You Can Now Buy The Playboy Mansion

Looking to live the Hugh Hefner lifestyle? What better way to start than owning the Playboy mansion! The mansion, which is intrinsically linked to both parties, babes, and babe parties has now Read More

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You Can Now Own Your Very Own Bond Car

Who doesn’t want to live the James Bond lifestyle? Imagine cruising around in your own Aston Martin, a mysterious lady friend at your side. Sound like the sort of life you want Read More

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Yes, You Can Own Your Very Own Island In Sunny Florida!

Ever want to own your own island? It’s the dream of everyone who values both privacy and luxury! Well, now there’s an island up for sale in sunny Florida which will be Read More

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HP Sport Sub 2 Is Basically An Underwater Ferrari

Forget cars, the age of personal submarines is here. At the vanguard of these new revolutionary exploration vehicles is Dutch firm U-Boat Worx, whose HP Sport Sub 2 is basically a “subsea-Ferrari” Read More

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You Can Now Own Your Own Skyacht

Ever dream about owning Air Force One? Here’s the next big thing, a company has created an aircraft which they’re calling “Skyacht One” that combines all of the glamor and luxury of Read More

Vision SF50 Proves That The Age Of The Personal Jet Is Here

Cars are a thing of the past, man. Now that the Vision SF50 is here, we can safely say that the age of the personal jet is finally here. Cirrus, maker of Read More

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This Submarine Sports Car Will Let You Drive Right Into The Water

Want to impress a girl on your first date? What better way than by driving a sweet corvette-inspired car right into the briny depths, cruising around a bit, and then driving back Read More

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McLaren’s MP4-X Is The Future Of Formula One

Formula One cars have always been at the forefront of automobile technology, always pushing the boarders of what four-wheeled vehicles are capable of. Much in the same innovative spirit that led to Read More