Hector Hardskin Leather Sleeves For Apple Products

Eight Acoustic Amplifier For iPhone 5/5s

F2 iPad/Tablet Stand, Now On Kickstarter


Now this is brilliant. Who needs a traditional leash when you can buy your dog a super collar. SuperCollar is a collar and leash hybrid that was developed by an emergency vet and an award-winning design engineering firm. Simply release the safety lock on the collar and pull out a retractable 36-inch leash that’s stored inside. You’re probably wondering how durable such a leash could possibly be. Well you’ll be glad to hear that it’s waterproof and strong enough to tow a car… yes, a car. It even has 3M Scotchlite reflective accents for those evening walks. Fido never had it so Read More

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Desktop Jellyfish Tank

How many of you out there have always wanted a pet fish that would just as soon sting the hell out of you than to look at you? I know I have. And luckily, I can now have the perfect home for my pet beloved. With the Desktop Jellyfish Tank, the problems that come with keeping your jellyfish in a normal aquarium have been solved. See, jellyfish cannot inhabit the standard tank because filtration systems remove the fish part from their name and leave them liquefied jelly. Nasty cleanup and none too fun for the jellyfish either. The Desktop Jellyfish Read More

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Bambu Pet Hammock

Pets deserve the best of the best accommodations too, right? The folks at Pet Lounge Studios certainly thought so. Behold the Bambu Pet Hammock. Made by an organization that heralds the ‘humanization’ of family pets and lives by the motto of balancing form, function, and environmental-savvy, the Pet Hammock is crafted from a premium flavor of teak/mahogany-esque bamboo. Furthermore, the fabulous Pet Hammock is outfitted with an uber-chic, suede cushion, anchored via stainless steel clamps. The sleeping surface, according to the PLS, even “responds to their body weight making it much more supportive and comfortable than an overstuffed cushion.” Only Read More

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Labyrinth Aquarium

Let’s face it. It’s been a long time coming, but someone has finally got to admit that your goldfish has had it too damn easy for too damn long. Swimming around in his own little world of convenience like he owns the place while you make his feedings easy for him each day has got to stop. If you really want to get inside of that little pea sized brain of his and have some fun with him for the first freakin’ time in the entire time you’ve owned him, then buy him the Labyrinth Aquarium. This specialty product from Read More