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SubSonex JSX-2

Run And Cycle At The Same Time With Halfbike

For the makers of Halfbike, it all started with a passion to optimize surroundings and an undeniable love for bicycles. “I started sketching different concepts for a simplified bike and soon reached a point where I needed to test these concepts in real life,” explained project creator Martin Angelov. “For some of the early prototypes I used old bicycles and parts I found at the attic. I was amazed how well people reacted to the idea and that made me want to keep up.” This resulted in a successful $81k+ Kickstarter funding campaign that just ended. Now the bikes are Read More

Play Music, HD Movies On All Devices With Tubecore Duo

Friends, if you have yet to be introduced to the joys of XBMC, there’s no better way to lose your virginity than through the Tubecore Duo speaker. What this is exactly, is a powerful Bluetooth-enabled speaker that runs your entire media center. It’s capable of connecting via Wi-Fi and playing both music and HD-quality movies on all your devices. Here’s a full list of the Duo’s features for you techies: Dual, Single Phase Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifiers 100 watt, Solid State Main Amp + Mono Block 30 watt Subwoofer Amp Twin 4″ Composite Cone, 50w Reference Drivers w/ Machined Aluminum Horns Read More

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Inergy Solar Generators: They Don’t Even Need Sun

Would you like a solar solution for powering your home and outdoor festivities? If so then you may want to stop by Kickstarter in the next two weeks and secure your very own Inergy Solar Generator. The Firefly generator and 10-watt solar panel starts at $200. The amount of power keeps increasing in cost until you peak at $1,600. (That’ll get ya the Home Base Pro with 135-watt accompaniment.) These solar generators are actually smaller versions of a home solar system with an onboard battery pack.  They enable the energy generated by the solar panels to be stored in vast Read More

Me-Mover: The Most Versatile City Transportation Ever

The Me-Mover takes mere minutes to learn, offering better ergonomics and posture, visibility, steering and exercise, than your typical scooter. With a unique, balanced three-wheeled design, this is definitely a smooth way to ride. Standing and stepping, the whole process feels natural allowing you to walk, jog, or race at bike speeds with control and balance. There is an answer here for every single way that we move throughout the city. Busy streets, bike lanes, park trails and even flea markets — Me-Mover negotiates them all seamlessly. If you would like to make one of these your own, you have Read More

Score A Virtual Knockout Whether Gaming Or Exercising

Ever wanted to knock a fool out, but didn’t want to risk getting knocked out yourself? Today you’re in luck because we have the Virtual Knockout System. You can play it either as a traditional video game or as a full body workout system. Here’s how it works: A virtual trainer throws lefts, rights and overhead mitts along a 3D path and you have to tap on either side when they reach a specified target area. Overhead mitts are a different color and shape and require a downward thumb slide in order to duck and avoid a point deduction penalty.  Read More

Sony Xperia Z2: A Pioneer Of 4K

Sony is looking to shake up the smartphone market in a big way with the release of their Xperia Z2 and what experts believe will be May of this year. Perhaps the most incredible thing about this foray into the market is the phone’s ability to shoot in 4K resolution. The Android-based phone probably will not arrive in the United States until a few months after the European release. speculated earlier this week on prices in a number of first run countries, stating that the pricing pattern would be pretty much in line with the Xperia 1 standard. If Read More

Build Your Own Ewok Forest

Ever wanted to build your own Ewok forest? If so, there is a new Indiegogo campaign for you. A Burbank-based toy enthusiast has taken it upon himself to fashion some highly authentic pieces that will place you right back into Return of the Jedi action. A basic set comes with a trunk, a hut, a tree-topper, a base, and six rails. This basic tree hut set can be yours for just $50. But if you want to get more elaborate and go with the ultimate forest set, then prepare to pay quite a bit more ($777 to be exact). While Read More

Copenhagen Wheel: New Hill-Flattening Bike Technology

What do you get when you cross MIT technology with one of the biker-friendly cities in the world? A proven concept that is now ready for pre-order, that’s what! The Copenhagen Wheel — named for the city of Copenhagen — can almost effortlessly convert your bike into an electric bike, and all you have to do to make it happen is replace the back wheel on your bike with the Copenhagen. As you pedal, the CW stores the energy you’re producing in the motorized wheel. In a brief amount of time, you’ll have hill flattening power that you can use Read More

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