You Can Now Own Your Own R2-D2 Mini-Fridge

Your dream of owning your own R2-D2 droid has finally come true. A Japanese (of course it’s Japanese!) company has created the world’s first astromech mini-fridge which is fully capable of bringing Read More

Nico Gerard Just Perfected The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is cool and all, but it isn’t much of a timepiece. When you look at a guy (or gal) wearing one, your first thought is probably more along the Read More

Tesla’s Model X All-Electric SUV Is Almost Here

Tesla has long been known for its high-end sports cars and luxury sedans but did you know that they’re working on an SUV, too? The Model X will feature all-wheel drive powered Read More

NAO Wants To Be Your Cute Robot Pal

Personal robotics is more than just the stuff of nerds who watch too many sci-fi flicks. Its 2015 and the thought of having a robot assistance is becoming increasingly tangible. On the Read More

$8000 Buy

Is Gaming A Pain? Get Comfortable With The New Emperor 1510 Workstation

The life of a hardcore gamer can be a really pain in the neck. Literally. Luckily the folks at Modern Work Environment have decided to help alleviate gamer’s neck and back pains Read More

Eat and Play – An Extravagant Billiard-Dining Table

Any bachelor pad could use a billiard table for fun and entertainment. For those who would love a good game of pool, but enjoy modern and contemporary designing, the FusionTable will provide Read More

$8000 Buy

2014 Pro Rider Flyboard: Extreme Fun By Air And Sea

Can’t make up your mind whether to glide on the water or fly? It’s time you realized there’s nothing wrong with doing both. With the 2014 Pro Rider Flyboard, you can do Read More

$5850 Buy

TiVo Created A Monster: Meet Mega

TiVo isn’t kidding when they say they’ve created a monster. In this case, the monster is the TiVo Mega, and instead of chomping off your head, it’ll just hold you hostage and Read More

$5000 Buy