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Go-Float Boat Brings Electric To The Water Better Than Anyone

The Go-Float Vector is one of four in the company’s line of electric boats and one of the only electric planing boats in existence. While it isn’t considered the company’s “bestseller,” it definitely brings the goods in the usability department with speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and 10 hours of cruising time before ever needing a recharge. It’s 100 percent electric and powered by lithium, and it isn’t too shabby in the looks department either. Specifically, the Vector is driven by an inboard, liquid cooled, brushless AC motor powered by a lightweight 72v rechargeable lithium ion battery Read More

Kaleidescape Cinema One: Proof Hollywood Can Screw Up Anything

The Kaleidescape Cinema One could be a good idea, we suppose, if it wasn’t marred by a bunch of idiotic legalities from stupid Hollywood. On paper, the thing sounds great (until you get to the price tag, or course): it automatically copies all your DVD and Blu-ray movies the moment that you insert them into the player — well, almost. It takes about two hours to do Blu and 25 minutes for standard DVD. (No compression on either, so what you see on the disc is what you get on the player.) Unfortunately, the Blu-ray function has a really stupid Read More

Samsung Smart Fridge: Never Miss Another Expiration Date

Smartphones, smart wallets, smart cars — we suppose it was only a matter of time before they made a smart refrigerator. And who better to bring about such an invention than the wizards at Samsung? The Samsung T-9000 Four-Door is the fridge that will keep tabs on what you have, what you’re out of, and when certain foods and drinks are set to expire, all sent your way via push notification to an app on the ol’ smartphone.  With a storage capacity of up to 900L, you’ll be able to keep more food on-hand and know exactly what you need Read More

$4000 Buy

DIWire Desktop Wire Bender: A Gadget You Didn’t Realize You Needed

Get bent…wire that is. The DIWire is the first CNC-wire bender that works with your desktop. You might be asking yourself why you would need to bend wire. Well, you can use bent wire in art, small crafts, and furniture. Businesses can make signs from bent wire, and medical professionals can use it in surgical implants. The advent of 3D printers, with their ability to cut 2D plastic forms with lasers and assemble into three-dimensional objects, represented a big technological advancement. With the DIWire, you draw curved wire forms on software on your computer, connect the wire-bending apparatus, load the Read More

Kinetic Desk

The Kinetic Desk from Stir Works is so smart that it tells you when to stop working. It does this by learning your patterns and allowing you to set your standing goals. If you’re sitting too much, it can nudge you towards a healthier position. If you feel like you could use an adjustment, you can always just double-tap the touchscreen on the corner, and the desk will alter to a new position. Stir Works has equipped the desk with a combination of AC and USB power via discretely hidden ports within the desk itself. It also comes with on Read More

$4000 Buy


The only thing that has kept yours truly from entering the home brewing fray is the fact that I am one lazy, impatient son of a gun. Home-brewing (in the past) has come with its share of unpleasant experiences that I’d rather just avoid. Now thanks to the Brewbot, I can have my cake and drink it, too. The Brewbot worries about all the things that I hate dealing with — proper measurements, timing, temperature precision — so my mind can focus on the fun part of brewing, and that’s the actual ingredients. It also syncs up with your iOS Read More

QUQUQ Campingbox Conversion Kit

We’re cuckoo for the QUQUQ Campingbox Conversion Kit around here, and once you hear all the features we’re pretty sure that you’ll feel the same way. This contraption can convert almost any SUV into the ultimate camping unit, complete with a kitchen and bed and installation in under one minute. The bed folds out easy with a handle and boasts a super comfortable cold foam mattress. The kitchen is completely ready for use and boasts a two-flame stove, 20 liters of fresh water, a sink, a workspace, and a storage area. With durability and functionality in one slick package, the Read More

$2900 Buy


The Golfboard is a new concept that could soon become a reality if the Kickstarter is funded in the next nine days. The project was created by Mike Radenbaugh of Davis, California, and is close to halfway to its target with more than $46k as of this morning. We can see why golfers want to make this a reality. With power, braking, and easy controls, you can zip between courses, speeding up the game while causing less wear and tear on the greens. Best of all, you don’t even have to carry your clubs. (There’s a place for them.) Aside Read More