Meet The Smart Phone That Won CES 2015

As if the original LG G Flex wasn’t cool enough, LG decided to up the ante at CES 2015 by introducing its latest device: The G Flex 2. LG’s new phone is Read More

The Personal Robot Era Has Begun

There’s no doubt that personal robotics is finally becoming a thing. The folks over at Robotbase might just be posed to be the Apple Computer of a brand new market with their Read More

The Fujifilm X-A2 Is The Ultimate Selfie Camera

Want the ultimate selfie camera without having to use an awkward selfie stick? Check out the Fujifilm X-A2 which features a 175-degree flip screen designed to let you see what you’re shooting Read More

The Best Got Even Better: Zboard 2 Is Finally Here

Remember Zboard? The 2012 smash kickstarter hit promised to be the first weight-sending electric skateboard. Basically, riders lean forward on Zboard to accelerate and lean back to engage the brakes. Well, it’s Read More

The 3DHead GCS3 Headset Is The First “Oculus Killer”

CES 2015 marked the first time that we’ve seen devices which claim to be “Oculus Killers”, that is to say devices which hope to leap-frog the established virtual reality leader, the Oculus Read More

Vuzix M100 Google Glass Competitor Offers More Functionality At A Lower Price

If you’ve been dying to get Google Glass but have been unable to justify the hefty $1500 price tag then Vuzix hopes you’ll be won over by its new M100 smart glasses. Read More

Meet Luna, Your Personal Robot Assistant

It feels like science fiction has been promising us personal robots for decades now. From R2-D2 to Wall-E, robots have long been a part of our popular culture so where can I Read More

Apple’s CarPlay Has Landed With The Pioneer AppRadio 4

The first generation of Apple CarPlay systems has arrived. CarPlay, for those of you not in the know, is Apple’s connected car strategy which aims to provide easy access to your phone’s Read More

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