Withings Activité Is An Elegant Fitness Tracking Watch

Think the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S are, well, fugly? If you prefer a Smart Watch with more class then you might want to look into getting the Withings Activité Fitness Read More

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Meet The New Nintendo 3DS

Still haven’t jumped in on the 3DS bandwagon? The New Nintendo 3DS (That’s actually the product name), might just be the device that’ll put you over the purchasing edge. While the design Read More

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$155 Buy

Meet Eva, The World’s First Smart Shower Device

Meet Eva, the world’s first smart shower device. That means that Eva actually helps reduce your water usage up to 50% without actually changing your shower experience. How? First of all, Eva Read More

101Touch Will Change The Way You Interact With Your Computer. Forever.

You’ve never seen a keyboard like 101touch. This revolutionary keyboard features a friendly user-interface based around touch rather than physical keys. Liberating the keyboard from physical restraints means that your keyboard could Read More

Chromebook 2: An Amazing Upgrade

We know you’re thinking, “Another Chromebook?” but hear us out. The Samsung Chromebook 2 isn’t just another Chromebook; it’s the best Chromebook that’s ever been made. Everything about this laptop screams premium. Read More

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$250 Buy

Turn Your House Into A Smart Home For Less Than $100 With Linkio

Imagine being able to have all the conveniences of a smart house without having to buy new expensive gadgets or an equally ultra-expensive hub. Sounds good? That’s exactly what Linkio is trying Read More

WEPO Is Your Personal Pollution Detector

Over 50 years ago, US President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that each American citizen has the right to clean air. This may just be the first wearable which aims to empower people to take Read More

QButton Will Help You Become A Better Person

Building bad habits is easy, but building good habits? Not so much. QButton is like a post-it note for the digital era, a bluetooth device which uses motion sensing technology to collect Read More