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Sparse Fixed Light System Could Save A Cyclist’s Life

Throw Magnets: Fun And Function From Strong Like Bull

Brian Conti is one of our favs from the Kickstarter community. His Strong Like Bull brand has resulted in two previous successes — SLB Magnets, SLB Bottle Opener — and now he’s back with a colorful and fun addition to his brand’s category. Introducing Throw Magnets — custom designed, silicone, rubber-coated strong magnets that can be thrown to “stick” to ferrous metal surfaces. Not only are they cool-looking and practical, but you can also get Strong Like Bull Throw Magnets with a metal game board option for hours of party fun. Just do an underhand toss at the game board Read More

La Fenice: The World’s First Induction Coffee Machine

La Fenice is an electromagnetic induction coffee maker that can instantly prepare a perfect espresso or American filter coffee. Inspired by the design of 900’s Italian coffee maker, the company describes its creation as “a tribute to the past with a futuristic viewpoint.” It’s built from three key materials — aluminum, glass and wood — and it can improve energy efficiency up to 95 percent. Thanks to the induction MO, La Fenice allows the coffee maker to be always off, switching on to heat up water instantly, and only as needed. Furthermore, the machine controls pressure and flow rate with Read More

Roof-Top Tents From Treeline

Plan on doing any camping this summer? If so, you may want to check out the new Lodgepole and Tamarack roof-top tents from Treeline Outdoors, a Canadian-based outdoor brand. The new curved-roof tents reduce weight, improve water shedding and increase aerodynamics. “We have have spent meticulous time redesigning our roof-top tents to be the most durable, efficient and enjoyable tents on the market. Built with specific roof-top functionality in mind, they don’t necessarily follow the lead of today’s high-tech ground tents,” says Chad Kendrick of Treeline Outdoors. “We utilize a blend of old and new materials (280g poly/cotton, rip-stop canvas) Read More

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ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer hits this June, so you’re literally days away from being able to “complete your arsenal” with this premium pen vape-er that features a unique PVD coating that ensures a virtually indestructible exterior finish. As far as heating capacity goes, the Thunder boasts temps that purport to be 20 percent hotter than competing brands — a big deal if you’ve ever used a vaporizer. Now we know from the pic, you may be thinking, “This sure doesn’t take up a lot of visual real estate.” We agree, but that’s part of what makes it such a great buy. Read More

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M Spa Hot Tub: Gorgeous, Functional, Affordable

If you’re like us, you’ve always wanted a hot tub in your house or apartment, but were too broke in both money and space to justify the purchase. Well, you’ve obviously never met the M Spa Model B-110 Silver Cloud Hot Tub. (Don’t feel bad; neither had we until recently.) This must-have for your deck, sunroom, or patio, is crafted using premium three-layer laminated PVC and has a water capacity of 184 gallons. There are built in heaters as well as a patented, button-based control box for easy adjustment. Get yours through Amazon now for the low price of $674. Read More

Phrosties: The Drink That’ll Eph You Up

If you’re in the NYC area and want a real pick-me-up drink (as well as a throw-me-down, we’ve heard), then you’ll want to consider ordering Phrosties! According to New York Magazine, these mysterioso underground slushies can (or at least could) be ordered by texting a special number if you were in the delivery location. The rising popularity has since attracted investigators, though, since no one knows what the ingredients are for sure. Flavors include Irish Bomb, Tsunami Sunrise, and Volcanic Paradise. NYM calls it “pure sugar and grain alcohol” that “tastes like Kool-Aid-meets-Red Bull, mixed with 150-proof Everclear.” (So there Read More

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STAGE 5 Dock: The First Device Agnostic Smartdock For Whatever You Own

So you’d rather be device agnostic, but you can’t stand the idea of having to keep several different docks around to “play nice” with all your choices — well, there’s now a solution for that, thanks to the team at STAGE 5 Dock. They’ve developed a smart dock controlled by an app on your smartphone. It works with tablets, iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4, Samsung, HTC, and Windows Phone. It also takes advantage of vibration speaker technology making any resonant surface into a high quality surface speaker which envelops the listener in immersive sound. You can pick up the STAGE 5 Dock now Read More

Hector Hardskin Leather Sleeves For Apple Products

Hector Hardskin leather sleeves are designed for Apple products — iPhone, Mini, iPad Air, etc. Each product is a luxury close-fitting leather sleeve, crafted by hand in Greece, using carefully selected top-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Flat and easy to store, you can easily reach your sleeve from wherever it’s hiding in your bag. The two main stress points are reinforced with rivets in order to maintain a close-fitting over time. The sleeves closing is simple and instinctive, with no need to use a magnet, zipper or any other hardware that can prove to be a danger for your gadgets. The flap Read More