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Inergy Solar Generators: They Don’t Even Need Sun

Would you like a solar solution for powering your home and outdoor festivities? If so then you may want to stop by Kickstarter in the next two weeks and secure your very own Inergy Solar Generator. The Firefly generator and 10-watt solar panel starts at $200. The amount of power keeps increasing in cost until you peak at $1,600. (That’ll get ya the Home Base Pro with 135-watt accompaniment.) These solar generators are actually smaller versions of a home solar system with an onboard battery pack.  They enable the energy generated by the solar panels to be stored in vast Read More

Who Needs A SmartWatch When You’ve Got Zegna Icon?

The Zegna Icon is a sleek looking bomber jacket that has the ability to pair up with the Bluetooth on your smartphone for some functionality, all playing out through a discretely placed control pad on the cuff. Sliding this baby on effectively kills the need for a smartwatch, and when it gets cold again, you’ll understand why. Even so, the Icon isn’t particularly overbearing during the springtime. It is actually a three-season must-have with waterproof microfiber and a sealed zip-through closure. The three layers of construction is what makes comfort possible in virtually all weather situations (except for the one Read More

The Great Foodini: A Commercial Gourmet … Printer!?

Recently, we took a look at the 2-by-2-by-1-inch Chocabyte, a $99 3D printer that enables you to print your own edible chocolate shapes. Delicious, yes, but limited and not as far-reaching as Foodini, the latest 3DP Kickstarter to grace our pages. With Foodini, you can create sweet and savory dishes in an almost Jetsons-like manner. Foodini is the first 3D food printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. Designed for home and professional kitchens, it comes with empty food capsules. You then prepare and place fresh, real ingredients inside and let it do Read More

Element WideGrip Edition: An All-Terrain…Bicycle!?

The Element WideGrip Edition electric fat bike is twice as wide as standard mountain-bike treads. With broad, four-inch tires, this bad boy will float through snowy trails, track along sandy beaches, and take you to other new and interesting locations, no four-wheel drive required. Boasting a super-light aluminum-alloy 6061 custom-built frame, the WideGrip offers easier pedaling than other fat bikes and adds a 350-watt (750-watt peak) brushless motor in the rear hub to help you through particularly stubborn terrain. Its 36-volt lithium-ion battery delivers the right amount of power for a 20-mile ride and helps you hit a speed of Read More

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Urb-E Makes City Travel A Breeze

The Urb-E looks like a giant razor on wheels. Of course, the device is really just an electrically powered scooter, which comes in both two- and three-wheel designs. (The little kid in me who never learned how to ride a bike says three.) You can fold it up and take it with you on any commuter bus or train when it runs out of juice (after around 20 miles of travel time per charge). Get yours now through Indiegogo. The pricing is a bit tricky. If you donate $299, that will lock you in for a total of $1,799 at Read More

With Ultimate Alaknak, Cabela Asks: ‘Why Do Tents Have To Be So Small?’

A comfortable camp is essential to enjoying a multi-day hunt, and your comfort depends on having the right tent. The wrong tent can leave you cramped, cold, damp, and plain miserable, but you won’t encounter any of these problems in Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak. This 27 ft x 13 ft tent offers enough space for you and ten of your buddies, and five-foot sidewalls and a high ceiling giving plenty of headroom for the tallest campers in your crew. The Ultimate Alaknak features strong, waterproof X-Treme Tent Cloth to keep you dry inside when it’s raining or snowing outside, and sidewall Read More

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Want To Help Build A New Sport? Paddle-Cross Needs Your Help!

There is a large extent to which I understand this concept.  Essentially, this kickstarter campaign is trying to get retailers to become sellers or distributors of the equipment for a new water sport called paddle cross.  I’m almost positive about that part. Paddle cross involves sitting in a little kayak and tossing a ball to your teammates with a lacrosse stick and ultimately trying to throw it in a basketball hoop.  The one person who has backed the project so far very well may understand it. The stick you throw and catch the ball with is also the paddle for Read More

Pulse 17 Gaming Laptop Laughs At Your Puny Console

Do you look at casual console gamers as a bunch of sissies that wouldn’t know true gaming power if it leapt out of the screen and smacked them in the face? If so then Maingear’s Pulse 17 gaming laptop may be the hardware for you. The crew responsible for the highly respected Pulse 14 have decided it’s time for an upgrade, and they’re doing it in style with this customizable gem that comes in “good,” “better,” and “best” styles, all of which will blow your mind if you’ve never tried out a gaming laptop before. According to MaximumPC, this lovely Read More

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