Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy With Whistle

Good news for dog owners! Whistle, a new dog activity tracker, will ensure that you’ll never miss a moment in your treasured pet’s life. Whistle collects data on your dog 24/7 and Read More

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PetNet: Kill The Pet Obesity Epidemic Through Tech

PetNet is a self-described SmartFeeder that allows your pet to live a healthier life through portion control and nutrition management. The feeder, now available for reserve at a price of $199, comes loaded Read More

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Zack & Zoey Crown Cross Bone Dog Hoodie

Does Snuggles the Yorkie always seem depressed around Christmas because he knows your maniac of a girlfriend is gonna put him in bright, colorful, uncomfortable, ridiculous-looking Christmas doggie sweaters? Do the poor Read More

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Dragon Dog Hoodie

So, you prefer not to humiliate your dog with the rider costumes? Okay then, how about making Fido look like a mystical badass? The Dragon Dog Hoodie is a sweatshirt with an optional Read More

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Dog Rider Pet Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and chances are you still need a costume for your canine friend. The Dog Rider Pet Costumes are adjustable harnesses that feature six different saddled riders: a cowboy, Read More

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Bambu Pet Diner

Need a matching diner to go along with your Bambu Pet Hammock? You’re in luck. The Bambu Pet Diner is a stylish pet feeder with a bamboo frame and two stainless steel bowls. But Read More

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HyperDog Ball Launcher

Throwing out your arm while playing fetch gets old… especially when your dog never seems to be pleased. The HyperDog Ball Launcher is a sling shot that takes the work (and the mess) Read More

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FroliCat DART

We’re not sure what’s more pathetic; cats chasing lasers around the house like maniacs, or us being entertained by it. Well put down your laser pointer because FroliCat has a product that will Read More

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