Samsung Releases New Gear VR Headset

Samsung won’t rest until it can dominate every aspect of your life. To that end, our future Korea-based consumer electronics overlord has released a new version of its Gear VR Headset which Read More

Get A Killer Shirt, Mug, Rug, Or Whatever at Society6

Are you the sort of guy who wants only the finest in life? Then we recommend heading on over to Society6 where you’ll be able to buy a whole range of stuff Read More

Flipping The Cam With Huawei’s 7i

Huawei isn’t quite a household name outside of China just yet but it will be. When you offer phones that are as incredible as the Honor 7i, it’s hard not to become Read More

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Sony Doubles Down On Wearables With SmartBand 2

Sony hasn’t given up on the wearable market yet. That’s why the once-great Japanese consumer electronics titan is releasing the SmartBand 2, a new version of its original fitness band which adds Read More

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Move Aside Cisco, Google Just Made The Best Router Yet

When was the last time you were excited about a router? No wait, let us save you the trouble: you’ve probably never been excited about a router. Ever. You know what they Read More

Check Out ONwheel’s Crazy Easy E-Bike Conversion Kit

If you want an electric bike and don’t have big bucks to spare then chances are that you’ve likely been discouraged by the often sizable investment that it takes to acquiring a Read More

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BedJet Will Warm/Cool Your Bed And Even Gently Wake You Up

If you’ve ever been rudely awakened by the aggravating chiming of an alarm clock then you should keep on reading. Alarm clocks as we know them are obsolete and there’s no reason Read More

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Gnarbox Is THE Perfect Mobile Video Editing Solution

Own a GoPro or other action cam? Chances are that if you’re a fairly active user then you find the process of video editing the footage that you’ve shot a little bit Read More