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Ducati Monster Diesel Edition

D*Dynamic House

DIY Beer Kits From Cooper

Cooper’s 676 DIY beer kits come with absolutely everything you need to brew and bottle your first beers without the help of a liquor store. If you are starting from a point of absolute ignorance or if you are a regular home brewer, you’ll find this kid of equal value. It meets you exactly where you are and helps you through until your first batches are ready. Cooper’s includes a patented fermenter that makes brewing a lager easier and quicker than any other kits on the market. This particular kid makes 6 gallons of beer at once. The only drawback Read More

DNA Reproduction: An Unlikely DIY Project

Didn’t MacGyver do this? Reading through the DIY DNA project here, I kept waiting for it and, no, there is no paperclip. Damn. Though you can spend upwards of $10,000 on a professional PCR machine, those of us working diligently to reenact Weird Science on a budget can do the same thing at home, thanks to  Russell Durrett. So, grab your PVC pipes, computer fan, microcontroller, 150 Watt light bulb and reagents. It’s time to get Kelly LeBrock to pop out of your closet in a pair of blue panties. Or not. As much as this sort of thing would Read More

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Black Friday Primer: 4 Tips To Prepare

Black Friday. Those two words are often enough to strike terror in to the hearts of the bravest souls. The lines. The crowds. The rush. It’s almost here, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, so you better get prepared. Here are some tips to help you keep your wits about you during retail’s darkest day. Create A List In Advance, Complete With Back-Up Options. The worst thing you can do on Black Friday is just wing it, especially if you have loved ones who are looking for a particular gift under the tree this year. Stepping into Read More

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BYU Whizz Kids Attack Urine Splashback Epidemic

Finally, Science, you’re doing something useful! A couple of students at Brigham Young University (BYU) have decided to get to the bottom of the urine splashback problem once and for all. After conducting numerous studies on fluid dynamics while simulating the act of male urination and capturing it on video, “whizz kids” Tadd Truscott and Randy Hurd have discovered why you’re doing the walk of shame out of a public restroom while hoping your shirttail is long enough to cover the stain. Apparently that steady stream of urine breaks in to droplets not far from the urethra, and from there things Read More

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How to Be Invisible by J.J. Luna

Fresh off seeing a new James Bond film, this inStash writer always goes through a phase where he thinks, “Hmm, how far-fetched would it be for me to live the life of Bond?” Assuming he could get past the 20 excess pounds and the heavy breathing that ensues any time he runs to the mailbox, he realizes that one must be covert if they are going to be a secret agent. The minute he chose writing as a career and started posting stuff on the Internet, the dream died. Or did it? Author J.J. Luna’s third edition of How to Read More