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Top 10: Beers Every Man Should Try

Glenlivet 70 Year Old Whisky

National Rum Day, 8-16-14: 4 Awesome Recipes

National Rum Day is August 16 (this Saturday), and since we’re the celebratory types, we decided it was time for a new run of cocktail recipes. Each of these drinks feature the new Captain Morgan White Rum, which is slightly sweet with a taste of lush fruit. Perfect for these hot summer weekends, at home, beach, or lake. Let’s get started! White And Pineapple, Splash Of Soda (Pictured Above) 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum 5 oz. pineapple juice 1 oz. soda Instructions: Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in the rum. Top with the pineapple juice and splash Read More

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30 Home Theaters That’ll Leave You Speechless

Home theaters belong in every movie-loving, sports-watching guy’s home. It’s unfortunate that not all of us can afford it, but with technologies edging cheaper and the Internet an endless hub of DIY information, it should be doable. In the meantime, here are 30 of the best on the web. If you have any home theater designs that you’d like to share, shoot us an email, and we’ll see about adding them to the list! Now without further ado, let’s pull back the curtain on these functional works of art. 

Kramerica Industries! Kramer’s Best And Worst Business Ideas

It’s no secret around these parts that we’re crazy about the Sein, and if you like any sitcom from about 1993 to the present day, you should at the very least appreciate it for the shows that it’s influenced. This year, many of us are celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Show About Nothing’s debut, and you can’t talk Seinfeld without a Kramer being involved. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of the best and worst ideas of Cosmo Kramer during the show’s nine-season run. Let’s get started! Best: The Bladder System In “The Voice,” episode two Read More

10 iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

We all have our iPhone apps that we simply can’t live without. Whether it be to entertain, remind you about something important, boost your productivity, or keep you healthy, they really can enrich life. Here are my top 10. 10. Downcast This one was recommended by a friend, and we covered it recently. It makes the podcast listening experience so enjoyable. You can speed up the content of the show to fit more in (without the participants sounding like chipmunks); you can search by category or keyword; subscribe to shows; download or stream; and even amplify the sound to improve Read More

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Top 31 Cars Under $100,000

Finding high performance cars for under $100,000 is no easy task, but that’s no longer an issue because we’ve done the hard work for you. Looking back over the past year we’ve compiled a list of rides that would definitely be in the garage if we were Jay Leno on a budget. So fasten your seat-belts, friends, and take a ride with us in the Top 31 Cars Under $100,000. Let’s get started!

13 Favorite Kills In Friday The 13th History

Friday the 13th films are not known and loved for their story lines. To make a good one, it’s pretty simple. Start with a kill to let us know Jason is out there. Introduce annoying teenagers and allow them to be obnoxious for the first half of the film. At halfway mark, turn Jason loose and have him start killing everyone in the nastiest ways possible. In the end, let someone get away, but leave it open for a sequel. All there is to it. What we do love these films for is their inventiveness when it comes to “killing” Read More

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Celebrate The Group Of Death In The Best Way Possible This World Cup

Every four years when soccer takes to its biggest stage, one group of teams stands out as having the fiercest, most intense competition in the big dance. Known as the “Group of Death,” the talent among these four squads is often so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to predict its outcome. This year, the USA is part of this group. Since it will inevitably be an exhilarating ride throughout the tournament, we wanted to provide you guys with some fun and easy cocktails with a twist to enjoy while you cheer on the Red, White and Blue! Each of these Read More

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The Next Indiana Jones: Who Should It Be?

The next Indiana Jones is coming, people. Disney wouldn’t pay all that money to own the property and not do anything with it. Therefore, we all better get cozy with the idea of a person who isn’t Harrison Ford in the lead role. A recent rumor that Robert Pattinson was being eyed for the part turned out to be false, so we’re free to speculate, and that’s just what we’re gonna do. Here, inStash looks at seven actors that might make good IJ material. Then, we’ll share our final judgment, which we all know is gospel. 1. Scott Caan Caan’s Read More