Speedos + Misfit Team Up To Release Fitness Tracker For Swimmers

If you’re a swimmer then you’ve probably been feeling more than just a little left out lately. Runners have fitness trackers. Weight lifters have fitness trackers. Even Volley Ball players have their Read More

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#FreeYourFeet Will Unlock Your Feet’s Full Potential

Sponsored Post You probably haven’t thought about this a whole lot but you have toes (and not hooves) for a reason. Those fleshy appendages at the end of your feet actually help Read More

Check Out ONwheel’s Crazy Easy E-Bike Conversion Kit

If you want an electric bike and don’t have big bucks to spare then chances are that you’ve likely been discouraged by the often sizable investment that it takes to acquiring a Read More

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BedJet Will Warm/Cool Your Bed And Even Gently Wake You Up

If you’ve ever been rudely awakened by the aggravating chiming of an alarm clock then you should keep on reading. Alarm clocks as we know them are obsolete and there’s no reason Read More

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Gnarbox Is THE Perfect Mobile Video Editing Solution

Own a GoPro or other action cam? Chances are that if you’re a fairly active user then you find the process of video editing the footage that you’ve shot a little bit Read More

Need Glasses? Look No Further Than Warby Parker

It’s 2015 and you shouldn’t keep spending a fortune on your glasses. In case you hadn’t heard, Warby Parker has fundamentally disrupted the glasses market by offering a truly unique model for Read More

Tomb Raider Rise Pushes The Franchise To New Heights

Tomb Raider is back, baby. Later on this year you’ll be able to join Lara Croft as she, well, raids tombs. Before you get started about how you’ve been disappointed with the Read More

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Concerned About Privacy? Keezel Has You Covered

Concerned about your privacy? Want to circumvent censorship? Your solution is here and it’s called Keezel. More than just a VPN, Keezel is a complete privacy solution which will ensure that all Read More

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