Star Wars Battlefront Is Looking Like Solid GOTY Material

Are you ready for what will undoubtedly be the most impressive Star Wars game of all time? Shown off at last month’s E3 video games conference, Star Wars Battlefront is a modern Read More

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Fable Legends Is A Unique D&D-Style Co-op Experience

The wait is finally over. Five years after the release of the last Fable game, Lionhead is finally giving us the sequel we’ve been holding out for. Well, kinda. Fable Legends isn’t Read More

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Don’t Let Those Eureka Moments Pass You By With Myle Tap

Sometimes your best thoughts come at the least expected moments. You’ve probably felt frustration before as these Eureka moments are inevitably lost to time due to the lack of a proper means Read More

Build Your Own Mario Levels With Mario Maker

Have you ever dreamed about making your own Mario game? Soon you’ll be able to with Mario Maker, a game which actually allows you to design your own Super Mario Brothers levels. Read More

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Archos Releases New HDMI PC Stick

French device maker Archos is the latest in a long list of computer companies to jump on the PC-on-a-stick trend. The flash-drive-sized device can connect to any HDMI port and turn your Read More

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Mass Effect Andromeda To Release In Spring 2016

No matter how your Mass Effect 3 game ended, the Reapers are no longer a threat to galactic civilization. So where does the franchise go from here? Into the Andromeda galaxy of Read More

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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Takes The Series To New Heights

It’s that time of the year again : a new Assassin’s Creed game has been announced. Now if you’ve played Assassin’s Creed: Unity then you may have been turned off from the Read More

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Master Your Dreams With The LU-KIT

Ever hear of lucid dreaming? It’s literally being able to realize that you’re dreaming and thus taking control of the course of your dream. Instead of suffering that embarrassing nightmare where you’re Read More