The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders of All Time

The Drink Cooling Pool Lounger From Hammacher


Zack & Zoey Crown Cross Bone Dog Hoodie

Does Snuggles the Yorkie always seem depressed around Christmas because he knows your maniac of a girlfriend is gonna put him in bright, colorful, uncomfortable, ridiculous-looking Christmas doggie sweaters? Do the poor little guy a favor and get him the Crown Cross Bone Dog Hoodie from Zack & Zoey. Boasting a skull-and-crossbone design, accented in rhinestones, Snuggles will look like one bad MuthaShutYourMouth in this awesome addition to any canine wardrobe. Sweatshirt is made from pure cotton and features a ribbed hem and sleeves for extra comfort. Twelve inches in length and fits most smaller breeds with 12-, right up Read More

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Dragon Dog Hoodie

So, you prefer not to humiliate your dog with the rider costumes? Okay then, how about making Fido look like a mystical badass? The Dragon Dog Hoodie is a sweatshirt with an optional snap-down hoodie. It’s made from 100% cotton, and has dragon spikes that run on top from head to tail. Don’t worry, when your little friend is ready for their walk, just use the leash hole included on the back for added convenience.

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Dog Rider Pet Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and chances are you still need a costume for your canine friend. The Dog Rider Pet Costumes are adjustable harnesses that feature six different saddled riders: a cowboy, headless horsemen, monkey, mailman, goblin, and a jockey. Each one is sure to entertain, getting your dog the attention it craves.

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Bambu Pet Diner

Need a matching diner to go along with your Bambu Pet Hammock? You’re in luck. The Bambu Pet Diner is a stylish pet feeder with a bamboo frame and two stainless steel bowls. But aside from just looking good, it also has an important purpose. The ergonomical, elevated design promotes proper digestion and eliminates back and neck strain. And the dishwasher-safe bowls and water-resistant finish on the frame makes this diner hassle-free.

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HyperDog Ball Launcher

Throwing out your arm while playing fetch gets old… especially when your dog never seems to be pleased. The HyperDog Ball Launcher is a sling shot that takes the work (and the mess) out of the game. Pull back the launcher and watch as tennis balls fly up to 220 feet. That’ll give you enough time to drink some beer and devour some grub. And when your dog returns, simply scoop the ball up, hands-free. The launcher is made from top-grade steel with a rust and chip resistant coating, and the band is strong surgical-grade tubing. Fido will be impressed.

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FroliCat DART

We’re not sure what’s more pathetic; cats chasing lasers around the house like maniacs, or us being entertained by it. Well put down your laser pointer because FroliCat has a product that will keep your cats and dogs busy for hours. The DART is an automatic rotating laser with 360 degree laser patterns, 16 play combinations, variable speed settings and an adjustable timer. Place it on the floor, turn it on and watch the fun begin.

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Tagg | The Pet Tracker

The Tagg Pet Tracker does exactly what you think it would. Using Verizon’s wireless network, you will be able to locate your furry friend via GPS. It works by alerting the owner (you) by text and/or email if your pet leaves the safe area that you designated for it. Useful because if you are a pet owner then you know how quickly they can get away from you. Plus, how cool would it be to actually be able to track something with GPS like spies do in the movies? Sure it’s not your nemesis, but a pet is basically the Read More

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Dog Mansions | By Best Friend’s Home

Dogs tend not to be picky about where they sleep. Given half the chance, a dog will happily sleep in a pile of soiled laundry (or, if they’re slightly more choosy, in a pet hammock).  So if the dog were the only consideration, something like these dog mansions from Best Friend’s Home would seem completely unnecessary. But who’s looking at the dog house more, the dog or the dog owner? Far from the traditional pointed-roof wooden box, these dog mansions look positively regal. They’re available in four architectural styles: the “Alabama” southern estate, the modern Cubix, the Fairy Tale castle, Read More