Ford Takes On SUVs With New Ford Edge

Riding on the success of the Kuga, Ford is preparing to double down on the urban SUV market with the new Ford Edge. Technically called a Crossover (a mix of touring cars, Read More

Move Aside Apple Watch, Casio’s WSD-F10 Smartwatch Is Here

Move over Apple, Casio is on the scene. Not happy watching everyone’s favorite Cupertino-based company move into the watch space, Casio has decided to release a smartwatch of its own in order Read More

Faraday Looks To Change Cars Forever With FFZERO 1

Can a Chinese startup change the world of automobiles? After last week’s CES, we’re starting to believe. Their new FFZERO 1 concept car looks like something from a science fiction movie, and Read More

Feel Like A Navy SEAL With Garmin’s New Tactix Bravo Smartwatch

Garmin is in the middle of a transformation. The company which was once renown for its GPS navigation systems now wants to rebrand itself as a maker of rugged GPS-capable smartwatches. Their Read More

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Hexoskin Smart Is The World’s First Smart Shirt

Hexoskin Smart is a revolution. If you’re not in the know, it’s the world’s first smart clothing — clothing which is actually capable of tracking movement, respiration, and heart rate. Hexoskin offers Read More

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Misfit Is Back With ‘Ray’ Tracker

Remember Misfit? They’re the company that released a number of feature-packed activity trackers last year which outclassed FitBit, the market leader. At last week’s CES the company released the Misfit Ray, a Read More

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Ditch That Old Hoodie For The Ultimate Hoodie

Let us be the ones to break it to you: that hoodie is whack. Deep down inside of yourself you know that it is, too. It’s not like you’re some kind of Read More

Drink Your Way To A Better Brain With TruBrain

If you’re the type of person who cares about maximizing their performance in every regard then listen up: you need to put down that can of beer or coke and start drinking Read More

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