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Kangaroo Cups: A True No-Spill Drinking Vessel

Kangaroo Cups aren’t usually the kind of thing you’d see on inStash. After all, they were invented by an 11-year-old female entrepreneur, and here we are a site about guys! However, a great invention is a great invention. Lily Born is the creator of these tri-handled drinking vessels, and she created them as a response to help her grandpa, who has Parkinson’s Disease. The Kangaroo Cup offers undeniable support, whether you have a disability or you’re just really clumsy around the house. They also look pretty snazzy, eliminate the need for a coaster, and stay steady on uneven ground. You Read More

Dimple Puts Buttons On Your Android Device

If the modern-day touchscreen tablet and smartphone isn’t tactile enough for you, then you’re going to love the latest offering from DIMPLE.IO. The Dimple Mini and Dimple Standard are stick-on buttons for your Android devices. Just place them on the back of whichever you possess, and then customize the buttons to do all kinds of cool things like operating the flashlight or launching your favorite application. You can also add multiple Dimples to one device for even greater functionality as well as use the long hold for more commands. The standard has four buttons; the mini has two. They use Read More

Ejamsi Necktie And Wallet

Silvestre Ramos started Ejamsi as a response to the daily problem of having to wear a tie to work. After a while, he says, the wallet would become uncomfortable, so that led him to take the real estate of his neck tie and incorporate card slots on the back. His finished product is now the answer for any guy, who has to dress up to go to work every day. Why sit lopsided on a square piece of leather, when you can carry all the essentials from a non-intrusive fashion accessory? Ejamsi also carries with it built-in RFID protection to Read More

TrackR Bravo: Keep Up With Your Life

TrackR bravo is a device that would have really come in handy about a month ago when I lost my wallet, which just so happened to contain everything in it — credit cards, license, health insurance, even Social Security ID. (Yes, yes, I know, you’re not supposed to carry that on your person.) Anyhow, all that stuff is gone forever, and it had to be replaced. Had there been something small enough that I could have used to track it without making me feel like I was carrying around a filing cabinet, that would have been great. Well, now there Read More

oort Hub: Your Remote Control For Everything In The House

We’re used to tapping our phones and instantly getting results — whether we’re looking for a new restaurant, finding movie times or just checking our email. But when we get home, the process is still pretty primitive. We turn on lights individually, flip on the television and adjust the air conditioner. However, with the oort Hub, you can actually use your phone to control everything in your house. This gadget allows you to use smart devices you already own. Through its unique system of beacons and sensors, oort turns your phone into a remote control that has the power to Read More

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CORTIÇA Coffee Mug Is A Better Way To Drink Your Joe

What we really love around here, are entrepreneurs who are so passionate about something that they’re able to approach something common from a fresh perspective that no one has ever thought of before. With the CORTIÇA mug, we’ve stumbled upon just such a guy in Robert Knox, self-professed coffee lover. While we share his love for a mean cup of Joe, it’s the product he’s created that has us buzzing this morning. His CORTIÇA consists of a porcelain inlay — machine washable and ready to go — that fits nicely into a cork-insulated outer piece. What you’re left with is Read More

Star Wars Lightsaber Tongs For Your Next Out-Of-This-World BBQ

Hear ye, grill padawans! The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived — and that moment is, owning a set of tongs that have a lightsaber handle. These are modeled after none other than Darth Vader’s lightsaber from the Star Wars films. The handle is made of a heat-proof plastic. Along with the look, it also has the sound, producing realistic lightsaber sound effects. When not in use, you can keep it in another heat-proof plastic case, this time in Sith Red. You can pick up yours over at Menkind today for the low price of $34. It does require Read More

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SmartQuad Travel Charger For The Device Agnostic

In a world of technologies vying for exclusivity, it’s nice to see something universal come along that actually works. That’s what has led us to saying a few words about the SmartQuad 4-Port Travel Charger, now available through Kickstarter. Using this one simple device, you can connect your iPhone, iPad, Android, and most other USB devices via the multiple ports and then utilize the 9.6 amps of onboard power to charge each at the fastest possible speed (at the same time as well). One of these babies will set you back just $25 if you act now. Once the limited Read More