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Nimble Scooters: The Ultimate Transport Solution For Urban Life

Going to the supermarket or the liquor store on your bicycle might seem like a good idea — especially when the weather is breezy and beautiful — but once you realize how limited you are by storage capacity, a wet blanket can be thrown on the whole affair. After all, how do you get home with all your booty? Nimble Scooters has the answer. These unique modes of transport are lightweight and small and can be easily ridden on a sidewalk, in a store, etc. It’s like having your very own shopping cart, but only one that you can ride Read More

360cam Doesn’t Miss A Thing

Been wondering where the next big piece of technology might come from this year — well, look no further than the universal mounting 360cam from the team at GIROPTIC. These guys have built a device that delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos all in the palm of your hand, and from every angle. Of course, what would an experience like this be if it wasn’t super easy to share over all your favorite social media channels instantly? (It does.) Design-wise, the 360cam features a unique, egg-shaped look, incorporating two key proprietary innovations: Three, Read More

Be Cool With eCool, The All-Natural Cooler For Your Beer

The eCool is probably the greatest addition that you could ever make to your garden. No, it isn’t a healthy new super veggie but a cooler that stores beer in the earth and uses that to dole out cold beer year-round when you need it the most. (Of course, we suppose you could sub beer for soda pop, but where’s the fun in that?) The earth cooler is 113cm in height, 22 to 30 centimeters in diameter, and can hold 24 cans while staying installed the whole year. Just use a garden drill (or a shovel if you’re a real Read More

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COLFAX PHD Is The Smartest Backpack Ever Invented

If you’re still carrying around a traditional backpack, what the heck is wrong with you, man? Get with the times! How can you do that? Well, CO.ALITION has made it simple through its new revolutionary COLFAX PHD smart backpack. Because you need a way to not only carry your physical stuff but also your digital files, the PHD was created. It comes with 500GB of wireless storage, acting as your own personal cloud service that you can carry with you at all times. The pack — and its cheaper brother — can also charge your mobile devices on the go. Read More

La Fenice: The World’s First Induction Coffee Machine

La Fenice is an electromagnetic induction coffee maker that can instantly prepare a perfect espresso or American filter coffee. Inspired by the design of 900’s Italian coffee maker, the company describes its creation as “a tribute to the past with a futuristic viewpoint.” It’s built from three key materials — aluminum, glass and wood — and it can improve energy efficiency up to 95 percent. Thanks to the induction MO, La Fenice allows the coffee maker to be always off, switching on to heat up water instantly, and only as needed. Furthermore, the machine controls pressure and flow rate with Read More

OutRunner: Your Terrifying New Running Buddy

Need a running buddy, but aren’t that great at making friends? The OutRunner Robot from Robotics Unlimited can be your traveling companion. He’s lightweight, stylish, and he perfectly simulates running to a tee. Just how good is OutRunner? On a treadmill, he can go as high as 45 miles per hour; in the field, 25 miles per hour. (Needless to say, he’ll hose you.)  Add in a cool looking design and a somewhat terrifying spider-like appearance, and you’ve got the ultimate robot, through and through. The Kickstarter is currently underway with 16 days left to go. Get the barebones edition Read More

If Your Watch Is A REC, That’s A Good Thing

REC Watches offer a simple but unique concept for their collection of timepieces: they identify “forgotten icons” and recycle those directly for the components. The result is that each and every REC Watch is not only completely unique from a visual standpoint, but it’s also embedded with the story of the particular object that has been recycled. The company has just launched its first collection, which is based on the classic Morris Mini, and the watches have been designed to subtly refer to the vehicle’s iconic design, thus taking this classic car on a journey from “wreck” to “REC,” by Read More

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CENTR: Panorama For The Palm Of Your Hand

The CENTR camera shoots panorama video for the palm of your hand. Currently unleashed on the Kickstarter website, this beauty generates 360° HD video in real time on a device that literally fits in your pocket. With some of the iPhone panorama photos we’ve taken, it had become apparent that this style might be the next big thing, but CENTR takes it to the next level. It’s an interactive video player that does real-time video stitching. There is also built-in Wi-Fi for playing a video preview with up to 4K video resolution upon playback. The current funding goal of CENTR is Read More