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Gerber Cable Dawg Tool

Finally! A Plastic Package Opener That Works From Belapri

DV8 Sports Gives You A Better Way To Carry Your Golf Clubs

Why should you have to be handicapped by the car you drive or your motorcycle or public transportation just because you simply want to hit the driving range to take a few swings at some Titleists? Well, now none of that matters. No matter what mode of travel you’re using, DV8 Sports has you covered with their new Golf Without Obstacles system. Here’s how it works. You carry one shaft and your choice of 14 different heads, all brought together by a quick-change coupler, patented and specially designed for quick change-outs. It is, in short, an easier way to golf Read More

Attention Rebels! Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block Blasts Off This August

Attention, all Chefs of the Galaxy, the time has come to prepare for the release of Star Wars Episode VII in the only way that makes sense — by purchasing a Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block from The Fowndry. The set includes five stainless steel knives — a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife — all hanging from a replica X-wing block. Chrome finished and standing over 20cm high, the X-Wing Knife Block raises the status of the humble knife holder, whether you’re an Aunt Beru or cooking for the Emperor himself. Pre-order now for Read More

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Zoobells: Kettlebells For The Beast Inside You

If you’ve ever hit the free weights, unlike those mamby-pambys that flock to the weight machine, then you know just how awesome of a workout the kettle bell can be. Unfortunately, it usually comes in the form of a boring hunk of round metal with a handle attached. Luckily, the team behind Zoobells has corrected the error. With Zoobells, you get the same great kettle bell workout, only this time you get it from something poured by hand and resembling an animal likeness to match your inner beast. You can buy your lion or wolf kettle bells now directly from Read More

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SCiO Pocket Scanner Will Change The Way You Do Just About Everything

SCiO is a pocket molecular sensor that allows you to scan materials and physical objects to get instant relevant information on your smartphone. Just use this device to scan food, medicine, plants, and anything else that you can think of, and the results will display via the SCiO smartphone app. Which watermelon is the sweetest? When will the avocado you’re looking at in the supermarket ripen? How many calories, carbs, etc., are in that Arby’s Jamocha milkshake? (Don’t want to know that last one.) SCiO is able to take the molecular fingerprint of every object you scan and provide every Read More

Sherlybox: Your Own Private Invite-Only Cloud

Sherlybox is a private, invite-only cloud that allows you to share pics, videos, and docs with one another minus the size and storage limitations. Setup couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is push the button on the side three times, and the box will connect with your Mac, PC, or Linux device instantly. Boom, you’re done. Sherlybox also works with all your existing cloud services, so you can truly have access to all your files, and it plays nice with Xbox Media Center (XBMC) and the PLEX Media Servers, so staying connected and sharing is always a Read More

PartyQ Will Make You A Backyard BBQ Warrior

Have you got what it takes to become the backyard BBQ warrior? Hint: if you don’t have the PartyQ from BBQ Guru, then you probably don’t. However, you can rectify that by picking one up right away before the summer gets away from you. How do you do it, and why would you want to? Well, first, the easy answer: order from the website by clicking the green BUY button. Now, why would you want it? Well, the PartyQ is a temperature control system that allows you to cook out easier and safer. Just attach the fan to the cooker Read More

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The Ned Stark Men’s Grooming Kit From Duke Cannon

Knowing what we now know about the Game of Thrones universe, we’re not sure whether giving the Ned Stark men’s grooming collection to Dear Ol’ Dad for Father’s Day is an act of love or a threat. Either way, he’ll have everything he needs to look and smell incredible thanks to the package’s interior contents. The Ned Stark from Duke Cannon Supply Co. comes with all five of the company’s Big Ass Bricks of Soap, superior grade shaving cream, and a Duke Cannon hatchet forged with authentic Valyrian Steel (and housed in a custom leather sheath). Winter is coming. But Read More

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Be A Golf Legend Via Real Man Gifts

Do you have someone in the family with a love for golf? Maybe you are that person. If so, you’ll want to consider picking up one of the Golf Legend packages currently being offered over at Real Man Gifts. In each care package, you can pick from six to 10 items, all included for the one price of $120. Item choices include the following: 3-pack Callaway Warbird Plus golf balls, Frogger Brushpro, Fiz Co2 Cleaning Spray, Putting Cup, a 4 Yards More 4-pack, Microfiber greens towel, Flip Spout water bottle, Glow in the Dark golf ball (with one mini light Read More

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