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Pavlok May Be ‘Shocking,’ But It Could Mean A Healthier You

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TUSA SAV-7 EVO Scooter: Take A Cruise With Two Of Your Best Buds

The TUSA SAV-7 EVO Scooter is a step up from the highly popular SAV-7, featuring several upgrades to make it the heir apparent to the diving scooter throne. Its progressive acceleration system includes rotational speed adjustment to allow for precise speed changes while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and lends itself to easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions. A LED battery indicator lights up providing the diver with a guide to remaining battery life whenever the device is switched on. Additionally, the three-speed Read More

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Now This Is A Smart Cloud

From artist Richard Clarkson comes this 24″ x 14″ x 12″ piece of electrical art that provides your room with a lovely cloud aesthetic while also dropping in a welcome dose of functionality. The Smart Cloud features an eye-popping visual display, complete with color changing lights, speakers, motion detection, and more.   With your Bluetooth-connected device, you can listen to your music catalog while the lights pulsate to the beat. It’s also a perfect complement to the age we live in since most of our info is stored in a virtual one. Other Cloud variants include the Lamp Only and Satellite-add-on Read More

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The Water Hoverboard: No Summer Is Complete Without It

Sixteen is the magic number. With the Water Hoverboard, you can zip across the water at 16 miles per hour and scale 16 feet off the surface of the deep, all thanks to a jet attached to the rear. True, it’s kind of cheating when compared to what we envisioned in Back to the Future Part II, but as long as we’re flying high, who cares? The pricing on this starts at around $2,675 — that’s for the hoverboard standalone. For $5,850, you get the complete kit, and for the combined price of $8,325, you can go all out, nabbing Read More

Gi Bike: Stay Connected To Your City

The Gi Bike connects you to your city like no other mode of transportation. This electric folding bicycle can go 40+ miles on a single charge, allowing you to zip around town faster without removing the option of going manual (in case you feel like getting a little more exercise). At less than 38 pounds, it’s light as a feather and the easy folding action makes it super easy to store. Last but not least, there’s a smartphone app that allows you to get Live Statistics measuring calories burned, speed, time, mileage, and much more. You can pick up a Read More

JAG Grill: Now This Is How You Barbecue

You’ve heard it said that too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing, but today we have a table/grilling area that challenges the notion. Introducing the JAG Grill, an octagon-shaped eating and grilling area that accommodates up to eight people with a total diameter of seven feet. The stainless steel grilling racks remove for easier storage and cleaning and the grill dome contains the fire and allows for the easy addition of wood or coal. Built strong for a lifetime of use, the JAG Grill is a design marvel that belongs in any backyard, at least for those Read More

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Go-Float Boat Brings Electric To The Water Better Than Anyone

The Go-Float Vector is one of four in the company’s line of electric boats and one of the only electric planing boats in existence. While it isn’t considered the company’s “bestseller,” it definitely brings the goods in the usability department with speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and 10 hours of cruising time before ever needing a recharge. It’s 100 percent electric and powered by lithium, and it isn’t too shabby in the looks department either. Specifically, the Vector is driven by an inboard, liquid cooled, brushless AC motor powered by a lightweight 72v rechargeable lithium ion battery Read More

Kaleidescape Cinema One: Proof Hollywood Can Screw Up Anything

The Kaleidescape Cinema One could be a good idea, we suppose, if it wasn’t marred by a bunch of idiotic legalities from stupid Hollywood. On paper, the thing sounds great (until you get to the price tag, or course): it automatically copies all your DVD and Blu-ray movies the moment that you insert them into the player — well, almost. It takes about two hours to do Blu and 25 minutes for standard DVD. (No compression on either, so what you see on the disc is what you get on the player.) Unfortunately, the Blu-ray function has a really stupid Read More

Samsung Smart Fridge: Never Miss Another Expiration Date

Smartphones, smart wallets, smart cars — we suppose it was only a matter of time before they made a smart refrigerator. And who better to bring about such an invention than the wizards at Samsung? The Samsung T-9000 Four-Door is the fridge that will keep tabs on what you have, what you’re out of, and when certain foods and drinks are set to expire, all sent your way via push notification to an app on the ol’ smartphone.  With a storage capacity of up to 900L, you’ll be able to keep more food on-hand and know exactly what you need Read More

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