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Top 10: Beers Every Man Should Try

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13 Favorite Kills In Friday The 13th History

Friday the 13th films are not known and loved for their story lines. To make a good one, it’s pretty simple. Start with a kill to let us know Jason is out there. Introduce annoying teenagers and allow them to be obnoxious for the first half of the film. At halfway mark, turn Jason loose and have him start killing everyone in the nastiest ways possible. In the end, let someone get away, but leave it open for a sequel. All there is to it. What we do love these films for is their inventiveness when it comes to “killing” Read More

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Celebrate The Group Of Death In The Best Way Possible This World Cup

Every four years when soccer takes to its biggest stage, one group of teams stands out as having the fiercest, most intense competition in the big dance. Known as the “Group of Death,” the talent among these four squads is often so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to predict its outcome. This year, the USA is part of this group. Since it will inevitably be an exhilarating ride throughout the tournament, we wanted to provide you guys with some fun and easy cocktails with a twist to enjoy while you cheer on the Red, White and Blue! Each of these Read More

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The Next Indiana Jones: Who Should It Be?

The next Indiana Jones is coming, people. Disney wouldn’t pay all that money to own the property and not do anything with it. Therefore, we all better get cozy with the idea of a person who isn’t Harrison Ford in the lead role. A recent rumor that Robert Pattinson was being eyed for the part turned out to be false, so we’re free to speculate, and that’s just what we’re gonna do. Here, inStash looks at seven actors that might make good IJ material. Then, we’ll share our final judgment, which we all know is gospel. 1. Scott Caan Caan’s Read More

100 Books For The Self-Sufficient Man

Being a self-sufficient man seems to have gone by the wayside in this age of technology and instant gratification. Ironically, these namby pamby times have managed to spring a wealth of information for showing us how to live smarter, more rugged, and “off-the-grid.” So why aren’t we using the information? Well, some of us are. For the rest of you, check out these 100 Books For The Self-Sufficient Man, and start your education today.  We’ll start with the Top 30 Hunting, Fishing, And Trapping Books

6 Things Killing The Internet

The Internet isn’t what it used to be. Once a place of discovery and possibility, it has since devolved into a repetitive, intrusive jumble of zombies and a**holes. Slowly but surely, we are killing the greatest invention known to mankind, and we’re doing it in the following ways: 6. Which Whatever Are You? The accusatory finger on this one gets pointed at Buzzfeed, though they’re hardly the last to incorporate those played-out which element of the periodic chart are you quizzes? (Did not make that up, it’s an actual thing.) I played along at first. As a Seinfeld fan, that Read More

7 Cable-Killing Qualities Of The Set-Top Box

The death of net neutrality was a kick in the proverbial Planters bag, but we’re still not worried about the future of the set-top box (aka media player). Big industries like cable and publishing and the music industry have a knack for moving really slow and protecting today’s profits rather than worrying about the future. While it keeps the bills paid for now, it’s not a good long-term plan, and it usually means the eventual death of the old guard. In short, cable is far, far behind the set-top box — any STB, whether it’s FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, or Read More

6 Movies That Could Have Been Sequels

You’ve heard of sequels that were almost made and sequels you didn’t know about. But what about movies that could have been sequels — as in, they started out that way but morphed into something else along the way? We did a little searching and found out that at least six of such flicks actually exist. They are: 1. Daylight A Sequel To: Cliffhanger The Story Behind It: The original Cliffhanger 2 would have found Sylvester Stallone’s character from the first film helping to block up a dam. On the heels of the film, Stallone noted that plans for said Read More

Every Game Of Thrones Death In Less Than Three Minutes

The next time someone asks how many people have died in the Game Of Thrones TV series from HBO, you’ll now have an answer. (Until the next episode anyway.) That answer is 5,179, although there is one particular event where a ton of people die at once, so it’s a bit of a copout if you ask us. Still, there are enough gruesome and bloody kills in this short video package to warrant a NSFW disclaimer. And we’ll admit, even glossing over the Red Wedding the way this thing does, it still hurts a little. We can’t think of many Read More