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Top 31 Cars Under $100,000

Finding high performance cars for under $100,000 is no easy task, but that’s no longer an issue because we’ve done the hard work for you. Looking back over the past year we’ve compiled a list of rides that would definitely be in the garage if we were Jay Leno on a budget. So fasten your seat-belts, friends, and take a ride with us in the Top 31 Cars Under $100,000. Let’s get started!

Meet The Tri Glide: It’s Harley-Davidson, Japan Style!

The Tri Glide Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson represents a new (potentially giant) step forward for the hog-maker extraordinaire. Seeing untapped potential in the Japanese market, the company has decided to move ahead with a three-wheeled motorbike accessible to a demographic that may not be as familiar or embracing of the standard cycle. This particular ride provides enough stability so a standard motorist will not have to gain a special license to operate it. Anyone in Japan who can drive a car, can drive this. They’re approved for the highways and fit nicely in a standard parking spot. Furthermore, they’re pretty easy Read More

Tranquility Pod Lets You Say Bye-Bye World For Solid Sack Time

Products featured by inStash can certainly be thought of in combination, composing a collage of luxury or weirdness.  This item may call for some  a good book, a portable snack, and some duct tape.  Meet the tranquility pod, a sound canceling bubble with a waterbed: an igloo without the ice, a man cave without the deadly chemicals in the air. One seems to plug an i-pod or whatnot into the thing, getting in return gentle music all around, even vibrating through the bed.  Further, it has a pulse-sensing biofeedback thingamajingy that somehow synchronizes one’s heart rate with light.  Worth a Read More

$30000 Buy

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

HD projectors give you flexibility as to where you watch TV and help you save on the cost of an expensive television, but they can also look strange in the middle of the room and require you to keep the space free between it and the wall or screen. The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector solves those issues while letting you enjoy TV in the highest possible consumer-level resolution. This projector sits inside of sleek white aluminum cabinet that also holds speakers and storage space for your home-entertainment components and accessories. It sits close to the wall to avoid Read More

NOMAD Crams A Lot Of Living Into 100 Square Feet

An incredibly odd thing about the current generation of youth and people my age that aren’t quite old but aren’t exactly moving around as good as we used to: we prefer smaller homes. While our parents and grandparents all aspired to have a huge 10,000-square foot home, we’re staying in our apartments or buying our tiny houses or minimizing our lives as much as possible. Only in this age could something like the NOMAD Micro Homes become a reality, and now it has. NOMAD Micro Homes consist of a 10-foot by 10-foot living space that packs a place to sleep, Read More

Apple MacPro RED

You won’t find this beauty on the Apple website. Not for sale anyway. But if you head over to Sotheby’s, you may be able to bid your $40,000 to $60k and end up securing a brand new Apple MacPro RED of your own. This lovely lady is engineered with extruded aluminum and stands at about 9 7/8 inches in height. Its diameter is 6 5/8 inches. As far as we know, it’s the only one of its kind, hence the ridiculous-but-not-too-ridiculous-to-keep-us-from-buying-it-if-we-had-the-money price tag. If you’re not familiar with the new Apple MacPro, then you really should read our summary of Read More

The Hitter System

When you’ve been watching UFC as long as we have, you like seeing former fighters branch out and make something of themselves after their competition days are behind them. Such is the case with Brad Kohler, a two-time UFC vet, who appeared in UFC 22. (Looong time ago, folks.) Kohler’s The Hitter System has developed a revolutionary design for improving strength, hand speed, and technique. There’s a speed bag, a heavy hitter, and a combo hitter, all of which can be mounted to the wall, so you don’t need floor space or even a training partner. Only a little bit Read More

$3300 Buy

The BBQ Donut

The BBQ Donut is for you and nine of your closest friends. If you’ve ever been upset that you had to get off the water to go and cook up some burgers, then this is your official problem solver. It allows you to float the lake, throw some patties on the grill, and cook until your heart is content. The seats contain more than enough storage space underneath, so you can be assured that you’ve left nothing out of the cookout equation. The grill itself is a low smoke charcoal kettle grill, which means the only thing that will get Read More

$30000 Buy