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Ziggy: The Most Fashionable Coatrack You’ve Ever Seen

Full Metal Jacket Diary: A Memoir From Private Joker Himself

I was eight years old when my dad took me to see Full Metal Jacket in theaters. The experience was one of the most memorable of my filmgoing life. It opened with about 45 minutes of the most hilarious standup material I’ve ever heard — thank you, R. Lee Ermey — before taking an extremely dark (and expected) turn into war movie. It was like watching two great films in one, and to this day remains one of my all-time favorites. Most of its success can be attributed to director Kubrick, who seemed more at home with this material than Read More

Mobius Pro Dragonfly: The Stylus As It Should Be

The mobius pro dragonfly stylus, now available on Kickstarter, may be the last one you ever need for your tablets and mobile devices. For starters, mobius is ergonomically designed on it’s lower portion so that your hand never touches the screen, thus screwing up a great digital handwriting session. The upper portion of mobius pro dragonfly is designed for extra tip storage and to shift weight to the bottom half for the ultimate tablet writing experience. Helping this along, the stylus has A perfectly machined aluminum tip that fits snugly inside the rubber for a more pen-like experience. Last but Read More

Toniiq: Your Cure For The Hangover Blues

Toniiq (pronounced “tonic”) is a new product seeking to cure the common hangover. Toniiq promises to be one of the few cures that actually address the underlying metabolic process from which the symptoms arise. Made from what the company calls “a new and unusual ingredient,” Toniiq’s single ingredient is “both highly potent and purified.” It’s called Lingzhi, and is considered the gold standard for liver enhancement, detoxification, and regeneration. It contains antioxidants, triterpenes, and polysaccharides which detoxify and support liver function, restore the body, and boost natural defenses with no additives or fillers. Just take 2 black capsules after drinking Read More

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Satyr Stein Homebrew: Geek Out On Beer!

Satyr Stein Homebrew wants to teach you how to brew your own beer, and who better to do it right than the thorough, detail-oriented “Don” over at Kickstarter? This modern day apothecary brings the same attention to detail that you would expect from a Lord of the Rings fanatic or someone well-versed in the Klingon language. The book is filled with recipes inspired by the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy with some pirate thrown in for good measure. The DVD looks very informative and accessible so that, even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to pick up the Read More

Take The Shop On The Road With Ratchet Rocket

There is very little the Ratchet Rocket from Topeak can’t do. You’ll appreciate this multitool, which combines a stem or H2O-bottle-boss-mountable hex set, tire levers, and chain tool into one compact, self-contained package with the add-on of a ratchet. The portability means you don’t have to reserve this for the home or shop, and it gives you the ability to use a ratchet on the road or trail with quick rotation and control in some pretty tight spots. The Ratchet Rocket comes with 2 through 6mm hex bits, one Torx T25, a #2 Phillips, and two tire levers, all stashed Read More

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Grilliput Collapsible Grill Goes Where You Go

The Grilliput Collapsible Barbecue is a dream come true if you are a camper or motorcyclist or both. With this in tow, you won’t have to waste all your money at roadside diners and can enjoy a home-cooked meal whenever the mood strikes you. The grill is a fully functional and easy-to-clean item that packs down into a metal cylinder the length of a ruler when not in use. You can carry it onboard your motorbike without even noticing it’s there. Coming up with food, on the other hand, could be a bit more difficult if you’re on two wheels. Read More

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Go Westward Whiskey, Young Man

Great whiskey isn’t just meant to keep you warm during the colder months. It has a smooth taste and feel that can be enjoyed all year long. Westward has produced just such a concoction with their Westward Small Batch Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey, made from 100 percent malted barley grown straight from the Pacific Northwest. This recipe has been fermented with ale yeast for exceptional character. From there, it’s double pot distilled an matured in two-char American oak barrels for a classic woodiness permeating a rich, smooth and deeply flavorful body. It’s for the outdoorsy among you, no doubt, and Read More

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Celltack: The First Wearable Smartphone Dock

Celltack is a fun new docking system that will work with a large number of the most popular smartphones and mp3 players, according to the founders behind its now ongoing Indiegogo campaign. Billed as the first wearable docking system, the Celltack can be worn around your finger, thus enabling you to perform a wide variety of functions without compromising your basic mobility. There are currently 13 days left on the crowdfunding drive, and you can pick your Celltack up for $29. Also, the company is working on the armband version (for you fitness nuts), a bike mount, and a mobile Read More