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Boeing Phantom Ray

Ejamsi Necktie And Wallet

YETI Hopper 30 Cooler: Drop The Weight Without Leaving The Beer

Coming this October, the YETI Hopper 30 Cooler provides a lighter weight alternative to toting those beers around without sacrificing quality. Regular YETI coolers have been getting the job done for quite some time, but they can be bulky and hard to carry in the heat, and why even bother when you don’t have very far to go? Thankfully, the company will be issuing this alternative that has a 5.2 gallon capacity. The YETI Hopper 30 Cooler is also capable of keeping ice frozen solid for days, so that makes it great for camping trips and other outdoor adventures. Best Read More

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Spy Bolt Hidden Storage, A KGB Gadget For The Modern Age

From and sold through Amazon comes the Spy Bolt Hidden Storage Safe, which is a great way to carry small, important documents (or cash) discretely. The piece is an updated and improved version of the old Soviet KGB “dead drop” hollow bolt used during the Cold War. It was previously used for hidden micro film and coded messages This time around, you can use it for carrying micro SD cards and the aforementioned greenbacks. Just roll up paper-based product and stash it away from prying eyes. The O-ring seal will ensure whatever’s inside stays secure from the elements even Read More

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Panny Key: Let’s Hope This Is The Keychain’s Future

Ah, the keychain. We’ve placed a man on the moon, created a pocket-sized computer that can help us do pretty much anything, and even engineered self-driving cars, yet somehow this archaic accessory continues to be the norm for how we manage our jagged keys. Enter the Panny Key to, hopefully, redefine the keychain. Panny Key has clearly labeled slots for where you can keep all your most frequently used keys. The slots fit each key like a glove for optimum security and comfort while you’re toting them around in your pocket. To top it off, they come in an assortment Read More

Bozeman Coat Rack

Living in a tight space where every little bit of storage counts? You may want to consider investing in the beautiful Bozeman Coat Rack, which features a machined walnut mount and stainless steel wiring for the five coat hooks. Each hook has been hand-dipped in rubber to ensure maximum grip, so no need to worry about finding your coats and jackets on the floor every morning after hanging them up the night before. If the black doesn’t do it for you and you’d like to jazz up the colors a bit, then you may want to pick from the yellow, Read More

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The Living Cube

The Living Cube gives you the chance to make the most of tight places. Unfortunately, it’s something that you’ll have to create on your own if you really want it, but luckily, illDesigns has several photographs to get you started. Here’s what the cube does: storage, storage, storage. It has a place for your vinyl and other entertainment media, a place for your television, your clothes, your shoes — and that’s just the outside! Up top, there is a bed for relaxing, and the side door allows you access to even more walk-in storage. This one is in a studio Read More

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DNA Bookcase

If you’re a science buff who loves to read (or maybe has to read to get through school) then you’re going to love this functional ode to the genetic material of all living things. The DNA Bookcase, now available from, features 13 shelves on each of its many sides on a twisting, turning road to storage success. While we’re not sure exactly how many books it will hold — a lot of that depends on the type of reading material you accumulate — we figure it’s a bunch. Probably more than we’d ever be able to read in one Read More

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STACT Modular Wine Wall

Showcase your wine collection in style. Created by 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer, the STACT Modular Wine Wall is a fully-customizable rack for storing your wine. The racks are made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium wood veneers. And the modular design allows you to a create an infinite number of configurations and color combinations. Perfect in your kitchen, dining room, or cellar.

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Nek-Rite | Wine Cellar Storage Systems

We have modular cubicles, modular closets and modular particle board box-thingies from Ikea. What haven’t we had until now? Modular wine cellar storage Nek-Rite’s Wine Cellar Storage Systems allow you to install as much or as little as you need in order to house your own wine library. Just choose from one of four finishes (walnut, white oak, white and black gloss), grab your power drill and start mounting the boards on your walls. The wine is displayed horizontally to best show off the bottles and makes maintaining your collection much easier. So, put your DIY skills to work and Read More

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