Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 5 Masterpiece Just A Month Away

Metal Gear Solid 4 may have seen the end of Solid Snake but that doesn’t mean that the iconic gaming franchise is done by any means. Now following the story of Punished Read More

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Motorola Announces New Moto Pulse And Moto Surround Headphones

Motorola’s had a pretty huge week this week. Hot on the heels of several phone announcements, the Lenovo-owned company is also releasing two new headphones aimed at Beats lovers as well as Read More

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Charge Your Devices With Solar Paper!

Solar charging technology has historically been plagued by devices which are either large and cumbersome or small and inefficient. Until now. Meet Solar Paper, the world’s first solar charging solution which is Read More

Insteon Hopes To be Your Smart Home Solution

It’s been almost a year since Apple released HomeKit, their attempt to power everyone’s future smart home. For those of you not in the know, HomeKit basically makes it so that your Read More

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Boost Your Car’s IQ With Drivebot

If you’re like most geeks in 2015 then you want to quantify everything. From how many steps you’ve made to how much money you’ve saved by installing a smart thermostat, we want Read More

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Apple Releases New iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Touch

Remember Mp3 players? You know, those music playing devices that were all the rage just a decade ago? Well, if you’re like most people then you haven’t used one in what feels Read More

You’ll Love Mott & Bow’s Perfect-Fit Premium Handcrafted Jeans

Sponsored Post If you’re like most guys then chances are you don’t even think about the jeans you’re wearing. You probably go to the store, select a pair of jeans at near-random, Read More

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These Are The Best Styluses Ever Created

Steve Jobs did two important things back in 2007. First of all, he launched the iPhone which ended up revolutionizing the entire smartphone market but he also did another thing which he Read More