Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

The NOOK is back, and this time Barnes and Noble had the good sense to let Samsung build it. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is ready to give Amazon a Read More

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Meet TB2MB JET: The Ultimate Gas Leaf Blower

The TB2MB JET Gas Leaf Blower is one of the most powerful weapons against falling leaves that you’ll ever drag out of the toolshed. It’s a lean, mean 27cc, 2-cycle, full-crank engine Read More

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Keep Your Tech Life Safe With iGuardian

The iGuardian was founded on the principle that there will always be some jack knob out there looking to screw up a good thing, said good thing being the Internet. These days Read More

Forget The Rumors: iPhone 6 Is Here!

The iPhone 6 has been one of the most talked-about devices of the year, but up until Tuesday, we knew very little about it. Thanks to the Apple Keynote, however, the speculation Read More

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The Everyday Carry Complete Kit: A Survivalist Essential

The Everyday Carry Complete Kit is a survivalist’s essential because of all the functionality and portability it brings to your travels. Contained in the kit are all the tools that you need Read More

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Beerbug Homebrew Tracking System

The Wi-Fi enabled Beerbug allows you to keep track of your homebrew operation, even when you’re not at home to brew it. It offers cloud-powered, real-time data, whether you’re an Android or Read More

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QuarterWave Layered Bluetooth Speaker

The team at Smartwood Acoustics are back with a hot new Bluetooth speaker, layered in construction and conveniently designed for the best possible sound and aesthetic. What makes the QuarterWave so unique is Read More

Carvers 7-In-1 High-End Sunglasses Now Available

Carvers 7-in-1 Sunglasses are cool because they’re made in the same way and of the same materials as most high-end sunglasses, but they’re interchangeable, so buying the glasses and all the lenses Read More