Moment Camera Lens for iPhone 6

I already view photos taken by the iPhone 6 as beautiful and pristine, but to imagine photos taken with a detachable, 60mm, 2.0x camera lens is absolutely mind-blowing. Moment Lens has taken Read More

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Samsung’s Approach to Virtual Reality: Gear VR

It looks like the future of virtual reality is approaching us a lot sooner than expected. The current headliner of virtual reality is the team at Oculus Rift who have been developing Read More

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Meet HTC’s Re: Yes, It’s a Camera

If you are asking yourself what the hell this device is, that’s most likely a good thing. HTC has decided to break conventional design for digital cameras and create this cute, small Read More

Meet Amazon’s Echo: Hello Alexa

It seems like every aspect of our technology is getting to the point where we could probably say “I love you, Siri” without making heads turn in dismay. Virtual assistants are becoming Read More

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The ASUS’ ZenWatch is Coming to the US

We’ve been anxiously hoping that ASUS would grace the United States with their square, attractive, and Android based ZenWatch. Our hopes have been addressed and the ASUS’ ZenWatch will be available to Read More

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Football Fans and Moto X Users Rejoice

It’s that time of year again where football is heating up the colder months and allowing good old sportsmanship and rivalry among the masses in the United States. If you are an Read More


A smartphone by SHARP? Who would have guessed? The AQUOS Crystal is a beautiful Android smartphone that delivers a breathtaking screen. The screen itself reaches edge-to-edge to allow maximum quality when viewing anything Read More

Jawbone UP3: Bringing Style to Fitness

Jawbone has been a major player in the infant realm of tech wearables. They recently had public backlash over consumers reporting abnormal rashes and reactions to their previous products, but they have Read More