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Must-Listen Podcasts No. 6: The Smartest Man In The World

Look, we all think we’re the Smartest Man in the World, but according to Greg Proops, there’s only one, and it’s him. Proops’ motto is that he is totally smarter than you, and if you don’t believe him then just listen to his podcast — sorry, “proopcast” — to have it proven to you in painful detail. Proops is a master of improv and his comedy is high energy. His podcast has been going strong on a weekly basis since September 2013, and he’s delightfully Parental Advisory, so make sure you’re not driving the kid around trying to get her Read More

Pig Farmer Games Is For The Horror Movie Lover In Us All

Pig Farmer Games is a company for those of us who’d rather be watching horror movies than virtually anything else. Over the years, scare flicks have become a passion for myself, and PFG apparently feels the same way because their line of slasher-inspired computer games are top-notch and demonstrate a true love for the sub genre. With titles like Splatter Camp, Babysitter Bloodbath, Sanitarium Massacre, and Minotaur, these guys are scratching right where we itch. (Not too deep, though, thankfully.) Pig Farmer Games also offers a line of T-shirts that you’ll want to check out, but if nothing else, give Read More

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Hanx Writer Recreates The Old School Typing Experience

Who would have thunk that the man who gave us Forrest Gump is so in love with the old school typewriter that he would back an iPad app that perfectly recreates it. Yes, Tom Hanks has a new app out — the Hanx Writer — and it really is the mock typewriter app that most writers with a foot in the past and a foot in the future want. But unlike the ordinary typewriter, you can actually save docs, email them, etc., with the simple and elegant interface, and if you make a typo, there is no need for white Read More

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Backpack: Bringing The Global Market To Your Front Door

Backpack is a cool new service that allows you to make money while you’re traveling or get access to the global marketplace through traveler delivery. Here’s how it works: if you’re a traveler, you accept the product request, make the purchase with your own money, and deliver it when you arrive at your destination. Once the delivery is complete, you get reimbursed the cost of the product along with the exchange rate, tax, and a traveler’s fee (5 to 20 percent of the product price). If you’re a shopper, just submit the request for product and wait for a traveler Read More

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Must-Listen Podcasts No. 4: Filmspotting

For several years, Adam Kempenaar has kept the Filmspotting podcast growing strong. His knowledge of film is encyclopedic, and the different features on the show always spark lively discussion while bringing your attention to the films you should be watching instead of the endless stream of sequels and reboots out of Hollywood. (Not that he and current co-host Josh Larsen don’t have a soft spot for those, too.) This podcast offers Top 5s, Movie Marathon suggestions, and, perhaps the most favorite of all, Massacre Theater, where Adam and Josh act out a scene from a popular film and challenge their Read More

Smartphone Hacks: Use iPhone 5 Series As A Flashlight

This article is for the common smartphone user, who doesn’t know how to do certain things with their phone until faced with a situation where they actually need it. For those of you who already know, move along now! Recently at Taco Bell, my hand must have hit something to turn on the ultra-bright flashlight built in to my iPhone 5S. After fumbling around in the Settings for a bit trying to turn it off, I realized that I had no clue what I was doing. So I handed it to the kid behind the counter, and he didn’t either. Read More

Must-Listen Podcasts No. 3: The New Man Podcast

There aren’t many podcasts that can survive a whole seven years while keeping things fresh. That one of those podcasts is in the field of men’s interests, where it can start to feel like an echo chamber, is even more impressive. That’s why we have to recommend The New Man. Most of these segments won’t take up any more than an hour of your time, with some much shorter than that, so you can actually squeeze in an entire episode on the way to work. Topics include tips for getting out of a rut, thoughts on whether you have to Read More

Must-Listen Podcasts No. 2: Freakonomics Radio

Welcome to the second edition of our weekly look at must-listen podcasts. This week we’re focusing on Freakonomics Radio. I’ll level with you. Never in my life have I read the literature, but that’s liable to change now that I’ve sat down and torn through a couple of episodes of this series, now available on iTunes, Downcast and the web. Each edition looks at “the hidden side of everything” and opens countless doors to maximizing productivity. In the short time I’ve been listening, I’ve learned about why I should bribe my kid, how to fail without failing, and how data Read More