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30 Home Theaters That’ll Leave You Speechless

Home theaters belong in every movie-loving, sports-watching guy’s home. It’s unfortunate that not all of us can afford it, but with technologies edging cheaper and the Internet an endless hub of DIY information, it should be doable. In the meantime, here are 30 of the best on the web. If you have any home theater designs that you’d like to share, shoot us an email, and we’ll see about adding them to the list! Now without further ado, let’s pull back the curtain on these functional works of art. 

Father Nature Outdoors Integrated Camping Blanket

The Father Nature Outdoors Integrated Camping Blanket was built for three of four seasons — the only times anyone with sense would be outside overnight — and offers a level of comfort that promises to far surpass any other outdoor blanket of its kind. Its design is adjusted for camping or backpacking; the FNO camping blanket can even be adapted to the climate. Tack on the fact it can be used with any sleeping pad, and its versatility should save you some money on purchasing additional equipment such as partnering sleeping pads, sheets, and cinch cords. Getting your hands on Read More

The YardStash III: Storage For People With No Garage

The YardStash III builds on past generations and includes new features for even better space saving outdoor storage and protection. With full top and bottom zippers on the door, you can completely seal up from water, dust, and pests. New with this edition is an industrial grade, ripstop, vinyl tarpaulin roof with UPF 50+ protection and an even stronger polyester body bonded to interior weatherproof coating. The size remains the same as before, and it can comfortably fit two adult bicycles with room to spare. Other good uses: pool floats and supplies, kids toys, lawn mowers, long-handled garden tools and Read More

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Dart Stylus: Finally, A Fine Tip For iPad

One thing this Apple guy has envied of you Android folk since purchasing an iPad is how many fine tip styluses you have available to you, while I’m over here still dealing with the crayon-sized nib. While I’ve managed to find a cheap stylus that is passable for my needs, I still yearn for the fine tip. Now that yearning is finally over thanks to the Dart Stylus. If you’re an Apple-centric designer, engineer or artist, then you’re going to love Dart’s 2mm tip. Highly responsive and the most pen- or pencil-like of any iPad stylus accessory, it’s just like Read More

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We Make Beer: Inside The Spirit And Artistry Of America’s Craft Brewers

The beer-brewing community is one of like-minded craftsmen — as author Sean Lewis sees them, “creators who weren’t afraid to speak their minds, who saw their competitors as cherished friends.” That’s rare in America, and even rarer in the business world. In Lewis’ book We Make Beer, he describes a group “who takes sheer joy in their work, and who seeks the same kind of balance in their lives as they do in the barrels they brew.” To write this book, Lewis shared pints with pioneering upstarts like Paul and Kim Kavulak of Nebraska Brewing Company, and talked shop with craft beer Read More

Mootch.It: Save Money, Make Money, With Things You Don’t Want

Do you have a need for things that you don’t want, or do you want to make money on the things you no longer need?  If you answered yes to either question,! is a new app that allows you to rent the things that you have no long-term use for, saving money in the process. But here’s the thing: if you’ve got a storage unit filled with junk that’s taking up space, you can turn it into a moneymaker by renting to other people! The platform is currently on Kickstarter and the future looks promising. With 28 days Read More

Daily Bicycle Grips: Add Class To Your Bike

Want to add some style and sophistication to your bicycle’s handlebars? Why not install a couple of Daily Bicycle Grips? These use premium materials, including mahogany, aircraft grade aluminum and brass fittings, for a bike grip that will last for at least as long as you have your bike. (Lifetime? You betcha.) The method of manufacturing involves press fitting wood onto an aluminum core. The core helps to fit the grips on any handlebar with ease, and is drilled and tapped together to allow two brass screws that will act as fasteners. You can pick up yours today through the Read More

Campus Wallet: Say Goodbye To The Wallet Forever

Campus Wallet is a payment transaction system that most college students will love. After all, we live in an age where it’s all about simplification and carrying as little on your person as possible. This mobile wallet only requires you to have a phone and the phone case/battery backup charger. From there, you can store all payment information and utilize the system on 90 percent of existing card readers throughout the U.S. That’s better than both Google Wallet and Isis, and it’s possible because Campus Wallet works on the existing card reader infrastructure without requiring new card readers at the Read More

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