DIY Beer Kits From Cooper

Cooper’s 676 DIY beer kits come with absolutely everything you need to brew and bottle your first beers without the help of a liquor store. If you are starting from a point Read More

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DNA Reproduction: An Unlikely DIY Project

Didn’t MacGyver do this? Reading through the DIY DNA project here, I kept waiting for it and, no, there is no paperclip. Damn. Though you can spend upwards of $10,000 on a Read More

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Black Friday Primer: 4 Tips To Prepare

Black Friday. Those two words are often enough to strike terror in to the hearts of the bravest souls. The lines. The crowds. The rush. It’s almost here, and there’s nothing you Read More

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BYU Whizz Kids Attack Urine Splashback Epidemic

Finally, Science, you’re doing something useful! A couple of students at Brigham Young University (BYU) have decided to get to the bottom of the urine splashback problem once and for all. After Read More

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How to Be Invisible by J.J. Luna

Fresh off seeing a new James Bond film, this inStash writer always goes through a phase where he thinks, “Hmm, how far-fetched would it be for me to live the life of Read More