10 Gadgets for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Aquarium Bed

Light Show Fountain Speakers

Octopus Chandelier

Well, I was wrong, it is possible to buy a chandelier in the shape of an octopus.  I mean, I spent hours online looking for a vacuum sweeper in the shape of the Fonz from Happy Days and struck out, so I figured the same would happen with the octopus chandelier.  Oh how naive I am.  Choked by my pessimism.  I could’ve been enjoying this tentacled provider of ambient light months ago. So, if you’re worried that your home, bar, motorcycle shop,or religious cult headquarters has been languishing in a state of being understated, lacks that certain panache, help is here. Read More

$19000 Buy

Supervette GT6X Body Kit

The Supervette GT6X Body Kit is a thing of beauty, though how awesome it turns out to be will depend largely on your technical know-how. (If it was us, we’d probably just be content to sit inside the fully assembled beauty and wave at our neighbors.) If you do know what the heck you’re doing, though, you can actually turn this into something quite amazing. The body style is five inches wider than the company’s previous ZR1. But even though this honey is a little broader in the hips, she’s still gorgeous to look at, and she can be an Read More

$16995 Buy

Kubo Cargo Scooter: More Than Just An Electric Shopping Cart

The electric car has been a long time coming, with stops and starts.  But San Fran startup Lit Motors is rolling out an electric scooter, one that does what scooters usually have a hard time with — it carries cargo.  In fact, most of its actual bulk is made up of a giant, empty square waiting for some groceries.  The driver sits behind the load and most feel like a cart or wheelbarrow pusher, except…no actual pushing.  The cargo hold measures 22 square inches, and has hooks for little mesh barriers, etc. It’s city street-ready, with a top speed of Read More

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart: Lucius Fox Would Be Mighty Proud

The Batman Tumbler Golf Cart may be the last glimpse we get to see of Christopher Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader, outside of the existing films of course. In reality, Nolan had little to do, beyond inspiration for the tricked out cart that recently sold on eBay for $17,500. We’ve included it here because it’s friggin’ awesome though we’ll admit that it’s going to be rather difficult for you to get your hands on. As far as we know, it’s one-of-a-kind. It started as an EZ-Go Golf-Cart, and was then stripped down to the frame and four cup holders. Read More

Say Goodbye To Flat Tires With Polaris Sportsman

All-terrain vehicles are probably the most fun that you could ever have with your clothes on. However, if you’re doing it right, your ride will go through some pretty rough patches of earth, and when that happens, the danger of getting a flat tire goes up considerably, even if you’re driving around on a pretty impressive set of rubber. Well, not anymore. With the TerrainArmor, this avalanche gray beauty is now capable of going to many places you previously didn’t think possible without endangering your progress. The tires are non-pneumatic and built to work with an upgraded shock package and Read More

$15000 Buy

Yamaha Tactical Black Rhino

The Yamaha Rhino 700 in Tactical Black offers top off-road performance with comforts and controls that you’d expect to find in a car. Its Ultramatic® automatic transmission improves belt durability by holding belt tension and gives immediate throttle response for reduced lag when you accelerate. Thanks to On-Command® In/Out 4WD, you can quickly switch from 2WD, to limited-slip 4WD to full 4WD by pushing a button. The Rhino’s interior will help you feel like you’re navigating demanding terrain in a car. You’ll sit in thick bucket seats with three-point seat belts, control the vehicle via a center-mounted console shifter, and grip Read More

$11000 Buy

Invisible Man Kit

Your chances of a successful hunt plummet when the deer can see you coming. With the Invisible Man Kit, they never will. We could fill up pages about what this assortment includes, but since we’re committed to not taking up too much of your day, we’ll name some of our favorites. First off, we love the snow camo suit because we’ve always wanted to dress up like a Yeti. Secondly, the tactical vest has space for everything you could possibly need on a hunting trip. It blends nicely with a traditional camo color scheme and pockets you’ll still be discovering Read More

$20000 Buy

Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K Home Theater ES Projector

If you’re not currently salivating over the Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K Home Theater ES Projector, then you certainly should be. This gorgeous piece of home entertainment hardware comes boasting pristine 4K resolution? (For those not keeping up, it’s 4096 x 2160 resolution, around four times that of 1080p. As far as HD to 4K upscaling is concerned, you can put a big old check next to that one, meaning there isn’t a HD movie in your collection that won’t have access to the 4K treatment. We’re talking serious power here with a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and SXRD technology. The brightness Read More