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10 Gadgets for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Dragon Dog Hoodie

The Great Foodini: A Commercial Gourmet … Printer!?

Recently, we took a look at the 2-by-2-by-1-inch Chocabyte, a $99 3D printer that enables you to print your own edible chocolate shapes. Delicious, yes, but limited and not as far-reaching as Foodini, the latest 3DP Kickstarter to grace our pages. With Foodini, you can create sweet and savory dishes in an almost Jetsons-like manner. Foodini is the first 3D food printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. Designed for home and professional kitchens, it comes with empty food capsules. You then prepare and place fresh, real ingredients inside and let it do Read More

Need A Vacay? Why Not Ukraine!

If you can put together several thousand dollars and the brass cajones to wade into a revolution, then have we got a deal for you! is offering a special tour of the Ukraine from April 5th through the 13th. “It will be an amazing opportunity to see how the protest movement turned into a revolution and to see the dynamics inside the country amid the fallout from Russia’s occupation of the Crimea,” the website notes, adding that a “leading Russian journalist and commentator” will serve as tour leader and Political Tours Director, Nicholas Wood, will be on hand “to Read More

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SociBot Wants To Be Your Creepy Friend

Well, ladies and gents, if you want Halloween to come a little early this year, then just feast your eyes on none other than the SociBot-Mini, a new lifelike robot that can wear the face of you and your friends like an only slightly less terrifying version of Leatherface. New Scientist debuted video of the little face-shifter, while added a few more details. SociBot is 60 centimeters high and can “even predict your mood or guess your age,” the website notes. Created by Will Jackson and his colleagues at Engineered Arts in Penryn, UK, Soci has a transparent plastic Read More

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11 Movie Heroes Who Died Like Real Men

Listen, we like happy endings as much as anyone, but sometimes, it just doesn’t serve the story. And when our main characters do have to buy the farm, we hope they pay with as much bravado and heroics as they demonstrated throughout the entire film. Today, we honor 11 movie heroes — well, 12 if you count the double-up in No. 10 — who died like Real Men. Let’s get started. We shouldn’t even have to say this, but SPOILERS AHEAD!

Want Wu-Tang Clan’s New Album? Got A Million Bucks?

The Wu-Tang Clan is back, and only one lucky person will get to own their next release — provided that one person has $1 million to spend on it. That’s right, in one of the most unique release ideas we’ve ever heard of, The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be available to just one individual in a deluxe edition that consists of 31 new tracks — around 128 minutes of music.  It includes special guest appearances by Bonnie Jo Mason, Redman, FC Barcelona soccer players and a unique tapestry of guest performers. The album was produced Read More

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SlideBelts Offer More Style And Customization

SlideBelts may have created the last brand of belt that you ever buy. That’s because they offer a more customized fit for your waistline. Instead of having five or six holes to choose from, you have about 30, ensuring that perfect fit as you move the sliding buckle along to comfort perfection.  One especially cool thing about SlideBelts — other than the sharp looking colors, the quality leather material, and the elegant adjustable buckle system — is the fact that each buckle is interchangeable so you can enjoy a variety of different belt styles, mixing and matching and creating even Read More

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iOn Turns Out The Lights On The Traditional Lightswitch

The future is here, friends, and in addition to things like wearables, trips to Mars, and 4K television sets, it means we also shouldn’t have to deal with light switches any longer. The iOn Switching System utilizes capacitive proximity switching — the same thing your iPhone uses, except with a larger area — to enable gesture control for controlling the electronics around your house. While we’ve said “light switches” above, it could really be any electronic. You can set the iOn underneath objects, such as a table for example, and then place other objects over it (like a lamp). From Read More

Shakoolie: A More Convenient Way To Drink In The Shower

If you like to drink and take showers, then you’re in luck, because today, we’ve finally got a product that compares both pastimes into a joyous activity of relaxation, cleanliness, and inebriation.   The Shakoolie allows you to stick your beer to the shower wall while washing off the filth of the day and lowering your blood pressure one sip at a time. While there are probably healthier ways of getting the job done, none are quite so tasty. You can pick up several different designs from Amazon right now for under $10. That purchase price also includes a launch Read More

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