Hudson River Floating Island Will Cost $170 Million

Today saw the release of a rendered image showing how New York’s Hudson River planned park will look like. The floating island is known as pier 55. The floating island will measure Read More


Hey You Dirty Rats! Wanna Own Al Capone’s Miami Mansion? Here’s Your Shot.

Look out, history buffs and mob aficionados. Al Capone’s Palm Island mansion in Miami is back on the market, and if you have an extra $8.5 million laying around, it could be Read More

$8500000 Buy

NOMAD Crams A Lot Of Living Into 100 Square Feet

An incredibly odd thing about the current generation of youth and people my age that aren’t quite old but aren’t exactly moving around as good as we used to: we prefer smaller Read More

Burj al-Arab Tower Tennis Court

Burj al-Arab Tower is home to the highest tennis court in the world, and we think they can make that claim without anyone contesting it. Located in Dubai, the court speaks for Read More

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The Crib

Looking for a backyard home office, yoga studio, spot for the kids to camp out, or just a place to stick the in-laws for the weekend? Look no further than The Crib. Read More

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Sandhurst Towers Penthouse | Johannesburg, South Africa

Sandhurst Towers Penthouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, is proof that we Americans don’t have the market cornered on luxury and greed. The gorgeous tri-plex penthouse is approximately 9,700 square feet in size Read More

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Igloo Village | Kakslauttanen, Finland

It’s in the remote, frigid region of Kakslauttanen (wait, where?!), Finland that you’ll find the very unique Igloo Village, basically a city of partially underground, glass-ensconced igloos burrowed deep in a winter Read More

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Project Utopia | Floating Island

From the same creators of The Streets of Monaco Superyacht comes Project Utopia, a floating island. While the idea resembles that of an oil rig, the design is anything but. Call it a Read More