PetNet: Kill The Pet Obesity Epidemic Through Tech

PetNet is a self-described SmartFeeder that allows your pet to live a healthier life through portion control and nutrition management. The feeder, now available for reserve at a price of $199, comes loaded Read More

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Zack & Zoey Crown Cross Bone Dog Hoodie

Does Snuggles the Yorkie always seem depressed around Christmas because he knows your maniac of a girlfriend is gonna put him in bright, colorful, uncomfortable, ridiculous-looking Christmas doggie sweaters? Do the poor Read More

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Dragon Dog Hoodie

So, you prefer not to humiliate your dog with the rider costumes? Okay then, how about making Fido look like a mystical badass? The Dragon Dog Hoodie is a sweatshirt with an optional Read More

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Dog Rider Pet Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and chances are you still need a costume for your canine friend. The Dog Rider Pet Costumes are adjustable harnesses that feature six different saddled riders: a cowboy, Read More

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Bambu Pet Diner

Need a matching diner to go along with your Bambu Pet Hammock? You’re in luck. The Bambu Pet Diner is a stylish pet feeder with a bamboo frame and two stainless steel bowls. But Read More

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HyperDog Ball Launcher

Throwing out your arm while playing fetch gets old… especially when your dog never seems to be pleased. The HyperDog Ball Launcher is a sling shot that takes the work (and the mess) Read More

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FroliCat DART

We’re not sure what’s more pathetic; cats chasing lasers around the house like maniacs, or us being entertained by it. Well put down your laser pointer because FroliCat has a product that will Read More

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Tagg | The Pet Tracker

The Tagg Pet Tracker does exactly what you think it would. Using Verizon’s wireless network, you will be able to locate your furry friend via GPS. It works by alerting the owner Read More

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