Hisense Releases The Most Inexpensive Chromebook Ever

Want a dedicated kitchen computer? Perhaps you’re a traveler and need a “disposable” netbook? How about a toilet PC? Whatever the case, at the unbelievably low price of $149 you’ll likely find Read More

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Impress Your Girlfriend By Cooking The Perfect Meal With Meld

Want to cook the perfect meal every time? You need the Meld Knob + Clip in your life. Featuring a precision temperature sensor that attaches to your existing kitchenware, Meld will monitor Read More

Increase The Storage Capacity Of Your iDevice With The Leef iBridge

If you’re deep into Apple’s mobile ecosystem then you know that storage space can be expensive. Just doubling the internal storage on your device can raise the price by hundreds of dollars Read More

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Make Heads Turn With This Self-Balancing Unicycle/Scooter Hybrid

If you look at bikes and think that they’re “so mainstream”, then Ninebot One is for you. Looking like something out of the Star Wars universe, this totally self-balancing, one-whelled unicycle-scooter hybrid Read More

Nvidia’s Titan X Is The Most Powerful Graphics Card Ever

If you not only want to play the latest and greatest games but also want to future proof yourself then you need to get your hands on Nvidia’s new Titan X graphics Read More

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Ubuntu And BQ Release A New And Improved Smartphone

Beating back some marketshare from iOS and Android may seem like an impossible task, but that isn’t going to stop Ubuntu from trying. The UK-based company has teamed up with Spanish phone Read More

Finally! An App That Will Scrub Your Contacts List Clean

Contact management is a disaster, and it doesn’t matter if your on iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. If you’ve been around the digital world for a while, you’ve probably amassed a huge Read More

Crusader Kings 2 Gets New Horse Lords Expansion DLC

Brace yourselves. The Horse Lords are coming. Paradox Interactive, maker of some of the world’s best grand strategy games, has just announced yet another expansion for their 2 1/2 year old Crusader Read More