You Can Now Easily Build Your Own Laptop With Pi-Top

Sure, you might have made a your own gaming computer or home theatre PC but have you ever made a laptop? Luckily with Pi-Top you’ll be able to use the versatility of Read More

Yahoo! Takes On Snapchat With Livetext App

Remember Yahoo!? Much to Marissa Mayer’s ire, the once ubiquitous internet portal, email service, and instant messaging provider is often derided by the technorati of the world. Now Mayer has a plan Read More

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Windows 10 Is Out And You Should Buy A ThinkPad X250

Today is arguably the best day in a long time to be a Microsoft fan. The company nearly crashed and burned (in terms of consumer mindshare) after the spectacular failure of Windows 8 and Read More

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Now Everyone Can Play KOTOR 2, The Best Star Wars RPG Ever.

Here at inStash we focus on writing about what’s new. About the future. So why are we writing about a game which is over 10 years old? Well, to start with, KOTOR Read More

Angry Birds 2 Release Imminent

In just a couple of hours now, the iTunes and Android Play app store rankings are about to get rocked. What sort of app can do such a thing? Three words: Angry. Read More

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Microsoft Challenges Apple Music With Groove

Microsoft isn’t one to let Apple take over a market without a fight. Hot on the heels of the launch of Apple Music, Cupertino’s hottest music service since iTunes, Microsoft has recently Read More

Helix Is The World’s First Wearable Cuff With Integrated Bluetooth Headphones

Are you a total geek? Probably, you’re reading this blog after all. Well here’s another question for you: Are you interested in wearable tech but disappointed with what’s in the market right Read More

Thanks To Yizzam, You Can Finally Have A Shirt That Matches Your Personality

Tired of boring old shirts which advertise brands instead of your personal style? You gotta check out Yizzam. It’s an online retailer which offers over 100,000 graphical tee SKUs. There’s literally something Read More

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