Smart Phone? Smart Watch? Smart Kettle?! Yep, Meet Miito.

We ‘Muricans aren’t too used to the whole Kettle thing. We’re much more likely to just put a mug in the microwave to get boiling water for the few times when we Read More

Save Money With The GoFar Smart Car Computer

Want to visit the gas station less often? Who doesn’t! Now with GoFar you can know exactly how much your car is costing you and how your driving is impacting the price Read More

Musio Is A Real Life Personal Learning Robot

Artificial Intelligence is here. Luckily for us pudgy humans, the world’s first artificially intelligent robot isn’t designed to enslave us and use our biokinetic energy to power a simulation of 1999-era earth. Read More

Finally A Gadget That Will Lower Your Energy Bill

We have so many gadgets and gizmos in our homes today that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of which ones are being charged and which aren’t. Ivan Pasichnyk, CEO of Read More

Halo Is The World’s Most Complete Smoke Detector

Move over Nest, Halo wants to take the smart smoke detector throne. Like the Nest Protect, Halo can connect to your smartphone and other smart devices and like Nest Protect, it’ll warn Read More

TZOA Is The World’s First Wearable Enviro-Tracker

People are finally becoming aware of the fact that the air around them is far from clean. In order to help you identify and avoid areas with potentially high amounts of pollution Read More

Lose Inches Off Your Waistline With Slendertone

It’s nearly that time of the year. Beach time. If you’re overweight or maybe just “skinny-fat” you may often be ashamed of taking your shirt off in front of all of those Read More

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Battlefield Hardline Gets “Criminal Activity” Expansion

Battlefield Hardline is getting its first of four sequels next month. Entitled “Criminal Activity”, the expansion will feature four fast-paced new maps (Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday), two new Read More

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