Facebook Aims To Take On Snapchat With Live Events Feature

It’s not secret that Facebook has long wanted to get all up in Snapchat’s ephemeral exploding messaging goodness. After experimenting with Poke a couple of years ago, the Menlo Park-based company is Read More

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Never Wait In Line Again With Density

If you’re anything like us then you probably hate standing in line. Problem is, how can you actually avoid places when they’re at their most crowded? Sure you could make advanced reservations, Read More

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Nifty MiniDrive Is The Perfect Solution For Mac Owners Low On Disk Space

If you’re a MacBook owner then you may feel that you’re constantly having to clean out junk files from your computer in order to reclaim some of your hard drive space. Say Read More

End Cluttered Pockets With Keysmart 2.0

Key-centric annoyances are a dime a dozen. If you’re the type of person who either loses his keys frequently or doesn’t quite know what key opens which door then rest assured, you Read More

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Tesla’s Model X All-Electric SUV Is Almost Here

Tesla has long been known for its high-end sports cars and luxury sedans but did you know that they’re working on an SUV, too? The Model X will feature all-wheel drive powered Read More

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 5 Masterpiece Just A Month Away

Metal Gear Solid 4 may have seen the end of Solid Snake but that doesn’t mean that the iconic gaming franchise is done by any means. Now following the story of Punished Read More

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Microsoft Send Reinvents The Email Inbox

Microsoft may already have an iOS email app called Microsoft Outlook, but that isn’t stopping the Redmond-based technology giant from releasing a new app dubbed “Send”. So what’s different from the existing Read More

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OnePlus Two Will Soon Be Heading To A Carrier Near You

The OnePlus One was one of the surprise hits of 2014. Featuring a solid, elegant design combined with a superb Android experience and a low price point it’s easy to see why. Read More

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