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10 Most Gorgeous, Unstoppable Women Poker Players Of 2013

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Ride Safer At Night With The Commuter X4 LED Bike Light

The Commuter X4 from Veglo Lights is a wearable, fiber optic rear bike light that helps drivers judge distance, width and speed of cyclists. A second place finisher at Britain’s Inventors’ Project from the Gadget Show Live 2014, this item could really make a splash in bicycle safety and save lives in the process. The central light is a super bright LED chip and the fibre optics run off LEDs. The transparent diffuser lens, made from a polycarbonate injection moulding, disperses and refracts light to prevent dazzling other road users. There are two brightness settings on the central piece (30 Read More

Google Wants Your Eyes, Literally, With New Contact Lens

Google already owns Internet search and most of your personal information via Gmail. Now they want your eyes, literally. The company has filed a patent, according to the website Patent Bolt, on a contact lens with tiny, built-in micro cameras that can decipher light, pattern of colors, objects and faces. The product could make a huge difference in the lives of blind people, the site notes. “For example,” the site notes, “a blind person wearing Google’s contact lens with a built-in camera may be walking on a sidewalk and approaching an intersection. The analysis component of the contact lens can Read More

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Invite These Norse Gods To Your Next Poker Night

You could search the whole world over and have trouble finding A more manly set of men than the original Vikings. And if the fellas are coming over for poker night, then what better way to welcome them in than with these amazingly crafted Bicycle playing cards that feature hand illustration designs of the Norse warriors themselves? Scott King is the mind behind these bad boys, and it’s safe to say he’s a Viking enthusiast, immediately apparent with the ornate attention to detail that he provides in each and every card included in the set. With still 17 days to Read More

The Smart Jean Marries Denim, Sweatpants Into One Superpant!

The Smart Jean is a magnificent new kind of pant that looks like a jean but feels like your favorite pair of sweatpants. The material is specially knitted for the company, so you’ll play heck finding something like this from a competitor. Knees and waist won’t stretch out, waist doesn’t come down in the back, and you get a full 360-degree range of motion. Robert and Angela Kim are the brilliant team behind it. If they weren’t already married to each other, we’d ask ‘em both. This is something us lazy folk have been looking for a long, long time. Read More

Full Metal Jacket Diary: A Memoir From Private Joker Himself

I was eight years old when my dad took me to see Full Metal Jacket in theaters. The experience was one of the most memorable of my filmgoing life. It opened with about 45 minutes of the most hilarious standup material I’ve ever heard — thank you, R. Lee Ermey — before taking an extremely dark (and expected) turn into war movie. It was like watching two great films in one, and to this day remains one of my all-time favorites. Most of its success can be attributed to director Kubrick, who seemed more at home with this material than Read More

The Invisible Car Is Here (Sort Of)

What weird and wonderful times we live in! While Land Rover’s new invisible car technology (developed by Discovery Vision Concepts) isn’t going to turn your wheels into Hollow Man, it will allow you to better observe your terrain by using augmented reality to make the front of the car seem transparent as you’re riding along in your automobile. The companies recently debuted the technology in a web video. It lasts for about 54 seconds, so it won’t take up much time if you’d like to see it for yourself. It’s easy to witness how this futuristic detail could serve in Read More

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Micro 3D Printer: Affordable And Functional

By now you could start an entire website with the articles we’ve written covering past 3D printers. 2013 alone was a big year for the relatively new form of technology, and this year doesn’t seem to be any different. With most of what’s come before, however, you get printers that are too expensive or too limited or not consumer friendly enough. Not so with the Micro. This amazingly simple machine is ready to go right out of the box. You can use PLA or ABS, as well as the company’s own Micro filament spools or standard 1.75 mm filament spools. Read More

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Satyr Stein Homebrew: Geek Out On Beer!

Satyr Stein Homebrew wants to teach you how to brew your own beer, and who better to do it right than the thorough, detail-oriented “Don” over at Kickstarter? This modern day apothecary brings the same attention to detail that you would expect from a Lord of the Rings fanatic or someone well-versed in the Klingon language. The book is filled with recipes inspired by the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy with some pirate thrown in for good measure. The DVD looks very informative and accessible so that, even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to pick up the Read More