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Samsung To Launch 1TB SSD From V-NAND Technology

Today, Samsung announced a new 1TB solid-state drive based on the second gen V-NAND technology, wherein storage chips are stacked vertically. Accompanying the big daddy are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB versions. The 1TB drive (and its lower storage counterparts) are twice as durable in writing data and are 20 percent more power efficient than conventional NAND-based SSDs in which storage modules are placed side by side, the company noted in a press release. While prices were not available at the time of the release, this tech could really up the ante for laptop storage capabilities, which typically max out at Read More

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For $1,000, You Could Have Free Beer The Rest Of Your Life

One brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has proven a new fundraising model where you shell out a one-time fee of $1,000 and enjoy beer on them, in-house, for the rest of your life. It’s a small restaurant called the Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub, and through 46 takers, the owners of it were able to complete their $220k funding goal that enabled them to open the restaurant. If this were an option where I lived, I would totally do it. Why? Because — full disclosure here — in a one-year period of time, I spent around $750 on alcohol. In my defense, Read More

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DIY X-Men: Want To Shoot Flames Through Your Wrists? Colin Furze Can Help

It’s got to be nice being Colin Furze. You can look at one of the ultimate male fantasies — becoming a superhero — and then turn it into reality with a little ingenuity. In the video you’re about to see, entitled the DIY X-Men project, Furze gives us a demonstration of just how awesome it would be if it were possible to shoot flames from your wrists. Wait, scratch that. Not “if.” He actually does it. Here, have a look: Now if anyone is going to tell you how to pull this off, it’s Furze. For one, we don’t want Read More

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360cam Doesn’t Miss A Thing

Been wondering where the next big piece of technology might come from this year — well, look no further than the universal mounting 360cam from the team at GIROPTIC. These guys have built a device that delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos all in the palm of your hand, and from every angle. Of course, what would an experience like this be if it wasn’t super easy to share over all your favorite social media channels instantly? (It does.) Design-wise, the 360cam features a unique, egg-shaped look, incorporating two key proprietary innovations: Three, Read More

SmartQuad Travel Charger For The Device Agnostic

In a world of technologies vying for exclusivity, it’s nice to see something universal come along that actually works. That’s what has led us to saying a few words about the SmartQuad 4-Port Travel Charger, now available through Kickstarter. Using this one simple device, you can connect your iPhone, iPad, Android, and most other USB devices via the multiple ports and then utilize the 9.6 amps of onboard power to charge each at the fastest possible speed (at the same time as well). One of these babies will set you back just $25 if you act now. Once the limited Read More

Be Cool With eCool, The All-Natural Cooler For Your Beer

The eCool is probably the greatest addition that you could ever make to your garden. No, it isn’t a healthy new super veggie but a cooler that stores beer in the earth and uses that to dole out cold beer year-round when you need it the most. (Of course, we suppose you could sub beer for soda pop, but where’s the fun in that?) The earth cooler is 113cm in height, 22 to 30 centimeters in diameter, and can hold 24 cans while staying installed the whole year. Just use a garden drill (or a shovel if you’re a real Read More

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Marbel Skateboards: For The Lazy Thrasher In Us All

The Marbel Skateboard is quite possibly the most advanced skateboard ever built, incorporating electricity into its modus operandi. Whether commuting to work, heading to the bookstore or coffee shop, or just getting out and enjoying the day, this board will get you in touch with your inner lazy boy as you thrash the city streets. Marbel weighs around 9.9 pounds and has enough power behind it to go 20 miles per hour uphill, making it the ultimate urban knock around mode of transport for those of you who don’t want the steep expenses of a car and auto insurance. Get Read More

COLFAX PHD Is The Smartest Backpack Ever Invented

If you’re still carrying around a traditional backpack, what the heck is wrong with you, man? Get with the times! How can you do that? Well, CO.ALITION has made it simple through its new revolutionary COLFAX PHD smart backpack. Because you need a way to not only carry your physical stuff but also your digital files, the PHD was created. It comes with 500GB of wireless storage, acting as your own personal cloud service that you can carry with you at all times. The pack — and its cheaper brother — can also charge your mobile devices on the go. Read More