Meet Rufus Cuff, A Powerful Wrist-Mounted Computer

People who are looking into buying a smart watch usually fall into two categories: those who want an elegant, watch-like product and those who want a wrist-mounted mini-computer. If you find yourself Read More

Become a Jedi With Sixense’s STEM VR-Compatible Motion Controller

If you’re anything like us then you’ve been wanting to wield your very own lightsaber for a very very long time now. Thanks for the folks over at Sixense and the wonders Read More

Sulon Cortex Was The Best Virtual Reality Headset We Saw At CES

If CES 2015 was any indication, it seems like this year will truly be the year of head-mounted virtual reality devices. One such device is the Sulon Cortex, a device which actually Read More

$499 Buy

Branto Is A New Kind Of Virtual Assistant, Giving You Real Peace Of Mind

Ever worry about your home’s security while you’re on vacation? Maybe you have a temperamental pet that just won’t behave while you’re away at work? Or you might’ve just lost the remote. Read More

Relieve All Of Your Stress With The iDream3 Head And Eye Massager

iDream3 is the ultimate head massager. At first glance, it looks much like the Oculus Rift or one of the other virtual reality headsets so popular at CES 2015 but in reality Read More

$329 Buy

Feel Like A Powerful Gadget-Controlling Wizard With Logbar

Logbar is the one ring to rule them all, well at least your electronic devices. Logbar is magical and using it will make you feel like some kind of gadget-controlling wizard. How Read More

Muse Will Help You Master Your Mind

The human brain is an organ that functions very much like a muscle in one simple way: if you don’t use it, you lose it. What if you could train yourself for Read More

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Bragi Dash Is CES’ Best New Wireless EarBuds

Run by the former head of design at Harman Kardon, Bragi might not be well known just yet but it definitely comes from a place known for its great design and audio Read More

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