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Rama Llama: A Sleeping Bag With 50-Degree Comfort

The Rama Llama sleeping bag could lead to a whole new means of insulation. Instead of using down and other inefficient means for getting the job done, the Rama Llama sleeping bag uses a special blend of 100 percent natural fibers that are completely sustainable, high performing, and socially just.  Harvested from the mighty llama itself, this material can be used without harming the animal and it keeps you comfortable whether the temp is 20 degrees or 70. Considering that most bags have a 10- to 15-degree comfort range, that’s quite impressive. The fiber is sustainably harvested from rural Andean Read More

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Wolfenstein: The New Order – In. Freakin. Tense. [Trailer]

Gotta be honest: I did not think a video game could ratchet up the same level of intensity as, say, a Quentin Tarantino film. <cough Inglourious Basterds cough cough> However, Wolfenstein: The New Order manages to do just that with its newly released clip entitled “On a Train to Berlin” (for obvious reasons once you see it). In the brief clip, Bethesda has put our hero, B.J. Blazkowicz head-to-head with Frau Engel, one of the game’s major villains. The scene here is somewhat reminiscent, though abbreviated, of the Inglourious Basterds opening wherein QT builds suspense on the way to something Read More

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Make Sure You’re In Every Photo With Frontback

Frontback is a new app we discovered earlier in the week that allows you to take pictures of two things at the same time (almost). By enabling the front- and back-facing cameras on your smartphone, you can get a picture of that T-bone steak you’re about to eat and your face as it readies to dig in. Of course, the Frontback community probably doesn’t place the same level of importance on food as we do, so you’ll probably see some much cooler creations by downloading the app for iOS and taking a gander. Or, you can take a few of Read More

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Cuban Sriracha: Sauce For The Non-Wussies Among You

If you haven’t had a chance to try Cuban Sriracha, then what, pray tell, are you waiting for? This special sauce has been crafted utilizing a meticulous 21 to 30 day fermentation process. The folks behind PepperJelly Co. say they use traditional Thai Sriracha making methodologies in small eight-to-ten-gallon units with no preservatives or thickeners to be found. Currently, you can pick up a bottle of the original or the spicier Ghost Pepper Sriracha at the website or at stores around the Miami area. If you live in another part of the country, it’ll only set you back $9. Plus, Read More

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3D-Print Our Own Chocolate? Why The Heck Not!

Printing your own chocolate shapes for less than $99 — well, that and the price of the chocolate? Madness! Yet that’s exactly what the new Chocabyte 3D printer can do for you. The really cool thing about this device is that you don’t have to know the first thing about CAD to come up with your own edible designs. You can even snap a pic on your smartphone and feed it to the machine for output. The only downside: your creations are going to be quite small at just 2-by-2-by-1 inches. However, considering its competition sells for thousands of dollars, Read More

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The Backpack Cooler Chair: A 3-In-1 Tailgating Solution

The Backpack Cooler Chair is one impressive piece of tailgating equipment. With this incredible 13-pound chair, you can store everything you need for a great day out at your favorite sporting event. According to Hammacher, the chair folds to a mere 10 inches wide, and has two shoulder straps for comfortably carrying the unit to a tailgate or the beach. Furthermore, the cooler bag attaches to the left armrest and has high-density closed cell foam insulation that keeps up to 24 12-oz. cans or 35 lbs. of food cold for several hours. (Surely you and your friends can’t eat more Read More

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Shut Your Mutt With Bark Suppressing Collar

Got a mutt that won’t shut? In that case, you should think about picking up the Bark Deterring Ultrasonic Collar from Hammacher. This device emits an ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to the human ear whenever Fido decides he wants to wake up the neighborhood. The sound is unpleasant to the dog, but not damaging. As a result, he starts to associate the unpleasant sound with that of his own bark and decides to stop doing it. LED lights built in to the collar will let you know battery status so you can be sure to have it replaced before Read More

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Own A Fire-Breathing Dragon — A Real One!

We had to check the date on this one to make sure Hammacher wasn’t pulling our lariat in some kind of elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. This is an actual robot dragon, around 40 pounds in size. He’s not only capable of leaving the ground and taking a 10-minute flight, he can also emit a three-foot blast of fire via a cleverly concealed propane tank and igniter that is built in to his maw. A miniature turbine engine built into the beast’s chest provides thrust that exits the rear at 500 miles per hour, the website notes, while the creature Read More

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