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OnePlus One: Android’s Holy Grail

If you’re looking for that perfect Android phone, OnePlus One is a smartphone that should definitely be entering the conversation. This beauty features a 5.5-inch 1080p hi-def screen, a 13-megapixel camera, voice wakeup, on-screen gestures, an 801 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and 4G/LTE capabilities. Surf the web, stream beautiful video, glut yourself on the huge Google Play marketplace, and do it all faster than most other Android phones on the market, with a cheap price to boot! The silk white version comes with 16 GB of onboard storage and sells for $299, while the sandstone black sells for $349 and is Read More

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BrewJacket Immersion: The Smallest Fermentation Device, Ever

From the mind of genius brewmeister/inventor Aaron Walls, the BrewJacket Immersion comes, intent on making your brewing life easier with its heat-sucking abilities that draw heat from the brew without the need for a refrigerator. Simply plug the hard anodized rod down into the concoction, wrap in the insulated jacket, and set the temp at the desired setting. Walls claims that the Immersion is the smallest fermentation device on the market today, and that it “can bring your beer down to 35º F below ambient in a matter of days and hold it there for as long as it is Read More

Micro 3D Printer: Affordable And Functional

By now you could start an entire website with the articles we’ve written covering past 3D printers. 2013 alone was a big year for the relatively new form of technology, and this year doesn’t seem to be any different. With most of what’s come before, however, you get printers that are too expensive or too limited or not consumer friendly enough. Not so with the Micro. This amazingly simple machine is ready to go right out of the box. You can use PLA or ABS, as well as the company’s own Micro filament spools or standard 1.75 mm filament spools. Read More

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HYDE Leather Bags And Wallets

HYDE bags and wallets, running now on Kickstarter, are made of superior 5-9-ounce vegetable-tanned full-grain harness leather — exactly what is used to make saddles — and can long outlive the owner. As the team behind these creations put it, you can bury this stuff in your backyard and it’ll still hold up better than you over time. The products from HYDE use polyester stitching and horse tack hardware for a complete package that delivers an antique look that seems right at home in an Indiana Jones film. The business card holder will run you about $25. That’s the current Read More

Inergy Solar Generators: They Don’t Even Need Sun

Would you like a solar solution for powering your home and outdoor festivities? If so then you may want to stop by Kickstarter in the next two weeks and secure your very own Inergy Solar Generator. The Firefly generator and 10-watt solar panel starts at $200. The amount of power keeps increasing in cost until you peak at $1,600. (That’ll get ya the Home Base Pro with 135-watt accompaniment.) These solar generators are actually smaller versions of a home solar system with an onboard battery pack.  They enable the energy generated by the solar panels to be stored in vast Read More

StandDesk: The Most Affordable Standing Office Desk Yet

There are a lot of custom-designed standing desk out there, and we applaud each one, but few are as convenient and affordable as the StandDesk, now available at Kickstarter starting at $399 and going up from there depending on the material you select for the desktop. (The cheapest price is for a standard frame with laminate top.) Each incarnation of the StandDesk boasts a two-button control system that allows you to easily adjust the height on your desk at will. As far as lift goes, this deceptively strong little item can lift up to 225 pounds without give. (Seriously, if Read More

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$399 Buy

Meridian Audio Drops Explorer, A USB-Stick Sound System

With all the different dongles and knickknacks wandering about on the technological landscape, one commonality remains present — big tech is getting smaller and smaller. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Meridian Audio’s Explorer, a USB-sized device that plugs in to your computer’s drive and proceeds to blow its sound card out of the water. Explorer replaces your computer’s card with a USB-powered DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) featuring Meridian’s high quality audio circuitry and design derived from Meridian’s award-winning Reference Series components, along with a powerful headphone amplifier with on-board analogue volume control. It plays nice with pretty Read More

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Hotbox Portable Charcoal Grill: The Tailgating Holy Grail

If you like cooking, camping, and the great outdoors, then you probably look at charcoal grilling as par for the course. The only problems: cleanup can become a bit of a mess, and you can end up spending a lot of money on charcoal rather than getting the most cook-time out of your investment. That’s where the Hotbox Portable Charcoal Grill can really come in handy. Hotbox features two levels of charcoal, enabling you to sear and smoke simultaneously, and whenever you’re done, rather than dumping out all your charcoal, you can replace the hood, close all four vents, and Read More