Top 5 BlackFriday 2015 Tech Deals

Black Friday is now upon us and that can only mean one thing: amazing deals. We here at inStash have taken the time of compiling the five top gadget deals so you Read More

Forget The MacBook Air, Get A Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Instead

If you’re a Microsoft fanboy looking for your own Windows-running equivalent of the new MacBook then look no further than the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Coming in at $1,349, the Yoga is Read More

$1349 Buy

Forget the iPad, The Modbook Is The Tablet You’re Looking For

The iPad Pro may be available for purchase right now, but if you’re an artist then you’ll probably want to buy a different Apple-powered tablet: the Modbook Pro. Featuring a 2.9GHz processor, Read More

$1899 Buy

This Darwin Jellyfish Tank Puts On A Spectacular Show

Jellyfish are pretty incredible creatures. What other animals lack things we take for granted like brains and eyes while being as widespread as they are? If you’ve ever felt a certain sense Read More

Gi FlyBike Is The Future Of Electric Bikes

If you’ve been holding back on purchasing an electric bike because you don’t have enough space then listen up: the world’s first foldable electric bike is here. Gi FlyBike, as the bike Read More

Make Your Own Craft Beers With Brewie

Did you miss out on getting your hands on Brewie, the touchscreen-equipped and WiFi connected home brew kit that launched last year on Indiegogo? No worries! Brewie just launched on Indiegogo’s InDemand Read More

$1599 Buy

Sony Announces Z5 Flagship Phone

All rumors point to an imminent iPhone 6S release but that isn’t stopping Sony from releasing a new flagship device which it hopes to reverse its declining marketshare in the ever more Read More

LG’s Watch Urbane Just Got a 23-Karat Makeover

Do you like a nice gold watch? Are you Kim Kardashian-level ostentatious? If you’ve answered yes to any of these two questions and you’re looking for a smartwatch then forget about the Read More

$1200 Buy