The ZERO Helicopter Concept

Humans have always been extremely fascinated with any form of flight. When the Wright brothers successfully flew one of their planes, it completely changed the world and transportation. Hector del Amo used Read More

Vision G-Code: A Mercedes-Benz Concept

Mercedes-Benz recently released their concept for a new SUV named Vision G-Code. Although it is just a concept design from the German automobile manufacturer, it has received an enormous amount of feedback Read More

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WildCat: A 16 Mile-Per-Hour Robot That Moves Like A Horse

WildCat is a four-legged robot currently in development with the intent of having it run fast on all types of surfaces and terrains.. So far, WildCat has run at about 16 miles per Read More

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Popcorn Ball: Finally, A Way To Butter Every Piece!

The Popcorn Ball is an innovative new product that promises to get the best distribution of butter and seasonings with very little effort. By taking America’s favorite snack out of the bag Read More

Cheese-Eaters, This Defibrillator Drone Could One Day Save Your Life

Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, a student at the TU Delft University, has developed a drone that could one day save your life, especially considering the astonishing number of men who die Read More

CPI Introduces Its ‘Windowless’ Airplane

CPI is the company behind the “Windowless” Airplane. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t really mean windowless in the sense that you’ll be able to feel the stratosphere in your hair.) By using a Read More

The Belt Scooter: Transportation, Fashion Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Belt Scooter is an unusual mix of both fashion accessory and mode of transportation. From designer Adam Torok, it is at this point only a concept (unfortunately), but who knows what Read More

MIT Is Creating A Real-Life T-1000

If I have to tell you what a T-1000 is, then we simply cannot be friends. Aw heck, I’ll do it anyway. Robert Patrick was the bad guy in T2: Judgment Day. Read More