Meet The New Skateboard Reinvented For A Postmodern Era

It may not be a hoverboard but the Hammacher Schlemmer’s Sidewinding Circular Skates are pretty much as close to a 21st century post-modernist reinterpretation of the skateboard as we’re going to get Read More

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Meet The New Lumia 430 – a $70 Smartphone Running Windows

Microsoft is aggressively pursuing the low-end smartphone space today with its Lumia 430. Retailing for just over $70, this is definitely the most affordable Lumia smartphone to date and perhaps one of Read More

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Improve Your Walking Posture With Arki

Walking isn’t as simple as you think. Although you’ve been doing it your whole life, you probably aren’t walking properly. By wearing Arki, you could correct your improper walking posture and start Read More

Podo Is The Anti-Selfie Stick

Let’s say you want to take a picture of yourself. Until now you could either awkwardly aim the camera at yourself for a traditional selfie, or you could get a better angle Read More

Xiaomi’s Yi May Just Dethrone The GoPro

Move over GoPro, Chinese startup Xiaomi has just entered the action-cam game. Wait, what’s GoPro got to be afraid of? They have a near-monopoly on the market right? Well, that’s right for Read More

Stop Others From Snooping On Your Internet Activity With Anonabox

It’s a scary world out there. “Good guys” and “Bad guys” alike are likely snooping on your internet collection and seeing exactly how much embarrassing fan fiction you’re reading. Luckily there’s Anonabox, Read More

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Get Into Shape With This LED-Embedded Smart Jump Rope

Meet Smart Rope, the LED-embedded jump rope that pairs with your smartphone! Designed to be a part of the Smart Gym platform, this device incorporates the natural motion of the jump rope Read More

Forget Using Keys, Start Using Your Smartphone To Enter Your Home

Leave your keys behind and start locking and unlocking your phone with Sesame! Sesame is a key replacement device which fits on your lock in just seconds. There’s no need to remove Read More