Touch Is The Brain-Interface Device You’ve Been Dreaming About

Brain-computer interfaces are much closer than we think. Thanks to Touch, a new head-mounted gadget which is seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo, you’ll be able to interact with your drones, home appliances, and Read More

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Rufus Cuff Is The Future Of The Smartwatch

Psh, smartwatches are so 2014. If you’re ready for the next step in wrist-mounted computing then you really should look into getting yourself a Rufus Cuff. Unlike a smartwatch which requires you Read More

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Pebble Strikes Back With Time Round Smartwatch

Don’t count Pebble out just yet. While the plucky startup has been facing stiff competition from both Android Wear and Apple Watch alike, the company has recently doubled down its efforts in Read More

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Tribble Will Make Your Life Better In A Million Different Ways

Move aside Apple, the next innovative product isn’t coming out of Cupertino and it isn’t a smartwatch either. Dubbed Tribble, this fundamentally revolutionary device can monitor everything which happens in your house Read More

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Who Needs Oculus? Get An AuraVisor Instead!

Virtual reality is clearly the next big frontier in tech. Problem is that you’ll have to be connected to a PC or smartphone (imagine all those cables!) in order to really get Read More

Motorize Your Window Shades With AXIS Gear

Tired of manually lowering or raising your shades every morning and evening? Time to motorize those bad boys. If you’re looking for a motorized window shade solution that’s both simple and inexpensive Read More

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This Is The Only Hoodie You’ll Ever Need To Own

Are you a hoodie aficionado? Do you get mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg from time to time just due to the sheer number of hoodies that you own and wear? If you’ve answered Read More

Turn Your Acoustic Guitar Into A Music-Making Machine With ACPAD

Acoustic guitars just got a whole lot cooler. By outfitting your guitar with a ACPAD, you can play hundreds of instruments, samples, effects and loops without ever having to invest in a Read More