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Ride Safer At Night With The Commuter X4 LED Bike Light

The Commuter X4 from Veglo Lights is a wearable, fiber optic rear bike light that helps drivers judge distance, width and speed of cyclists. A second place finisher at Britain’s Inventors’ Project from the Gadget Show Live 2014, this item could really make a splash in bicycle safety and save lives in the process. The central light is a super bright LED chip and the fibre optics run off LEDs. The transparent diffuser lens, made from a polycarbonate injection moulding, disperses and refracts light to prevent dazzling other road users. There are two brightness settings on the central piece (30 Read More

The Smart Jean Marries Denim, Sweatpants Into One Superpant!

The Smart Jean is a magnificent new kind of pant that looks like a jean but feels like your favorite pair of sweatpants. The material is specially knitted for the company, so you’ll play heck finding something like this from a competitor. Knees and waist won’t stretch out, waist doesn’t come down in the back, and you get a full 360-degree range of motion. Robert and Angela Kim are the brilliant team behind it. If they weren’t already married to each other, we’d ask ‘em both. This is something us lazy folk have been looking for a long, long time. Read More

Say Goodbye To The Tuxedo Shop Forever With The Black Tux

Do you want or need to be saved from tux rental hell? If so, then you may want to try the Black Tux, a new online rental service that allows you to be fully suited and ready to rock for almost $1,100 less than what it would cost you to buy the tux in a department store. That’s right. For just $95 in many cases, you can secure the perfect look for that upcoming wedding (or funeral, depending on who died). The only thing that the Black Tux folks need are a good set of measurements and a method of Read More

Amazon Fire TV Is Finally Here

Amazon Fire TV was announced this week, making official the streaming box plans that we’ve all been anticipating for the last year or so. Taking a quick look at the $99 device, we’ve got to say it does have a few things going for it. Firstly, the gaming experience here is much more extensive than what you’ll get via Roku. And while I’m an Apple TV guy, I’ll be the first to admit that a lack of gaming options on the current box is something of a travesty. Amazon’s new box also includes its Prime catalog, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Read More

Wolfenstein: The New Order – In. Freakin. Tense. [Trailer]

Gotta be honest: I did not think a video game could ratchet up the same level of intensity as, say, a Quentin Tarantino film. <cough Inglourious Basterds cough cough> However, Wolfenstein: The New Order manages to do just that with its newly released clip entitled “On a Train to Berlin” (for obvious reasons once you see it). In the brief clip, Bethesda has put our hero, B.J. Blazkowicz head-to-head with Frau Engel, one of the game’s major villains. The scene here is somewhat reminiscent, though abbreviated, of the Inglourious Basterds opening wherein QT builds suspense on the way to something Read More

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3D-Print Our Own Chocolate? Why The Heck Not!

Printing your own chocolate shapes for less than $99 — well, that and the price of the chocolate? Madness! Yet that’s exactly what the new Chocabyte 3D printer can do for you. The really cool thing about this device is that you don’t have to know the first thing about CAD to come up with your own edible designs. You can even snap a pic on your smartphone and feed it to the machine for output. The only downside: your creations are going to be quite small at just 2-by-2-by-1 inches. However, considering its competition sells for thousands of dollars, Read More

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The Backpack Reimagined — Waterproof And Fully Submersible

Nowadays, it’s tough to break free from civilization and the devices that connect us to it, even when we’re planning a rugged weekend getaway. That’s where this completely submersible, waterproof backpack from Overboard comes in handy. Made with fully welded seamless construction of PVC coated 600D nylon, the bag features a large outer mesh side pocket and a top carry handle as well as a large front mesh zip pocket and internal zip pocket. Additionally, there’s a comfortable back panel with air-flow design, padded shoulder straps and lumbar support, and a full 20- or 30-liter capacity, your choice. Price shown Read More

Tmat Secures Your Cargo On The Move

Ever had a trip home from the grocery store or perhaps a moving day go south all because some idiot pulls out in front of you or stops suddenly causing you to slam on the brakes? Whenever that happens, you can just hear your stuff going everywhere. Thankfully, Tmat is here to help with a modular mat that you can be put together for all your cargo — whether you’re driving a trailer or an enclosed vehicle. Simply fix it in the shape you want it to go — as in a truck bed, for example — then secure your Read More