Turn Your Bike Into A SmartBike With The SmartHalo

Don’t you wish your bike were able to show you the quickest and safest route back home or automatically track your cycling performance? If so, then you’re probably looking for a Smart Read More

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Robin Proves That The Future Of Mobile Phones Is In The Cloud

Let’s face it, nothing has been exactly “exciting” lately in the smartphone space. iPhone 6S? Yawn. Galaxy S6 Edge+? Major borefest. Apparently Nextbit’s Tom Moss agrees and that’s why he’s launched a Read More

PetBot Lets Your Furry Companion Send You Selfies

Are you the kind of guy who gets absolutely heartbroken when he leaves his pooch behind? The team behind PetBot understand the sort of separation anxiety that thousands of grown men feel Read More

Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car With Exploride

Let’s face it, your car isn’t very smart. Good news is that you can boost its IQ points just a little bit by buying Exploride, a futuristic heads-up display provides hands-free access Read More

Wood Kubb Is The Computer Which Steve Jobs Should Have Built

Say what you will about the guy, Steve Jobs had vision. And that vision included creating a silent out-of-the-way computer which would be closer to a work of art than it would Read More

AfterShokz’s Trekz Titanium Is Pure Sweet Bone-Conducting Goodness

If you’re the type of person who likes outdoor activities and especially enjoys listening to music while engaging in the said activities then Aftershokz is for you. Unlike in-ear wireless headphones which Read More

#FreeYourFeet Will Unlock Your Feet’s Full Potential

Sponsored Post You probably haven’t thought about this a whole lot but you have toes (and not hooves) for a reason. Those fleshy appendages at the end of your feet actually help Read More

Check Out ONwheel’s Crazy Easy E-Bike Conversion Kit

If you want an electric bike and don’t have big bucks to spare then chances are that you’ve likely been discouraged by the often sizable investment that it takes to acquiring a Read More

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