Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car With CarVi

Jealous of all of the newer cars coming out on the market which include collision detection, lane change alerts, and a myriad of other doodads and sensors? Don’t fret it, CarVi is Read More

HiFi-Skÿn Is The Ultimate iPhone Case For Audiophiles

If you’re an audiophile you’re undoubtedly disappointed in your iPhone’s built in speakers. They’re just so tiny and the sound doesn’t ever get louder than what your grandmother would be comfortable with. Read More

Commodore Is Back With Its Own Smartphone

The Commodore brand name has been trying to make a comeback in the public’s consciousness for the past 20 years. Way back in 2004, it was a TV-Game joystick and more recently Read More

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Meet Your Future Robotic ‘Buddy’

Let it be known to everyone that the age of personal robotics is here. When future historians look back on 2015 they’ll surely note it as the beginning of a personal robotics Read More

ZTE Launches Axon Flagship Smartphone In The States

We’ve been feeling a lot of phone-envy directed at China lately. It seems that all of the best phones and phablets on the market right now are coming out on the other Read More

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Oppo Just Made A Luxury Phone That Actually Feels And Looks Luxurious

Oppo has been making some pretty incredible smartphones lately. After releasing the world’s thinnest smartphone late last year, the China-based consumer electronics manufacturer is back with the Mirror 5, its newest Android Read More

You’ll Soon Be Able To Charge Your Electric Car At Home With ChargePoint

After years of seeing what Tesla and its competitors have been brewing up, you’ve finally decided to get an electric car and see what all the fuss is about. Great! You’ve just Read More

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Can Time Be Tactile? With Eone Time It Is!

It’s hard to think of a ruder gesture than looking down at your watch. At best it signals impatience, at worst just plain boredom. No matter which, it’s sure to make those Read More

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