The Lighter That Needs No Spark

Ever heard of a Catalytic Lighter? Apparently in the old days of smoking, magic smoker people were able to make flames without any sparks. They did it using this device, pictured above Read More

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Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB

Western Digital is one of the most highly respected names in the world of portable storage, and with products like the My Passport Ultra 1TB model, it’s also one of the cheapest. Read More

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Keys-To-Go: Spillproof Bluetooth Keyboarding For The Apple Crowd

Need a Bluetooth keyboard for your Apple products but aren’t crazy about spending serious coin on something that is one coffee spill away from destruction? Well, you could either stop drinking coffee Read More

Klatu Barada Nikto! Introducing The Necronomicon iPad-Tablet Cover

From the moment you first lay eyes on the Necronomicon in the original Evil Dead film, you know the so-called “book of the dead” is something special. Bound in human flesh and inked Read More

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Spartan Warrior Knife Block

You may never be able to enjoy the CGI six-pack abs of the heroes in 300, but you can darn sure have the same kitchen cutlery as we’re sure they had. This Read More

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Bluelounge Sanctuary4 Charging Station

The Bluelounge Sanctuary4 charging station may not seem essential to all normal life functions, but as with your smartphone, you’ll probably feel differently once you actually get a chance to utilize it. The Read More

Linjer: Fine Leather Goods Without The Markup

Nothing that says sophisticated American male quite like a fine set of leather accessories, and that’s exactly what you will get it with Linjer. The company launched an IndieGogo campaign earlier this Read More

Fetch Captures The World From Your Dog’s POV

Always wondered how the world looks to your doggie? Wonder no more! The folks at GoPro have developed an interesting set of accessories to go with their action camera, and one of Read More

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