WAIQI Is The Most Beautiful Wireless Charger We’ve Ever Seen

We live in a world where nearly everything needs a battery and requires charging but wouldn’t be nice to do away with unseemly cables? That’s the promise that WAIQI seems to offer. Read More

Skype 6.0 For iOS And Android Is A Must Have App

Were you already getting used to the Skype interface on your smartphone/tablet? Too bad. Microsoft only wants you to have nice things and to this end the Redmond-based company is releasing a Read More

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NHL 16 Is The Best Hockey Game Ever

Hockey fan? Then you should already know that NHL 16 is almost here. Now we know you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Why should I care? NHL 15 was a Read More

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Basketball Fan? You Need To Get NBA Live 16

NBA Live 16 is literally just days away. So what’s new in this year’s version of everyone’s favorite basketball simulator? Plenty of things that may actually surprise you, actually. In an effort Read More

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FireFox for iOS Is Finally Here

While popular browsers like Opera and Chrome scrambled to launch iOS versions of their  software during the early days of the App Store gold rush, Mozilla held back. Not content with releasing Read More

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The Best Gets Even Better: Meet Samsung’s New SmartThings Hub

The world’s most powerful Smart Home hub just got even better. We’re talking of course about the SmartThings Hub, which was acquired along with SmartThings’ various other assets, as part of a Read More

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Insomniac? You Should Buy Withings’ Connected Alarm Clock

If you like the idea of a gadget watching over silently while you sleep then Withings’ Connected Alarm Clock is for you. This alarm clock will actually improve your sleep quality (unlike Read More

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WRiSTBOOM Is The World’s First Wearable Wireless Speaker

Want to feel a deeper, more personal connection to your music? Try wearing it! That’s what the folks behind WRiSTBOOM hope to help you accomplish by creating the world’s first wearable wireless Read More

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