1Password Is The Ultimate Password Management Solution

With the rise of fingerprint technology, the common password may be in its twilight years. Until that technology becomes ubiquitous enough, however, we’re still stuck with trying to remember what password we Read More

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Solve Your Messy Pocket Situation With VolksDangler

Keys. Smartphone. Wallets. Flashlights. Pocket Knives. Pens. Flash Drives. The list of things we carry in our pockets from day to day goes on and on, yet why hasn’t anyone fundamentally rethought Read More

Protect Your iPhone 6’s Screen With CINDER

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone then you know that the first thing to crack is nearly always the screen. If you want to protect your expensive investment, you could get a Read More

Become A Real-Life Cyborg With The M31 Magnet Implant

If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to control metal like X-Men’s Magneto then you need to listen up. Magnetic implants which promise users the ability to move small metal objects, sense Read More

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Pulse Play Is A Fitness Tracker For Racket Sports

The wearable tech space is getting so crowded that it’s hard to keep track of who precisely is manufacturing fitness trackers these days. In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded Read More

Soccer Player? Meteor Will Analyze Your Performance

Do you play soccer? If so, you’ll probably want to get Meteor. Meteor is an activity tracker which has been created specifically to analyze your shot strength, vertical jump, and performance while Read More

MagBak Creates iPhone 6/6 Plus Case You Can Mount In Your Car

Remember MagBak? They’re the company which claimed to have produced the world’s thinnest iPad mount. Well, now they’re back and they’ve turned their sights on the iPhone 6. Following a very successful Read More

Got A New MacBook? You Can Use Inklet To Draw Directly On Your Trackpad

In case you haven’t heard, Apple released a new MacBook earlier this month which features a new force-sensitive trackpad. This trackpad allows the new Macbook to know exactly how hard you’re pressing Read More