ASUS ZenFone 2 Is An Inexpensive Smartphone Powerhouse

ASUS wants to challenge the notion that a phone has to cost more than $300 to be considered ‘good’. The ASUS ZenFone 2 is a low-cost (at $299 off-contract) smartphone powerhouse which Read More

Analogue Nt Just Made The Most Awesome Looking NES Ever

Are you a retro gamer with a lot of money to spend? Then why not treat yourself to the most luxurious retro gaming experience ever: The Analogue Nt. Made out of a Read More

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Get A Full-Sized Chromebook Experience With Acer’s Chromebook 15

When most of us think of a Chromebook we think of a Netbook which is running Chrome OS software. While this may have been true of most Chromebooks in the past (The Read More

The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Is Canonical’s 3rd Ubuntu Phone

It seems that Ubuntu will stop at nothing in order to penetrate the smartphone market. In order to take on established giants like Apple and Google, Canonical is teaming up with Chinese Read More

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Meet The Lumia 940 XL, Microsoft’s Next-Gen Phone

Listen up Microsoft fans, there’s a new Lumia phone coming. Dubbed the 940 XL, the latest addition in the Lumia family of smartphones will include a high-tech iris scanner which is meant Read More

Live Your Farming Dream With Saitek’s New Peripheral

For many of us, there’s just something about living off the land which is extremely appealing. Even so, we know that we’ve been so conditioned by the comforts of modern society that Read More

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Microsoft Releases Xbox One With A 1TB Storage Capacity

Have you been holding out on buying an Xbox One because the storage capacity didn’t meet your needs? If so then today is your lucky day! Microsoft just officially launched a Matte Read More

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The E01 Is The Future Of The Digital Picture Frame

It seems like digital picture frames came and went without making too much of a splash. But New York startup Electric Objects thinks that the digital picture frame just hasn’t lived up Read More