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Hey You Dirty Rats! Wanna Own Al Capone’s Miami Mansion? Here’s Your Shot.

Look out, history buffs and mob aficionados. Al Capone’s Palm Island mansion in Miami is back on the market, and if you have an extra $8.5 million laying around, it could be yours. That’s what the company that currently owns the 10,000-square foot estate is asking for it. They paid $7.4 million, but before you think you can lowball them, just know that every time the house has changed hands since Capone died in it (circa 1947), it’s gone up in value. Built in 1922 by Clarence Busch, a member of the Anheuser-Busch brewing clan, the house was purchased by Read More

$8500000 Buy

NOMAD Crams A Lot Of Living Into 100 Square Feet

An incredibly odd thing about the current generation of youth and people my age that aren’t quite old but aren’t exactly moving around as good as we used to: we prefer smaller homes. While our parents and grandparents all aspired to have a huge 10,000-square foot home, we’re staying in our apartments or buying our tiny houses or minimizing our lives as much as possible. Only in this age could something like the NOMAD Micro Homes become a reality, and now it has. NOMAD Micro Homes consist of a 10-foot by 10-foot living space that packs a place to sleep, Read More

Burj al-Arab Tower Tennis Court

Burj al-Arab Tower is home to the highest tennis court in the world, and we think they can make that claim without anyone contesting it. Located in Dubai, the court speaks for itself. We’re not too sure what you would have to do to arrange a game, but we’re pretty sure you may want to pack some skydiving gear and a parachute in case you get carried away chasing those volleys around. In actuality, this is probably a helipad more than a tennis court, but the pics you see before you were from a press junket a few years ago Read More

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The Crib

Looking for a backyard home office, yoga studio, spot for the kids to camp out, or just a place to stick the in-laws for the weekend? Look no further than The Crib. The Crib is an eco-friendly, dead simple living solution that can serve multiple purposes. Three models are available, from the 315 square feet Basic, to the 650 square feet Extended version. Features include Structural Insulated Panels, energy efficient ceiling fan and light sources, recyclable material including steel, aluminum, fiberglass and polycarbonate, and a quick on-site assembly process. Of course like any other man, you’ll want all the upgrades. Read More

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Sandhurst Towers Penthouse | Johannesburg, South Africa

Sandhurst Towers Penthouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, is proof that we Americans don’t have the market cornered on luxury and greed. The gorgeous tri-plex penthouse is approximately 9,700 square feet in size and contains a beautiful swimming pool and garden on the roof, allowing you to look down on all the peasantry of the city below. This is the type of place a movie star lives in, so unless your name is George Clooney, you’re probably out of luck. It sure is nice to dream, though. Take a look at some of the interior shots, and you’ll see that all Read More

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Igloo Village | Kakslauttanen, Finland

It’s in the remote, frigid region of Kakslauttanen (wait, where?!), Finland that you’ll find the very unique Igloo Village, basically a city of partially underground, glass-ensconced igloos burrowed deep in a winter wonderland. Don’t let the picture fool you, though. There IS a bit of choice in the accommodations. There’s the ‘Snow Igloo’, an above-ground igloo made from real snow (hey, imagine that!) and ice, whose interior never reaches above 26F. Vacationers that don’t particularly enjoy the idea of slipping into a hypothermia-induced coma, Snow Igloo occupants also receive extreme, cold-proof sleeping bags and other ‘woolen’ amenities. Then there’s the Read More

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Project Utopia | Floating Island

From the same creators of The Streets of Monaco Superyacht comes Project Utopia, a floating island. While the idea resembles that of an oil rig, the design is anything but. Call it a yacht, a building, an island… whatever you like. This beautiful piece of circular construction is 330 feet in diameter, has 11 decks of living space and the equivalent floorspace of a present-day cruise liner. Additional features include: Retractable glass canopy covering the top decks A top floor pool deck that becomes an outdoor pool when the glass canopy is opened Four platform legs that anchor the structure into Read More

Kingdom Tower

Just as the global economy still teeters on recession, our good ole’ Middle Eastern billionaires are currently planning their next exercise in monumental (quite literally here) excess. Kingdom Holding Company of Saudi Arabia, a company owned by the Saudi royal family, recently announced that it will be erecting the highest-ever skyscraper (pictured above) near Obhur and Jeddah. You see, apparently the royal Saudis got word of the Burj Khalifa and, upon seeing it, they would not be outdone. Just how tall will it be? Try one (1) ridiculously insane vertical mile. That’s over twice as high as the world’s current Read More