Strengthen Your Back With Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable fitness tracker which does something few other fitness trackers do, it tracks your posture. The Lumo Lift sits against your body and uses the combination of Read More

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Google Makes A Splash Into The Living Room

Remember Google TV? How about the Nexus Q? Google is hoping you don’t as they launch their Google Nexus Player and Android TV. The Nexus Player is a small flat, hockey puck-shaped Read More

Carbon Flyer Video Drone

As far as drone designs go, the Carbon Flyer Video Drone is one of the best. It is designed to look like an airplane and the video drone is in a variety Read More

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The modelTwo Is A Vaping Experience With Real Tobacco

Trying to find an experience between smoking and vaping? Ploom modelTwo is probably the closest thing you can come to that. With it’s slim, high-quality plastic shell this is one of the Read More

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MyDNATest: The Paternity Testing Breakthrough

Sponsored Post Paternity Testing using DNA samples has been widely used in United States and in different parts of the world. This method proves to be very helpful in assisting fathers towards Read More

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Band Smarter – Razer Unleashes a Band like No Other

Razer is known for producing some impressive devices and software. After announcing they were innovating a unique wearable, Razer Nabu was unveiled and will finally be available early December 2014. Featuring an Read More

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Phase Out the Fuzz – Ultimate Body Groomer from Sharper Image

Sponsored Post Remember when shaving use to be such a chore? The glops of cream, the grimaces and mutters as the stubborn stubble wouldn’t smooth away. The shaving tool game has stepped Read More

Extreme Fliers’ Micro Drone 2.0

The Micro Drone 2.0 is the successor to the very popular Quad-Copter. Its maker, Extreme Fliers, managed to design the drone to a size that is smaller than the palm of your Read More

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