it were possible to shoot flames from your wrists. Wait, scratch that. Not “if.” He actually does it. Here, have a look: Now if anyone is going to tell you how to pull this off, it’s Furze. For one, we don’t want Read More

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Answers App: Crowd-Source All Your Questions

Becoming a more self-sufficient man should be something we all strive for, but that isn’t always possible when you’re raised in a less-than-self-sufficient environment — at least it wasn’t always possible until now. With the Answers app, you can choose from a number of categories and learn how to do some very specific things based on simple Q&A. No more excuses, in other words. The Cars section is one you might find especially appealing for when those weird sounds begin in your car, a light shines on the dash that wasn’t there before, or you simply want to know how Read More

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Netflix Roulette: For When You’re Not Sure What To Watch

Netflix Roulette is a new website that seeks to end the age-old question, “What do you want to watch tonight?,” which is usually followed by an, “I don’t care, whatever you want to watch,” which is then repeated 27 times before you give up and move on to Crackle for Seinfeld reruns. With Netflix Roulette, you can set your preferences — TV Shows, Movies, or Both; Genre (or Any); and Star Rating. From there, just hit Spin, and the site will randomly choose a program or film that meets the criteria. Simple and free. Give it a whirl, you won’t Read More

Control The Car From Your Smartphone With SmartStart Module And App

Okay so you probably could have used this one more during the winter. We get it. But there’s good news: 1) Winter comes once per year; and 2) These days, it lasts about nine months. What if there was a way you could start your car inside the house and have it warmed up without stepping a single foot outside? (Wait for it…) Now there is with Directed SmartStart Module and App. This baby allows you to do all of what we just mentioned as well as: Lock / Arm Unlock / Disarm Trunk Release Panic Aux Channels You can Read More

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Cups App Gets You Deals From The Best Indie Coffee Shops

Are you sick of doing nothing but supporting the big-name coffee chains like Starbucks? Would you rather give some of that business to an independent coffee shop that makes a great cup of Joe? Cups, a new mobile application, will connect you to several indie shops throughout the New York area, offering some pretty deep discounts in the process. Cups members enjoy special deals each day, and they also get acquainted with some of the local favorites for a truly unique experience. According to the website, the company purpose is to “make it easier for thirsty New Yorkers to find Read More

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