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Myro:Air: The Best In AirPlay Receivers

The Myro:Air is an AirPlay receiver, easily integrated with home automation and control systems. If you’re an unapologetic audiophile, then you may want to consider adding one to your home or office. Why? Allow us to count the reasons. There’s the Wolfson WM8741 DAC (digital-to-analog converter) found in many high-end standalone DACs. Now it’s possible to output great audio quality from AirPlay devices using Apple’s Lossless Codec processed through the best sounding DAC around. There’s the freedom of Airplay itself, which negates the need of syncing separate media servers. Just use your iOS device to AirPlay your favorite music, podcasts Read More

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M Spa Hot Tub: Gorgeous, Functional, Affordable

If you’re like us, you’ve always wanted a hot tub in your house or apartment, but were too broke in both money and space to justify the purchase. Well, you’ve obviously never met the M Spa Model B-110 Silver Cloud Hot Tub. (Don’t feel bad; neither had we until recently.) This must-have for your deck, sunroom, or patio, is crafted using premium three-layer laminated PVC and has a water capacity of 184 gallons. There are built in heaters as well as a patented, button-based control box for easy adjustment. Get yours through Amazon now for the low price of $674. Read More

OutRunner: Your Terrifying New Running Buddy

Need a running buddy, but aren’t that great at making friends? The OutRunner Robot from Robotics Unlimited can be your traveling companion. He’s lightweight, stylish, and he perfectly simulates running to a tee. Just how good is OutRunner? On a treadmill, he can go as high as 45 miles per hour; in the field, 25 miles per hour. (Needless to say, he’ll hose you.)  Add in a cool looking design and a somewhat terrifying spider-like appearance, and you’ve got the ultimate robot, through and through. The Kickstarter is currently underway with 16 days left to go. Get the barebones edition Read More

The Logger’s Lunchbox Is Truly ‘The Rest Of DSLR’

The Logger’s Lunchbox is a single device that combines intuitive audio handling, preamplification, metering and monitoring with a unified battery power system for everything. As the company states, this is “the rest of DSLR.” It features a 14-volt BP-U60 battery mount, a hot-swappable industry-standard 4 pin XLR input for any external power source, 2 XLR audio inputs and 2 balanced line outputs, along with switchable phantom power and a rugged 1/4″ headphone jack and volume control. For the two versions of the camera shipping from the Kickstarter, here’s what you can expect: For the Run-N-Gun ($699): A custom-designed rail system Read More

Mi World Frees You From The Cloud

Mi World is a portable media server that connects all your devices free and clear of the instability of cloud-based servers. That means it doesn’t matter what operating system you have going for yourself, you’ll be able to access files even without an Internet connection. No more paying high prices for storage and data transfer when you can just hold on to everything through this one portal. The Mi World fits in the palm of your hand, carries 64GB of storage, and is currently available on Indiegogo for the discounted price of $539 (down from the regular of $699). Delivery Read More

Find 7 Is A Smartphone On Steroids

Find 7 may seem like it has its work cut out for it doing battle with iPhone and the glut of Android phones vying for market share. However, it does feature some significant highlights that make it stand out from the competition. Reportedly, water droplets and normal gloves will not even impede interaction with the touchscreen display, which is kind of cool if you ask us, but not nearly as cool as what the screen itself has going on. And by that, we mean that it has the absolute highest resolution available with a Quad HD 5.5-inch display of 2560 Read More

AngelBlocks Creates The First Truly Smart Home

We’ve had gadgets for smart door locks and smart lighting systems, but nothing that covers the entire home with the same precision. (Until now, of course.) Introducing AngelBlocks, a new system that you can use to convert your house into a truly Smart Home. But just what does that mean? It means that if you leave and forget to turn off dangerous appliances, this does it for you. It can also make sure the garage door is shut, and make you aware of fixes you need to make around the house. Think: leaky toilet, plants that need watering, etc. It’ll Read More

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Run And Cycle At The Same Time With Halfbike

For the makers of Halfbike, it all started with a passion to optimize surroundings and an undeniable love for bicycles. “I started sketching different concepts for a simplified bike and soon reached a point where I needed to test these concepts in real life,” explained project creator Martin Angelov. “For some of the early prototypes I used old bicycles and parts I found at the attic. I was amazed how well people reacted to the idea and that made me want to keep up.” This resulted in a successful $81k+ Kickstarter funding campaign that just ended. Now the bikes are Read More