The Roomba 980 Is The Best Robotic Vacuum. Ever.

Robot vacuums aren’t exactly new. They’ve been around for nearly two decades now. Chances are if you haven’t invested in them it’s probably because of one of the following: You view robots Read More

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iPad Mini 4 Wants To Be Your Favorite Reading Tablet

Apple announced a whole bunch of products last week but the one potential sleeper hit amongst them is definitely the iPad Mini 4. Originally launched back in 2012, the first Mini surprised Read More

OpenROV’s Trident Is An Incredible Submersible Drone

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past couple of years then you probably know what a drone is. You know, those autonomous or radio-controlled flying devices which can allow Read More

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iPad Pro Is Apple’s Answer To Microsoft’s Surface

Listen up working professionals: Apple wants you to buy their latest iPad. Unlike previous iPads which have been designed in Cupertino, the new iPad Pro is being positioned as a legitimate content Read More

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Apple’s iPhone 6S Is The Best Phone To Ever Be Designed In Cupertino

It’s that time of the year. Apple has a new iPhone and this time the only thing that has changed is everything, according to Apple that is. So what exactly does that Read More

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Wood Kubb Is The Computer Which Steve Jobs Should Have Built

Say what you will about the guy, Steve Jobs had vision. And that vision included creating a silent out-of-the-way computer which would be closer to a work of art than it would Read More

Get A Killer Shirt, Mug, Rug, Or Whatever at Society6

Are you the sort of guy who wants only the finest in life? Then we recommend heading on over to Society6 where you’ll be able to buy a whole range of stuff Read More

You’ll Want To Buy Dell’s Chromebook 13

Chromebook design sucks. Despite some outliers like the original Cr-48 and the Pixel, the truth is that Chromebooks just can’t hold a candle to their more expensive PC and Mac counterparts. Until Read More