Beardski Ski Mask


F2 iPad/Tablet Stand, Now On Kickstarter

LightMode Helmets: Bringing TRON To Life While Keeping You Safe

Any TRON lovers in the house? If you are, and you’d rather be on two wheels instead of four, then we’ve got a must-have safety and fashion accessory that you’ll want to check out. Introducing the LightMode Helmet, a fully functioning, head-turning, illuminating helmet that gives you superior visibility as you’re blazing down the road. LightMode surrounds your head with electroluminescent (EL) materials in true 360° fashion. The modification helps riders become more visible in night settings by illuminating the highest point of the rider: their helmet. This is great for safety especially considering that motorcycles are roughly 1/6th the Read More

SWASH Express Clothing Care System

Have you ever felt like wearing the same shirt two days in a row just to see if anyone else would notice? We have! And sometimes they do notice, big-time. Fortunately, SWASH has created an item that will change this forever. With the SWASH Express Clothing Care System, you can get multiple wears out of a shirt with a system that takes about 10 minutes to implement. The SWASH system, an all-in-one, in-home, convenient clothing care system, has elements of a clothes steamer and an iron. Designed to fit in your life, you can put the SWASH system almost anywhere, Read More

$499 Buy

Peachtree Audio Unleashes Deepblue2, The Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker

We realize there are a lot of home audio products vying for your attention these days, but that’s only because the tech is getting smoother, more portable, more convenient, and let’s not forget powerful! With deepblue2, you’ll enjoy all these attributes in a package that purports to be the ultimate Bluetooth speaker unit. The makers feel comfortable in that claim because of the 440-watt aptX® acoustic suspension and massive 6.5-inch woofer. Peachtree Audio has essentially produced the only small wireless speaker with the full range sound of large speakers, and you can make one of them yours right now for just $299.

swivelCard Is The Future Of USB And The Business Card

Business types, are you tired of killing trees for something with limited functionality? If so, then you’ve probably had it with the standard business card. While these can expand your name to possible clients and customers, they’re more often lost, forgotten, or intentionally trashed soon after you give them out. With swivelCard, you can change all this. The swivelCard is a “smart” business card with embedded USB technology that allows you to see where the card has been and how it’s being used once it leaves your hands. You can make changes on the fly and use the card as Read More

Slice May Be The Best Media Player Ever Created

Slice enters a pretty loaded field of media players, and as a Kickstarter project, it comes across a bit as the “little engine that could but may not”; however, judging by the specs and the software, we think this may be the best media player to date, and we’ll tell you why. While Slice can make use of the Internet, it doesn’t require it in order to play your videos, music, or whatever. That’s because it comes equipped with 1 terabyte storage as well as inputs for more in case you want to add to it. All you have to Read More

Priority Bicycles: Maintenance-Free, Cycling Made Easy

Priority Bicycles take the standard bike to the next level with an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-ride, transport that requires no regular maintenance. Founder Dave Weiner started Priority because he said he was “frustrated with bicycles on the market, noting that with all the industry innovation, the recreational cyclist was still suffering the same old product while professional riders enjoyed all the spoils. Priority Bicycles do away with chains which have been known to ruin clothes. Instead they feature clean belt drives that require no lubrication, are rust-proof, and impervious to the weather. Belt drives are, quite simply, more durable, quieter, and cleaner. Priority Bikes also use bolts Read More

TouchPico: Turn Any Surface Into A Touchscreen

Smartphone culture got you seeing touchscreens everywhere you go? Good news. You can now turn the fantasy into a reality with the TouchPico projector, a specialty device that is capable of turning most any surface into a touchscreen. TouchPico is an Android PC that offers the combined experience of a desktop, mobile device, and projector, all in one. The sizing capabilities of TouchPico makeshift touchscreens go clear up to 80 inches. They’re even fully compatible with both Apple MacBooks and PC laptops. Great for business, creativity, gaming, education, physical activity, and entertainment, you can get yours via Indiegogo for the Read More

The FLIR One Is Here! Time To Use Your Phone’s X-Ray Vision

The FLIR One iPhone 5 case allows you to see through walls. It accomplishes this by way of its heat signature collected from the infrared camera in conjunction with the live camera image from the iPhone itself. Working together the two are able to render a composite thermal heat image that allows you to basically be your own Superman (minus the heat ray vision). Each image appears like a camera negative and shows the various heat levels using a variety of colors with white being the hottest. The uses are many, including revealing the placement of pipes in walls, finding Read More