Cupertino Start Your Copymachines! This Is Apple’s New Smart Keyboard

Ever since 2007 Apple has been all in on virtual keyboard. Until now. Meet the new Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, a revolutionary new keyboard which totally reimagines the keyboard so that you can be Read More

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Evapolar Is Your Own Personal Cooling System

Do you find yourself feeling hotter than most people? Perhaps you might just not want to invest in an expensive air conditioning unit? Maybe your girlfriend is suffering from hot flashes? Whatever Read More

Apple Takes On Gaming Consoles With New Apple TV

Last week the Apple TV stopped being “just a hobby” for Apple. The brand new Apple TV marks the largest update for the world’s best-selling digital media player which now features a Read More

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TomTom Goes All In On ‘Spark’ Smartwatch

If TomTom survives the next five years then it’ll likely go down in the history books. That’s because GPS units are drying up as smartphones become ever more ubiquitous and TomTom needs Read More

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Insomniac? You Should Buy Withings’ Connected Alarm Clock

If you like the idea of a gadget watching over silently while you sleep then Withings’ Connected Alarm Clock is for you. This alarm clock will actually improve your sleep quality (unlike Read More

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Star Wars Fan? You’ll Want To Own This Fantastic BB-8 Toy

Years from now future generations of humans will undoubtedly remember George Lucas not as a great film maker but rather as a great businessman. That’s right, Lucas’ crowning achievement wasn’t creating three Read More

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Find Out Why You Need To Own This Travel Jacket

Last weekend this travel jacket became the most crowdfunded piece of clothing ever. So what makes this jacket so hot? Simple, not only does it look really nice but its also a Read More

Tado° Cooling Intelligent AC Controller Is A Must-Have For Warm Weather

Tado° may be making waves by lowering your heating bill, but did you know that their tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control product can save you money on your cooling bill as well? Read More