ASUS Gaming Monitor Will Blow You Away

We usually don’t go in for badly named products with seemingly random letters and numbers thrown together for a name, but the ROG SWIFT PG278Q from ASUS can’t be ignored. This beauty Read More

The Vapor Iron Family Drops This Halloween

Leave it to Nike to come out with an expensive set of must-have irons right before the holidays. Launching on October 31, the Vapor Iron series comes to finer sporting goods stores Read More

AirEnergy 3D Puts The Power Of A Wind Turbine In Your Pack

Most of the inStash audience lives in the good ol’ U, S, of A, so we don’t think about energy that much until the power goes out. But maybe we should change Read More

Virtualizer: The Future Of VR Gaming Is Here

The Virtualizer has just made virtual reality gaming a lot cooler than it’s ever been. We were already getting excited about the possibilities through Sony’s headset and the Oculus Rift, but with Read More

The Outdoor Strider: A Great Indoor Workout, Even Outdoors

This exercise machine is designed to withstand the elements and provides a low impact workout outdoors. The strider possesses a sturdy steel frame, stainless steel hardware, and an exterior coating that resists Read More

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$600 Buy

NightSUP For the Nighttime Paddle Board Enthusiast

If you’ve never given the recreational sport of paddle boarding a try, you may not want to start at night. At least, not without NightSUP in your corner. These custom paddle boards Read More

$499 Buy

Schedule A Chopper Ride? Sure, There’s An App For That!

Well, our smartphones have officially “gone there.” With an app for both Apple and Google Play, you can now book your own helicopter ride. (The app’s free; the ride’s not.) Yes, providing Read More

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$575 Buy

Dry-Age Meat At Home With Your Very Own Steaklocker

Steaklocker is the world’s first chef inspired fridge that professionally and safely dry ages prime steaks at home saving 70 percent on current steak prices. Currently US prices for dry age steaks range from Read More